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Child Resistant Packaging is the Name of the Game

When selecting packaging materials and components for solid oral drugs, drug manufacturers (and now cannabis processors) must balance the needs of both children and adults, according to David Paleschuck in Under the Poison Prevention Packaging Act of 1970, manufacturers must design packages that help protect children from potentially toxic prescription drugs and make sure that adults who have limited dexterity can use the packages properly. Devising such a package isn’t always a scientific endeavor: manufacturers must base their selections on unpredictable factors like marketplace opinions and child testers. They are also burdened by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), which hopes to eliminate child poisonings through regulation but offers manufacturers little guidance in package selection.

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Locked4Kids demonstration at Pharmapack Europe

On 10th & 11th February 2016, a leading international event that brings together key players in drug packaging and drug delivery systems will be held in Paris Expo. Ecobliss will be presenting their Locked4Kids child-resistant and senior friendly carton box.

Looking forward to see you in Paris Expo, Porte De Versailles! You will find Ecobliss / Locked4Kids in hall 5, stand 971.

Six reasons why blister packaging is a popular choice for pharmaceutical manufacturers

1. Blister packs are secured to protect products from moisture and gas, to ensure a long shelf life, both in stores and medicine cabinets. Longevity is key for consumers who want to keep medicines on-hand for when problems arise.

2. Pharmaceutical blister packaging is cost effective and easy to produce in a high volume. As a result, it is a great choice for some of the more popular manufacturers.

3. Helpful to customers because they provide a clean space for instructions to be written out and easy-to-follow.

4. Blister packs are easy to use. Generally, all consumers need to do is pop the pill out of the package, which can be done quite quickly. For extra convenience, there are senior-friendly solutions and increased safety with childproof features.

5. There is a wide range of colors and finishes that blister packaging can be constructed to feature. Manufacturers can use that to help make their products stand out on shelves.

6. Carded blister packaging options are also great for marketing because they allow either the manufacturers or retailers themselves to include promotional materials or advertisements to help build a brand and increase customer loyalty.


Technological innovation as key driver global pharmaceutical packaging equipment market

The global pharmaceutical packaging equipment market is projected to expand significantly and is expected to be worth US$8.1 bn by 2021 (US$5.1 bn in 2014). The global pharmaceutical packaging equipment market is driven by several factors: the expanding pharmaceutical industry, the stringent government regulations and standards, the rising demand for integrated packaging technologies, and technological innovations are some of the market drivers.

Some of the recent innovations in the global pharmaceutical packaging equipment are:

Color-changing Packaging: Color-changing indicators are now available on pharmaceutical products packaging.

Condition Monitoring RFID Tags: In the pharmaceutical supply chain, several products come with an RFID tag allowing to track the progress and monitor the condition of the product.

Blister Packaging with Child Lock: Several firms in the global pharmaceutical packaging equipment market are providing child-resistant blister packaging.
Ecobliss, has launched the Locked4Kids packaging solution for the pharmaceuticals industry that works as an effective child-resistant solution. In this pharmaceutical packaging solution, hooks present in the pack are positioned diagonally and the tray is locked safely once it is pushed back in.


Ecobliss with Locked4Kids present at Pharmapack Europe

Ecobliss will be presenting their Locked4Kids child-resistant and senior friendly carton box and other solutions in Pharmaceutical packaging at Pharmapack. Join us on 10th & 11th February 2016 in Paris Expo, Porte De Versailles (Hall 5), stand 971!

Pharmapack Europe is a leading international event that brings together key players in drug packaging and drug delivery systems. Over 330 leading worldwide suppliers of packaging and drug delivery solutions to the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and healthcare industry will exhibit their innovations. High-level content will be provided, including 40 semi-scientific conferences, serialisation track & trace symposium, workshops and learning labs.


Foodservice packaging: sustainable, green or environmentally-friendly

The 2015 Trends Report from the Foodservice Packaging Institute (FPI) highlighted industry opinions that focused predominately on environmentally friendly packaging and customization techniques to differentiate products. The annual trend report looks for common themes found throughout the entire foodservice packaging value chain: from raw material suppliers, packaging manufacturers, distributors and operators.

Lynn Dyer, FPI president: “When it comes to foodservice packaging and the materials used to manufacture them, interest in ‘sustainable’, ‘green’ or ‘environmentally-friendly’ options continue to be popular. What’s notable this year is the overwhelming number of mentions related to compostable packaging.”

