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Introducing Starview’s FASP series fully automatic stretch pack machines.

“What is old, is new again…..”

We are pleased to bring stretched pack packaging into the 21st century.

These new machines produce the traditional packages in an all-new and efficient manner.

Stretch packaging is a retail carded package that can contain items such as vitamins or nutraceuticals, baby items, children’s toys, pet toys, tools, flash lights and many other retail items. It is an attractive package with visibility from both sides of the package.

An automatic card feeder accurately places the cards directly into the fixtures on to the table.

The contact heat forming station produces a pocket in the windowed card to allow placement of the products. Once the product has been placed in the card, the system advances to an automatic fold-over station to prepare the cards for sealing. Starview is the first in the industry  to utilise a solid-state RF sealing system with arc suppression.

These packages are transferred from the rotary machine to a heated air knife system to finish the package. Pictures have been gang-run, they can be slit using the optional slitting system or simply be discharged from the machine.

Click this link to watch the video

Contact Ecobliss for more information on the FASP series fully automatic stretch pack machines.

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Ecobliss delivers customized packaging machines to Bosch

Ecobliss has delivered two fully customized packaging machines to the Robert Bosch factory in Šimanovci, near Belgrade. In this factory the well-known wipers blades from Bosch are produced and packed. Ecobliss delivered the total project from the development of the customized machines to the manufacturing, implementation and service.

Iwan Heynen, Technical Director Ecobliss: “Ecobliss strives to continuously exceed its customer’s needs and expectations. And that happened again. Bosch is extremely pleased with our flexible approach to transform a standard machine into a fully custom machine. And that we completed the total project within lead time, costing and agreed targets.”

Integrated approach

Ecobliss expertly and successfully guides and executes the packaging processes of companies of all sizes throughout the world. With comprehensive supporting services, Ecobliss provides an integrated approach to both traditional and innovative packaging projects. For this project Ecobliss exclusively collaborated with Starview Packaging Machinery. Ecobliss is the exclusive distributor of Starview machinery outside the Americas. Ecobliss and Starview have been working together for nearly eight years in a successful cooperation.

About Starview Packaging Machiney

Starview is a leading manufacturer of plastic packaging machinery and has over 20 years of experience in supplying standard and custom packaging systems to its customers and distributors. Over the years, Starview has manufactured thousands of machines ranging from blister sealing machines to food tray sealers and thermoforming machines.

You can also watch a video on YouTube.

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KHK Lipcare purchases Ecobliss ERP

Specialized in customized international lip care, KHK Lipcare now enforces their production line with an Ecobliss ERP machine.

With a production of over 80 million customised lip balm sticks since 1992, around 3.8 million sticks a year, KHK Lipcare needed a packagingmachine that could cope with their production demands. Especially when it gets its own individual high visibility blister packaging.


Their solution? – The Ecobliss ERP machine, designed to create a flexible, practical and very cost effective packing environment for a variety of cold seal blister packaging applications. It is a semi automatic machine that is suitable for small as well as large packaging batches.



The construction of the ERP allows both single and double sided blister packaging.

Discover your packaging solution here

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Ecobliss and Starview extend their succesfull cooperation to Asia

After having established a succesful cooperation in Europe, Ecobliss Blistermachines and Starview have decided to also join forces in Asia. Ecobliss already was the exclusive distributor of Starview products for the European market and that is now being extended into the Asian region. With Ecobliss branches in countries like Turkey, India and Indonesia and their broad experience in the field of blisterpackaging, this seems to be a logical step forward!

The strength of Ecobliss lies in developing and manufacturing high quality packaging materials and providing turn-key packaging solutions along with that. Starview manufactures (among other types) equipment for assembling and sealing heat seal and clam shell types of blister packaging.

The equipment manufactured by Starview is of the highest standard and can be offered at very competitive prices which you will find on the website

From 2010 onwards Ecobliss will also be your supplier of Starview machinery in Asia!

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AstraZeneca moves wallet packing equipment into new facility.

