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Groene energie van Ecobliss

De 100ste boom is vandaag geplant. Hoe doen wij dat? Op het dak van het hoofdkantoor liggen vanaf oktober 2018 550 zonnepanelen die elke zonnestraal opnemen en omvormen naar elektriciteit. Daar betrekken wij onze eigen energie van en we beleveren inmiddels 40 huishoudens in Nederland. Sindsdien bespaarden wij met deze installatie 30.000 kg CO2 uitstoot en gebruiken we geen fossiele brandstoffen meer voor onze energiebehoefte. Nog steeds hebben een overschot waarvan ook u gebruik kunt maken. Kiest u ook voor duurzame energie? Check dan deze link: hashtag#zonneenergie hashtag#ecobliss hashtag#bomenplanten

The 100th tree was planted today. How did we do that? On the roof of the head office – from October 2018-  are 550 solar panels. They are used to catch and transform every ray of sunlight into electricity. They generate our own energy and we now supply 40 households in the Netherlands. Since the beginning we have saved 30,000 kg of CO2 emission with this installation and we do not use fossil fuels anymore for our energy needs. And we still have a surplus of energy that you may also use. Do you choose for renewable energy? Please check this link: hashtag#solarenergy hashtag#ecobliss hashtag#planttrees

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Ecobliss launches complete new webshop

Since many years the Ecobliss webshop has been a resource for stock clamshell blisters and transparent boxes. It has proven to be a valuable tool for many customers.
But after all this time, it was somewhat outdated, and we decided to completely revamp our webshop to give it a contemporary look-and-feel. Furthermore we have added some extra “intelligence” to simplify the search for a suitable packaging. Just enter the dimensions of your product and you’ll get the best suitable packaging from within our range of products.
In the previous version it was not possible to entirely complete an order, and contact with our sales team was still necessary after the order had been placed through the webshop. In our new shop the whole process can be completed without intervention. A customer will immediately see prices, quantity discounts, stock, shipping costs and everything else related to the order. And of course payments can be done online.
A big change, and – we hope – a big improvement!
The only thing that did not change… Our huge range of standard packaging solutions.
Interested ? Have a look at our new shop:

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Locked4Kids wins prestigious Ameristar Award 2017 in the category “Best of Show”.

The AmeriStar Awards honor packaging professionals who have made outstanding contributions to the packaging community, recognizing their foresight and innovative spirit. It is a prize awarded by the Institute of Packaging Professionals (ioPP).

In 2017, Locked4Kids managed to win one of Ameristar’s top three prizes: the “Best in Show” award.
Judges considered more than 80 packages for 12 category awards, four student awards and AmeriStar’s top three awards. A roster of nearly 20 judges from various segments of the packaging industry evaluated this year’s entries in person, examining package innovation, product protection, economics, performance, marketing and environmental impact.

An excerpt of the jury verdict: “The Best of Show Award honors a package that surpasses all judging criteria and that judges unanimously rated “outstanding” in every category.
This versatile packaging is difficult for young children to open, but easy for adults. Its interlocking components require the user to squeeze both side tabs simultaneously with one hand, and pull the tray out with the other hand. If the tuck flap is left open, the package contents are still not accessible with the tray locked in place. The AmeriStar judges were very impressed with this innovative way to make medicine packaging both child-resistant and senior-friendly.”

Locked4Kids introduces new Certified Child Resistant and Senior Friendly Package for Laundry Detergent Pods and Dishwasher Tablets

Delivering an easy dispensing package for adults, while preventing access by young children..

Wilmington, DE – October 26, 2016 – Locked4Kids Inc. proudly introduces its certified CR package, created to protect young children from accessing and ingesting detergent pods and tablets, while providing adults easy dispensing of the product. The highly popular unit-dose detergent packs are hazardous when ingested. The American Association of Poison Control Centers reported that since 2013, over 10,000 calls to poison control centers are made annually in the United States alone. Most cases were by children aged three years and younger, and could have been prevented if the children could not access the pods.

True to its mission, Locked4Kids has incorporated simplicity in the design, allowing ease of opening and dispensing for adults, while preventing young children from accessing the contents. The package is simple to produce, using recyclable materials and standard packaging machinery.