Major material trends include:

Packaging: Environmentally friendly or sustainable packaging remains a long-term overall trend. Specifically, compostable packaging was mentioned. Other trends include the shift to a more natural look through the use of ‘Kraft’ paper over bleached paper to promote the belief that ‘brown is the new green.’ On the other hand, another trend of note includes an increase in graphics and color as operators recognize the opportunity to promote their brand on packaging.

Raw materials: ‘Green’ packaging is apparent in raw materials, as different resins and papers are trending based on both the real and perceived environmental advantages of those materials.

Product packaging can help you reach more customers

Retail packaging for consumer goods is an important part of an overall marketing campaign. Studies show that consumers’ buying decisions are heavily influenced by product packaging. Research has even dissected which aspects of the packaging has the greatest influence on buyers, including colors, images, innovation, and brand values.

In order to make the most of your product packaging, it’s important to consider your overall marketing strategy and incorporate your messaging into your product package. Use your logo, brand colors, tagline, and consistent fonts as well as any images or messages that correspond to all of these. For instance, if your brand is more fun and playful, consider using fun facts, trivia, or ‘did you know’ type of elements in your packaging. If your brand is more elegant and upscale, think about simplifying the package with sleek colors and patterns that match your branding.

Consistency in colors and branding
Excellent packaging using labels, sleeves, or cartons will make an impact on the buyer who may have dozens of options competing with your product on the shelves. Modern, professional packaging conveys a level of trustworthiness in your brand. Consistency in colors and branding across substrates and across other advertising platforms where consumers may have seen your product such as print ads, Facebook ads, twitter posts, and your website communicates professionalism that buyers can trust.

Colors, Fonts and Graphics
In general, brighter colors are more playful while white or light colors are more clean and simple and black or dark colors are serious and powerful. Green is often associated with products that are environmentally friendly and brands that are natural and earth conscious.

Social media
In a world largely driven by online social sharing, your packaging efforts can provide ripple effects for your overall marketing. If the package is special enough and is an excellent showcase of your brand, it can inspire consumers to share photos of it on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. These social shares are powerful testimonials for your brand and can harness the power of your loyal customers to build trust and word-of-mouth recommendations.

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Global blister pack industry on the rise: It’s no longer just film and cardboard anymore

The ever so popular blister pack, also called bubble pack, has been gaining momentum since the 1950s. It is one of the most used pharmaceutical packaging solutions globally because of its many business and consumer advantages. Broadly defined, it is a transparent molded piece of plastic often sealed to a sheet of cardboard and used to display an item. The seemingly simple marrying of forming film on one side and lidding on the other with a medicament protected within results a plethora of advantages including: product integrity, product protection, tamper evidence, and patient compliance.

Product integrity, product protection, tamper, evidence and patient compliance.

Because of the versatility of blister packs, within the global pharmaceutical packaging industry recent studies report them representing around 17% of the market, that is 8.1 billion USD in revenue. It’s not a bad place to be, considering that worldwide pharmaceutical packaging is expected to account for more than 73.04 billion USD by 2018, growing by 5.6% from 2012 – 2018.

Like virtually all pharmaceutical offerings, blister packs vary from one region to the next. Historically, blister packs have been much more widespread in Europe compared to the United States…Read the full article

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Ecobliss present at Pharmapack Europe

On 11 & 12 february 2015 Ecobliss will be presenting their solutions in Pharmaceutical packaging

In the Pharmaceutical world there are many different packaging designs and functions. Patient compliance and child resistant packaging are two of the main focus areas. In these areas Ecobliss offers various packaging solutions like ‘blister wallets’ or reclosable child resistant packaging (Locked4Kids). All of these solutions will be presented at Pharmapack Europein Paris Expo Porte De Versailles (Hall 5), stand 122.

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Trends in Pharma Packaging

A recent report from a leading U.S. global market research and consultancy company “MarketsandMarkets” has predicted that the worldwide pharmaceutical packaging market will be worth…

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Locked4Kids packs Emballage


Locked4Kids attracts numerous interested parties at Emballage 2014

With the Emballage trade fair just behind us, Locked4Kids has seen it’s share of interested people. Although Locked4Kids was located in one of the equipment halls of the fair, the customer’s attention was quickly drawn to something else when they reached Romaco’s stand – Locked4Kids. The world’s first reclosable child resistant carton.

Sharing the stand with Romaco offered a fantastic opportunity for a demonstration of the packaging process of Locked4Kids on a conventional carton packaging machine. It is possible to process Locked4Kids on most conventional cartoning machine with only some minor adjustments and is applicable for many different hazardous products (e.a. pharmaceutical- or veterinair products).