AstraZeneca is one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world. This Swedish company, with a large Research and Development facility in Gothenburg, started using Ecobliss Cold Seal technology for their clinical trial wallet packing in 2004. For assembling and sealing the wallets AstraZeneca invested in an Ecobliss Speedpress ESP-A2 machine. This linear machine is designed and manufactured for fully or semi-automatic assembly and sealing of Cold Seal style packaging.

With the completion of a brand new – state of the art – clinical trial facility, the ESP-A2 machine needed to be relocated internally from the original facility to it’s new location. In April of 2009 this was realised in a successful joint effort between AstraZeneca and Ecobliss. Ecobliss looked after the disassembly, reassembly and testing of the machine, where Astra Zeneca took care of the internal transportation of the machine components.


Now, AstraZeneca is fully prepared and set up again for Cold Seal wallet packing in the years to come!


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Sanofi-Aventis prepared for cold seal wallet packaging

sanofi-aventis rotary wallet packaging machine

Sanofi-Aventis, one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies is preparing for the partial transfer of heat sealing to Ecobliss cold seal packaging.
The R&D facility of Sanofi-Aventis in Montpellier (France) has recently expanded with a brand new facility designated for clinical trial activities. The Sanofi clinical trial packaging service, an innovation oriented entity, is constantly improving its processes for a high degree of quality and flexibility, and will be equipped with five Ecobliss ERP 350/450+ machines.
This type of equipment is designed for perfectly sealing Ecobliss cold seal wallets as well as heat sealing wallets.
Cold sealing and heat sealing in one machine, yet another proof of the ingenuity of Ecobliss Equipment!
The first of the five machines has been successfully installed in September 2008, the remaining ones have been supplied in the course of 2009.

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Starview Packaging Machinery, a leading manufacturer of plastic packaging machinery

Starview Packaging Machinery is a leading manufacturer of plastic packaging machinery and has been supplying highly functional packaging systems to its’ customers and distributors since 1991.

heat seal machine

With over 30 years experience in the packaging industry, Starview strives to continuously be the best at what we do and this entails an unrelenting effort to meet customers’ needs and expectations. In an industry that is competitive, challenging, and client-satisfaction driven, it is critical that Starview’s equipment is distinctive. Starview’s competitive advantage is in providing a complete range of both standard and customized quality systems with various features conveniently included. Starviews lines comprise of boarded blister sealers, Plastic-to-Plastic sealers, Skin Packaging Systems, Roller Die Cutters, Vacuum Formers, Sealers for Pharmaceutical Applications, Food Tray Thermosealers, Vacuum Packaging with/without gas.

Starview is represented in Europe and Asia by Ecobliss Blisterproducts.

Ecobliss and Starview are both committed to building long-term relationships with our customers. Starview-Ecobliss stand by the high standard of their equipment, and customers can count on receiving only the most innovative, solidly-structured, reliable and safety-engineered equipment. Starview and Ecobliss have always been mindful to having not only a great product, but to back it with excellent service.

On the Ecobliss website you will find online quotations for almost the entire machine program of Starview.

Your detailed machine quotation is just 4 clicks away!

Check out the video about starview

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Starview Packaging Machinery available in Europe, Turkey and India

Since many years, Starview Packaging Machinery Inc. in Canada is a leading company specialized in building standard and custom machines for blister-packaging.

Ecobliss Equipment BV, The Netherlands and Starview Packaging Machinery Inc., Canada are venturing in a close cooperation to support the increasing demand for heat seal and clam shell types of blister packaging. Both companies have years of experience in their field and form a strong combination.

Starview Machines

The strength of Ecobliss lies in developing and manufacturing high quality packaging materials and providing turn-key packaging solutions along with that. Starview manufactures (among other types) equipment for assembling and sealing heat seal and clam shell types of blister packaging.

The equipment manufactured by Starview is of the highest standard and can be offered at very competitive prices which you will find on the website
From July 2009 onwards Ecobliss will be the exclusive supplier of Starview equipment in Europe and Turkey

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