…quote “With the increased popularity of unit dose packs in laundry and detergent, the convenience should not have to come at the expense of child safety,” said Ron Linssen, Managing Director of Locked4Kids, “Locked4Kids delivers a very simple user experience for the adults who should be handling the pods, and protects young children who should not have access to them.”

The Locked4Kids package has been certified child resistant, per the US 16 CFR 1700.20 Child Resistant and Senior use effectiveness packaging requirements and testing procedures, to meet F=1, the highest level of CR protection. Additionally, it has been certified for EU to the ISO 8317 standard. The certification testing results of 100% in both Child Resistant and Senior Friendly effectiveness indicate a safe and simple experience for consumers.

The patented Locked4Kids design consists of a folding carton and a plastic tray, which locks to the carton. The tamper-evident package incorporates a reclosable dispensing feature to release the individual pod or tablet, that maintains its child-safe closure after each use. The tray-in-carton design, along with its easy peel lid film, offers superior product protection in comparison to stand up pouch. On the store shelf, as well as in a home cabinet, the package delivers great visibility and billboard space. The package is suitable for a variety of pack counts, delivering the brand owner versatility for selling through multiple retail channels. The carton format is ideal for the rapidly growing ecommerce channel, offering shipping economies by being flat, lightweight and cube efficient.

A video demonstration is available at this link.

About Locked4Kids

Locked4Kids offers simple packaging solutions that are easy to use and produce, are versatile for various applications within a particular industry, and most importantly, protect young children from accessing the contents. Locked4Kid is based in The Netherlands as well as in the USA. For additional information and for contact details, visit

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Child Resistant Packaging is the Name of the Game

When selecting packaging materials and components for solid oral drugs, drug manufacturers (and now cannabis processors) must balance the needs of both children and adults, according to David Paleschuck in Under the Poison Prevention Packaging Act of 1970, manufacturers must design packages that help protect children from potentially toxic prescription drugs and make sure that adults who have limited dexterity can use the packages properly. Devising such a package isn’t always a scientific endeavor: manufacturers must base their selections on unpredictable factors like marketplace opinions and child testers. They are also burdened by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), which hopes to eliminate child poisonings through regulation but offers manufacturers little guidance in package selection.

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Ecobliss attends Packaging Innovations 2016 with Locked4Kids 2.0

Ecobliss will be presenting their newest Locked4Kids child-resistant and senior friendly carton box at Packaging Innovations 2016. On their everlasting search for innovations and continuous improvements Locked4Kids continued the further development of Locked4Kids. Maintaining the difficulty for children to open the pack, the improvement has been found in the ease of senior people to open the package.
Although the first edition of Locked4Kids was already well within the criteria of both the ISO 8317 and US 16 CFR § 1700.20., the new Locked4Kids Version 2.0 has been designed with the ease for senior people in mind.
Both ergonomics and user friendliness have been improved with this new version leading to a 100% opening score with senior people during testing.

If you are interested and want to learn more, please visit our stand (G41).

About Packaging Innovations
Packaging Innovations, the UK’s leading packaging event, returns to Birmingham’s NEC on February 24th and 25th, with an abundance of product launches and new packaging solutions, in addition to a wealth of first time and international exhibitors.
The show, which is committed to bringing the UK packaging industry together, will demonstrate advanced innovations, inspire new developments and look at the latest approaches. Contract packers and manufacturers will also have an opportunity to promote their services at Contract Pack and new sustainability features at Ecopack.


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Locked4Kids demonstration at Pharmapack Europe

On 10th & 11th February 2016, a leading international event that brings together key players in drug packaging and drug delivery systems will be held in Paris Expo. Ecobliss will be presenting their Locked4Kids child-resistant and senior friendly carton box.

Looking forward to see you in Paris Expo, Porte De Versailles! You will find Ecobliss / Locked4Kids in hall 5, stand 971.

Six reasons why blister packaging is a popular choice for pharmaceutical manufacturers

1. Blister packs are secured to protect products from moisture and gas, to ensure a long shelf life, both in stores and medicine cabinets. Longevity is key for consumers who want to keep medicines on-hand for when problems arise.

2. Pharmaceutical blister packaging is cost effective and easy to produce in a high volume. As a result, it is a great choice for some of the more popular manufacturers.