The need for child-resistant packaging became evident on the fair and the press also showed a lot of interest in this innovation in child-resistant packaging, which can potentially save thousands of children’s lives.


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Locked4Kids demonstration at Emballage 2014


The highlight of this year’s Emballage exhibition will be a demonstration of Locked4Kids; the Child Resistant Recolsable Carton box which is manufactured by Ecobliss. The newly patented “Locked4kids” carton box will be handled on one of Romaco’s machines during the exhibition.

Both companies work on a continuous improvement basis, largely investing their resources in innovation as a key factor for supporting quality of life as well as keeping the pace with market evolution.

Locked4Kids is a simple, inexpensive and mass-producible packaging solution consisting of a carton box and a PET tray, which can contain blisters or other pharmaceutical products and leaflet. The Locked4Kids packaging is composed of a carton box containing a PET tray. The box has openings on the sides in which the blister tray is automatically locked when it is pushed all the way into the box. For this, hooks are attached to the edge of the blister tray. In order to be able to open the packaging, both hooks have to be pushed simultaneously and held. Only then the tray can be pulled out of the box. This is very difficult for small children. The hooks are placed diagonally to one another at a distance that cannot be spanned by the hand of a small child, but which is no problem for adults. The carton box is coated with a tear resistant laminate so as to prevent children from ripping it apart. Ecobliss manufactured two variants of Locked4kids Cartons: The US Locked4Kids Carton has been tested against F=1 on multiple sizes by the ISO 17025 certified testing institute BVI, according the US CPSC regulation 16 C.F.R. § 1700.20. Approved by the US Product Safety Commission CPSC. When opened, all the components of the packaging stay connected (carton – tray – blisterstrips). The EU Locked4Kids Carton has been tested on multiple sizes by the ISO 17025 certified testing institute BVI, and certified against the ISO/EN 8317 standard. When opened, the tray can be pulled out of the carton and the blisters can be removed from the tray.

Mass production of the Locked4Kids Carton is easily realized on standard pharmaceutical packaging equipment with only minor adjustments. Blisterstrips are loaded from top down into the tray and the tray is inserted into the carton. This design ensures the same packaging process speeds as for regular (non CR) cartons and is a very cost effective solution. Furthermore the carton and blister offers protection to the product such as tamper evidence and environmental protection. One final important benefit of blister packaging in patient compliance is that pharmacists have a greater opportunity to communicate with and advise their patients because less time is necessary to fill the prescription.

October 2014, the packaging concept won the Dutch “Zilveren Noot” award and the CPhI Pharma Award for Innovation in Packaging.

Ecobliss is focused to make Locked4Kids cartons available on a global scale, by licensing pharmaceutical carton manufacturers for production and marketing. If you are interested Locked4Kids or you want to get licenced, please contact Ron Linssen, Managing Director, Locked4Kids BV.

Emballage 2014 will be held in France, Paris, on November 17-20th 2014. The Locked4Kids demonstration will be given at stand 5A H 002.

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Locked4Kids: ’s werelds eerste kindveilige kartonnen doosje voor medicijnen

Ecobliss introduceert dé innovatie die kleine kinderen beschermd tegen vergiftigingsongelukken. Locked4kids! Locked4Kids is een hersluitbaar kartonnen doosje dat medicijnfabrikanten de mogelijkheid biedt om hun producten op een kindveilige manier te verpakken.

Naast het kindveilige aspect beschermd Locked4Kids het product. Elke tablet is separaat verpakt in een blister waardoor de kwaliteit van de medicatie gegarandeerd blijft tegen invloeden van buiten af. Van Eerd, producent van verpakkingen voor de farmaceutische – en aanverwante industrie, is de eerste licentiehouder en heeft de uiteindelijke testverpakkingen geproduceerd. Locked4Kids voldoet aan de strenge Europese (EN 8317) en Amerikaanse (UN16 CRF 1700.20) normen voor hersluitbare kindveilige verpakkingen. De verpakking is uitvoerig getest en gecertificeerd door het Belgisch Verpakkingsinstituut (BVI).

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Bron: Persbericht Van Eerd bv

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Ecobliss presents the innovation which protects small children from accidental poisoning

Locked4Kids is a simple, inexpensive and mass-producible packaging solution consisting of a carton box and a tray, which can contain blisters or other pharmaceutical products (or any kind of products) and leaflet.