3. Helpful to customers because they provide a clean space for instructions to be written out and easy-to-follow.

4. Blister packs are easy to use. Generally, all consumers need to do is pop the pill out of the package, which can be done quite quickly. For extra convenience, there are senior-friendly solutions and increased safety with childproof features.

5. There is a wide range of colors and finishes that blister packaging can be constructed to feature. Manufacturers can use that to help make their products stand out on shelves.

6. Carded blister packaging options are also great for marketing because they allow either the manufacturers or retailers themselves to include promotional materials or advertisements to help build a brand and increase customer loyalty.


Technological innovation as key driver global pharmaceutical packaging equipment market

The global pharmaceutical packaging equipment market is projected to expand significantly and is expected to be worth US$8.1 bn by 2021 (US$5.1 bn in 2014). The global pharmaceutical packaging equipment market is driven by several factors: the expanding pharmaceutical industry, the stringent government regulations and standards, the rising demand for integrated packaging technologies, and technological innovations are some of the market drivers.

Some of the recent innovations in the global pharmaceutical packaging equipment are:

Color-changing Packaging: Color-changing indicators are now available on pharmaceutical products packaging.

Condition Monitoring RFID Tags: In the pharmaceutical supply chain, several products come with an RFID tag allowing to track the progress and monitor the condition of the product.

Blister Packaging with Child Lock: Several firms in the global pharmaceutical packaging equipment market are providing child-resistant blister packaging.
Ecobliss, has launched the Locked4Kids packaging solution for the pharmaceuticals industry that works as an effective child-resistant solution. In this pharmaceutical packaging solution, hooks present in the pack are positioned diagonally and the tray is locked safely once it is pushed back in.


Ecobliss with Locked4Kids present at Pharmapack Europe

Ecobliss will be presenting their Locked4Kids child-resistant and senior friendly carton box and other solutions in Pharmaceutical packaging at Pharmapack. Join us on 10th & 11th February 2016 in Paris Expo, Porte De Versailles (Hall 5), stand 971!

Pharmapack Europe is a leading international event that brings together key players in drug packaging and drug delivery systems. Over 330 leading worldwide suppliers of packaging and drug delivery solutions to the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and healthcare industry will exhibit their innovations. High-level content will be provided, including 40 semi-scientific conferences, serialisation track & trace symposium, workshops and learning labs.


Consumer safety panel calls for childproof medicine packaging

Japan’s Consumer Safety Investigation Commission advised the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare in a Dec. 18 report to introduce child-resistant packaging for medicines to stop children mistakenly ingesting them.

The report points out that as children grow, they tend to put all nearby objects into their mouths, copying others’ actions as they become more interested in their surroundings and retrieving objects of interest. It calls for the introduction of packaging that children cannot open even if medicines fall into their hands — while at the same time calling for packaging standards that ensure medicines can still be opened by others including the elderly.

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Foodservice packaging: sustainable, green or environmentally-friendly

The 2015 Trends Report from the Foodservice Packaging Institute (FPI) highlighted industry opinions that focused predominately on environmentally friendly packaging and customization techniques to differentiate products. The annual trend report looks for common themes found throughout the entire foodservice packaging value chain: from raw material suppliers, packaging manufacturers, distributors and operators.

Lynn Dyer, FPI president: “When it comes to foodservice packaging and the materials used to manufacture them, interest in ‘sustainable’, ‘green’ or ‘environmentally-friendly’ options continue to be popular. What’s notable this year is the overwhelming number of mentions related to compostable packaging.”

Major material trends include:

Packaging: Environmentally friendly or sustainable packaging remains a long-term overall trend. Specifically, compostable packaging was mentioned. Other trends include the shift to a more natural look through the use of ‘Kraft’ paper over bleached paper to promote the belief that ‘brown is the new green.’ On the other hand, another trend of note includes an increase in graphics and color as operators recognize the opportunity to promote their brand on packaging.

Raw materials: ‘Green’ packaging is apparent in raw materials, as different resins and papers are trending based on both the real and perceived environmental advantages of those materials.

Product packaging can help you reach more customers

Retail packaging for consumer goods is an important part of an overall marketing campaign. Studies show that consumers’ buying decisions are heavily influenced by product packaging. Research has even dissected which aspects of the packaging has the greatest influence on buyers, including colors, images, innovation, and brand values.