It is portable, easy to use and can be opened and closed endlessly, without losing its protective function. This reclosable carton enables drug manufacturers to package their products in a Child Resistant Carton. Discover Locked4Kids! Van Eerd (Tilburg NL) producer of pharmaceutical packaging and related industries is the first license holder for Locked4Kids. Van Eerd has produced the final test packs. Locked4Kids meets the strict European (EN 8317) and American (UN16 CRF 1700.20) standards for reclosable child resistant packaging. The system was extensively tested and certified by the Belgian Packaging Institute.

October 7th Ecobliss launched Locked4Kids. And they are proud to say; Ecobliss won The CPhI Pharma Award in the category ‘Innovation in Packaging’. Ecobliss has received this prestigious prize for its new packaging concept Locked4Kids.On September 30th 2014 Ecobliss, received ‘silver’ in ‘De Gouden Noot’ 2014 Packaging Innovation Contest. The producer of blister and high visibility packaging solutions has received these prestigious awards for its new packaging concept Locked4Kids.

This proves, Locked4Kids has the innovation power to produce certified child-resistant cartons.

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Source: Press release Van Eerd bv

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Ecobliss receives the CPhI Pharma Award 2014

Ecobliss wins the CPhI Pharma Award for its latest packaging innovation: Locked4Kids, the Worlds’ First Child Resistant Carton for medicines.

During the official launch, on October 7th 2014, producer of blister and high visibility packaging solutions Ecobliss, won The CPhI Pharma Award in the category ‘Innovation in Packaging’. Ecobliss has received this prestigious prize for its new packaging concept Locked4Kids. This reclosable carton enables drug manufacturers to package their products in a Child Resistant Carton. Locked4Kids meets the strict European (EN 8317) and American (UN16 CRF 1700.20) standards for reclosable child resistant packaging. The system was extensively tested and certified by the Belgian Packaging Institute

About CPhI Pharma Award
For over ten years the CPhI Pharma Awards have recognised thought leadership on a global scale, unveiling top pharma innovators to global trade press during the leading pharmaceutical event. The CPhI Pharma Awards honour companies who turn inspiration into innovation. Celebrate thinkers and creators breaking new ground in formulation, process development and packaging. Entries in the Innovation in Packaging category should pertain to the following topics: Primary Packaging, Devices & Technology, Patient Compliance, Dispensers, Materials or Counterfeit Technologies.

Launch at Pharma Expo and Emballage
Ecobliss will present their newest innovation during the official launch of their US variant of Locked4Kids. This launch will take place at the Pharma Expo in Chicago Illinois USA on 2-5 November 2014. For the pharmaceutical end customer, automation is possible at the same speed and efficiency as non CR cartons with blisters (Romaco). In fact, Ecobliss will join Romaco to present this automation process during the Emballage Packaging Exhibition in Paris, on 17-20 November 2014stand 5a H 002.


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Ecobliss wins silver in ‘De Gouden Noot’

Ecobliss wins silver in ‘De Gouden Noot’ for its latest packaging innovation: Locked4Kids, the worlds’ first child resistant carton for medicines

On September 30th 2014 producer of blister and high visibility packaging solutions Ecobliss, received ‘silver’ in ‘De Gouden Noot’ 2014 Packaging Innovation Contest. Ecobliss has received this prestigious prize for its new packaging concept Locked4Kids. This reclosable carton enables drug manufacturers to package their products in a child resistant manner. Locked4Kids meets the strict European (EN 8317) and American (UN16 CRF 1700.20) standards for reclosable child resistant packaging. The system was extensively tested and certified by the Belgian Packaging Institute.

On October 7th this year Locked4Kids will be officially launched during CPhI Worldwide, a pharmaceutical trade fair in Paris. Locked4Kids is also finalist in the CPhI Pharma Awards. The winner of this ambitious competition will be announced on October 7th.

About De Gouden Noot competition
The Gouden Noot is the worlds’ most competitive packaging innovation contest. It’s almost like the Olympics. Every second year the packaging industry gets the opportunity to win only one bronze, silver or gold award. There are no categories. The jury consists of 20 packaging experts covering all aspects of the packaging industry.

With the Gouden Noot, the Dutch Packaging Centre (NVC) stimulates innovations in the field of packaged products and packaging. The Gouden Noot owes its name to the unique trophy that contains a solid gold walnut (noot in Dutch), which symbolises a sustainable, effective and innovative packaging.

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Child resistant packaging – by Chakravarthi AVPS

Child resistant packs that offer ease of acces to the patients while keeping the little children out will be successful in the market place.

Imagine this: a little three-year-old is all on her own at home at the minute. Do you have any idea how many products could actually poison her? Too many to list unfortunately! Medicines are the main culprits. It doesn’t take more than a few ‘harmless’ paracetamol tablets to make a child pretty sick. Of course one wouldn’t leave his or her little girls at home all by herself. And it goes without saying that (surely?) one would store all medication away safely out of her reach. But like any parent, one too would experience many a heart-stopping moment where the child manages to escape the parent’s  watchful eye. It is in moments like those that one suddenly realize what a lifesaver child-resistant packaging can be. And not just for medicines. Also for all those other everyday household products that are dangerous to children. Child-resistant packaging has been invented to protect your child. Food for thought, wouldn’t you agree?

Read the full article:








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Visibility the key to Bonus Pack

For this special promo package sold exclusively through PetSmart stores, it was essential that the primary packs inside be clearly visible to the consumer in the store.

United Pet Group’s FURminator deShedding tool has legions of fans among pet owners who would rather proactively remove hair from their dogs and cats rather than having to vacuum it up once its fallen where it will of its own accord. But this spring the Cincinnati-based firm launched a new product called Shed Control Cloths that are designed for daily use as opposed to the recommended weekly use of the deShedding tool. To boost interest in the launch, UPG needed a special promo bonus pack to be displayed exclusively at PetSmart stores, and their search led them pretty quickly to a folding carton with a window.

“We do a number of promotions that gain customer and consumer interest as a way of driving sales,” says John Herzig, Associate Packaging Engineer at UPG. “In this case we looked for a way for the consumer to see everything that’s in the box while still keeping a premium look. It called for either a die-cut window or a see-through carton, but one thing we knew pretty early on is that without visibility through some kind of window, we probably wouldn’t do the promotion. An all-plastic carton was considered too costly, and it’s not the best solution from a sustainability standpoint, either.”

The folding carton is a fold lock bottom and tuck top with a generously sized clear PVC window. What makes the window unusual is that it not only extends across most of the front panel, it also extends about an inch around the right front corner and a full three inches around the left front corner. This innovative combination of paperboard and plastic delivers

  • all the visibility that UPG was looking for
  • a cost structure that makes the Bonus Pack promo possible
  • attractive graphics, including important messaging about the newly launched cloths

“In addition to the messaging on the Bonus Pack carton there is some wording on the Shed Control Cloths carton that we want the consumer to be able to read,” says Herzig. “The Transparent Container design makes this possible.”



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Clear packaging for Sainsbury’s chocolate

A bespoke solution for Sainsbury’s Free From dark chocolate egg & chocolate discs

Speciality chocolatier Celtic Chocolates, who supplies Sainsbury, tasked their contract packager to create a solution that shows the egg to its best, which is easy to store, assemble & fill and to stay within current packaging costs.

The solution consists of a clear plastic carton made form food grade Recycled PET (RPET), a litho printed folding box board plinth that contains the chocolate discs and outer carton.

The clear Plastic carton is designed with a crash-lock base that clips into the board outer carton offering full visibility of the Egg which the previous packaging did not offer.

All elements of the pack are supplied flat to the manufacturer to save on delivery and storage costs. But most importantly this solution reduced the amount of packaging involved and reduced the overall cost by over 50%.


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SafeSkin Kids sports wrap brand repositioned

Kimberly-Clark refreshes its SafeSkin Kids sports wrap line, with new products and with packaging that uses kid-friendly graphics while communicating efficacy to moms.

To assist with its SafeSkin Kids sport wraps product, Kimberly-Clark approached Goodwin Design Group to consider next-stage products and the brand platform to ensure future success, primarily through product innovation opportunities. Goodwin shared consumer insights, demonstrated trends, determined strategies, and implemented solutions for SafeSkin to remain a category leader.

While Kimberly-Clark planned to focus on product solutions, Goodwin’s recommendation was to also work on the brand packaging. Together with consumers, Goodwin created a new strategy and brand platform for an entire line of products that moms, parents, and coaches truly want. Goodwin designed the products together, tested the range to select those that were most appealing, and refreshed the brand packaging to speak to kids of all ages, and those who care for them, in a visual language they understood and preferred.

Kimberly-Clark launched SafeSkin Kids Sports Wraps in 2011, creating the kids’ wrap category and capitalizing on a new retail market opportunity. Yet there was little brand equity in the original SafeSkin Kids packaging, and it visually projected that it was for “little kids.” By late 2012 the brand’s leadership was being challenged by a new competitor, which marketed a wrap featuring a popular licensed property with strong kid and mom appeal. The pack features a blister card backing board of SBS, believed to be 8 or 9-pt in thickness. It’s printed offset in four-color process.



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