In order to make the most of your product packaging, it’s important to consider your overall marketing strategy and incorporate your messaging into your product package. Use your logo, brand colors, tagline, and consistent fonts as well as any images or messages that correspond to all of these. For instance, if your brand is more fun and playful, consider using fun facts, trivia, or ‘did you know’ type of elements in your packaging. If your brand is more elegant and upscale, think about simplifying the package with sleek colors and patterns that match your branding.

Consistency in colors and branding
Excellent packaging using labels, sleeves, or cartons will make an impact on the buyer who may have dozens of options competing with your product on the shelves. Modern, professional packaging conveys a level of trustworthiness in your brand. Consistency in colors and branding across substrates and across other advertising platforms where consumers may have seen your product such as print ads, Facebook ads, twitter posts, and your website communicates professionalism that buyers can trust.

Colors, Fonts and Graphics
In general, brighter colors are more playful while white or light colors are more clean and simple and black or dark colors are serious and powerful. Green is often associated with products that are environmentally friendly and brands that are natural and earth conscious.

Social media
In a world largely driven by online social sharing, your packaging efforts can provide ripple effects for your overall marketing. If the package is special enough and is an excellent showcase of your brand, it can inspire consumers to share photos of it on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. These social shares are powerful testimonials for your brand and can harness the power of your loyal customers to build trust and word-of-mouth recommendations.

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Leafs By Snoop in Locked4Kids

With songs like “This Weed Iz Mine”, “Smoke the Weed” and “California Roll” it’s no secret that hip-hop legend Snoop Dogg loves cannabis. Now he’s sharing this passion with the public with a new line of marijuana-based products called Leafs By Snoop. The brand sells cannabis flowers and concentrate, as well as edibles including chocolate bars and gummies. Because marijuana is a controlled substance, U.S. law requires that the THC content must be clearly labeled and packaging must be opaque, resealable, and child-proof.

When it came to the packaging, working at the forefront of a new era of recreational products presented some challenges. Laws about the packaging of marijuana are still evolving. So the designers used the Locked4Kids carton box, an existing packaging structures that were already legally approved, but tweaking it all to make something that felt inventive and high-end.

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Marketing green products through package design

Color, icons, graphics and materials are just a few of the design elements that need to be considered when creating packaging for ‘green’ products in an omni-channel environment, according to Beth VanVliet in

The emerging shopping behaviors of millennial consumers—including product evaluation, selection, and channel preference—are having a significant impact on package design. Their interest in items that are natural, organic, and/or tied to a cause are not only driving package appearance, but also the messages conveyed. Therefore, there are a number of things you should consider when creating packages for the “green” products in demand by today’s shoppers. Following are some of these considerations:

- The Principal Display Panel
- Color
- Graphic elements
- Icons
- Typography
- Packaging materials

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Retort Packaging Market worth 41.14 Billion USD by 2020

US$41.14 billion is the projected value of the retort packaging market by 2020, with a compound annual growth rate of 6.7% from 2015 to 2020, according to an new repport from MarketsandMarkets.

Retort packaging is becoming popular in the frozen food and beverage market due to advantages such as the growing demand for compact and light weight packaging.

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Packaging is now a part of product innovation

AVPS Chakravarthi of Ecobliss explains in PrintWeek India the importance of packaging a product, and why innovation in packaging design will drive the market in the future.

Looking at the trends in packaging in the last five years, I feel packaging has grown much beyond containing and promoting a product. Rather, it ensures safety, authenticity, accessibility and much more.

Unlike earlier, where a package was designed to cater to the basic functionality, packaging now adds a lot of functions which a product does not intrinsically possess. Though the requirements in food, pharmaceuticals and FMCG sectors look similar, the Indian industry and consumers have unique localised demands. And the packaging industry has lived up to expectations. Though packaging helps every segment to grow their businesses at large, we can attribute its significant contributions to two aspects.

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Global Blister Packaging Market – Market Trends and Forecasts (2015 – 2020)

Accoriding to a report of ReportBuyer Blister Packaging is witnessing high growth across the world due to the high safety offered by these solutions. Strict regulations, demands from manufacturers and consumers alike has created robust demand for blister packages. Growth in over the counter drugs has also provided impetus to market. Global Blister Packaging Market is estimated to reach $9.75 billion by 2020 from $7.19 billion in 2014 at a CAGR of 5.21%.

Under the blister packaging process, individual tablets or capsules are sealed within their own cavity, usually made of thermo-formed plastic or cold-form aluminum, protecting the drug from contaminants such as moisture and oxygen by a barrier of foil, film or paperboard. Blister packaging solutions are also being used by retail industry apart from widespread usage in pharmaceuticals. Europe is the major market for these solutions on account of government regulations, followed by North America and Asia Pacific.

The Global Blister Packaging market is segmented on the basis of Type (Forming Film-(Thermoform, Coldform) and Lidding Materials), Industry (Pharmaceutical, Retail, Food) and Geography (North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America and Middle East & Africa).

This report describes a detailed study of the Porter’s five forces analysis of the market. All the five major factors in these markets have been quantified using the internal key parameters governing each of them. It also covers the market landscape of these players which includes the key growth strategies, geographical footprint, and competition analysis.

The report also considers key trends that will impact the industry and profiles of leading suppliers of Blister Packaging Market. Some of the top companies mentioned in the report are Amcor, Bemis, West Pack, Sonoco, Honeywell International, MTS Medication Technologies, Reynolds Packaging, DOW Chemical, Uhlmann Group, Rohrer, Pharma Packaging Solutions and Tekni-Plex.

About Reportbuyer
Reportbuyer is a leading industry intelligence solution that provides all market research reports from top publishers.

Download the full report:

Source: ReportBuyer

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Ecobliss India at IndiaPack 2015. October 8-11

“The Smart Source” for all your Blister and High Visibilty Packaging exhibits at the IndiaPack 2015 in Mumbai, India.

IndiaPack has grown as a brand to be reckoned with Indian Packaging Industry and world over after the successes of all previous editions. Recognizing that the new trends and developments are essential for the industry’s better future, the Indian Institute of Packaging, through IndiaPack seeks to provide a perfect platform to bring the packaging industry under one roof.

IndiaPack 2015 will provide an ideal platform for technology transfers, innovations, business meets and joint ventures for identifying potential investors to boost industrial production, collaboration and international trade of this sector.

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16 Unbelievable Packaging Facts from Easyfairs

Easyfairs asked its Packaging Innovations & Luxury Packaging London 2015 visitors and exhibitors what their most extraordinary packaging facts were.

1. Instantly Recognisable
94% of the world’s population recognises Coca Cola’s packaging

2. Thinning Hair
The thinnest part of a drinks can is thinner than a human hair – measuring just 0.07mm

3. Saturdays’ Off
All crisp packets have a Saturday sell-by date

4. Wine’s the Limit
Wine bottles are 750ml in size, because it’s the average capacity of a glass-blower’s lungs

5. Green with no Envy
The human eye can distinguish more shades of green than any other colour

6. Wake Up and Smell the Coffee
Coffee aroma is sprayed onto the lids of instant coffee jars so it smells of freshly ground coffee when opened

7. Wrapping at Christmas
Each Christmas 83 km2 of wrapping paper ends up our bins, which is enough to cover Guernsey

8. Apple is Hiding Something
Apple pays as much attention to its packaging as it does to its products, so it has a secret room dedicated to packaging at its headquarters in California

9. Being Misled
Misleading Labelling – A lot of the wasabi we consume is actually horseradish coloured green

10. Best Before the Bottle
The expiration date on a bottle of water is for the bottle not the water

11. Burst the Bubble
Bubble wrap was originally invented to be used as textured wallpaper

12. Cartons in Orbit
When laid end to end, the 1.25 billion beverage cartons used in the UK each year would wrap around the world six times

13. Staying Fresh
Pez, the infamous sweet dispenser, was originally targeted at smokers

14. The Rest is History
Jack Daniels was originally sold in rounded bottles until an Illinois salesman offered Mr. Jack the infamous square bottle, which is still used more than a century later

15. Power of Recycling
One recycled glass bottle is enough to power a computer for 25 minutes

16. Eggstremely Cross
The egg carton was designed to settle a dispute between a farmer and a hotel owner

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