card to card with trapped blister

Two-count blister packs for ‘smart pills’

Tucson-based Brainiac Supplements LLC wanted to market its Study Buddy nutrient-based study aid capsules in high-impact packaging. The company concluded that two-count carded blister packs offered a more attractive option than the flexible pouches it had been using.

First a flanged two-cavity blister is thermoformed from PVC sheet, filled with one study aid capsule per cavity, and heat-seal lidded with aluminum foil. The filled and lidded blister packs are then trapped between two blister cards in a second operation. A glossy UV finish on the card stock helps create the optimal in-store impact that Braniac was looking for.

The cards are 0.21-pt SBS and are printed via a four-color process that also incorporates a UV varnish to provide a high-gloss finish. The packs stand upright in shelf display cartons, delivering high visibility at retail venues such as college book stores and convenience stores.

Brainiac has enjoyed sales increases since the new packaging was introduced. Tyler Johansen, CEO of Brainiac Supplements, says,

“We chose to partner with a contract packaging specialist, because of their ability to create custom packaging that would more accurately reflect our brand. We couldn’t be more pleased in terms of meeting design deadlines and rendering the packaging we wanted.”


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Accessible packaging for the elderly

Blister packs have traditionally been associated with the pharmaceutical industry due to their convenience, affordability and ease-of-usage. However, over the years, little innovation has been witnessed by this important segment for flexible packaging as packaging companies were convinced about the design and usability of such packages. Breaking this mold locally is Ecobliss India with its ‘Easy opening’ blister packs with special focus on aged customers.

Speaking to Packaging South Asia about this award winning packaging concept, AVPS Chakravarthi, managing director of Ecobliss India says, “Usually blister packs are either face heat seal carded packs or clamshell packs. In case of face seal packs, when the customer tries to remove the blister either part of plastic remains with the board or some paper remains with the plastic. In case of clamshell blisters it is very difficult to tear open with bare hands. One has to use scissors to cut away the pack. Imagine, the plight of an elderly person unable to access a special toothbrush from a nice blister pack and who may end up throwing away the product without using it. We have come across several such instances in our daily life. Also, many customers look at blister packaging in a negative way because of the difficult and unpleasant method of opening. There is a strong need for a blister pack which has to be sturdy enough to protect the product well, as well as being easy to open.” The company is confident that its innovative  ‘Easy opening’ packaging will address these challenges.

This innovation by Ecobliss bagged the coveted 2013 Worldstar International Packaging Excellence Award and has been regarded as one of the best inventions in the history of blister packaging. The unique features of this packaging innovation include:

  • Pack provides adequate presentation on the shelf.
  • Printing on both sides provides client more opportunities to market.
  • Can be given any surface finish UV, lamination and so on unlike regular face seal blister card.
  • Tamper evidence and easy opening — the key dual features.
  • Can be used in host of fields, automobile, electrical, electronics, hardware, FMCG and others.
  • Since the card and the blister are separated 100% there is no question of plastic remains on the paper.
  • The card is recyclable and biodegradable and the blister cup is 100% recyclable and is hence Eco friendly in nature.
  • Separation of the components allows proper disposal.
  • Pack provides high visibility, strong shelf impact.

The blister packaging segment has seen some serious competition in the recent years and Ecobliss, with its time-testified concepts, has kept itself on the wish-list of its customers who seek quality and affordability. Speaking about the latest innovative concepts adopted by the company, Chakravarthi explains, “We have constantly been updating our technology keeping in view the rising demands of customers. While Ecobliss has left an indelible mark in pharmaceutical packaging, it has been offering state of the art PET clamshell blisters for premium lighting and electrical products. It’s also offering quality food trays for sweets, snacks and bakery products.”

Retaining market share without product cannibalization is a challenge which packaging companies face on a regular operational basis. Keeping abreast of customer requirements, Ecobliss is positioned as a ‘Smart Source’ packaging solution provider which has speared ahead in the market and has gone beyond being a simple vendor supplying material or machines. “Ecobliss knows how to analyse customer requirements, design a packaging solution and do the testing to create confidence, eventually helping customers to gear up for production and solve all the logistical, quality control issues. This whole process is done in three structured steps; Development, Realisation and Implementation,” claims Chakravarthi. The company currently provides the exact packaging equipment to serve specific requirements of customers — from simple machines manually operated by a single individual to high-capacity fully automated equipment.

Ecobliss was present at the South edition of PackPlus and Chakravarthi was pleased with the overall response received by the event. “PackPlus South has become an important event for all the stake holders of packaging in South and Central India. It’s a wonderful platform of knowledge sharing for both converting and the user community. The standards of this show match the international shows.”

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Worldstar Awards 2013 – We have done it again!

Ecobliss can proudly say…We have done it again!!

In 2012 Ecobliss entered the competition with three entries into the WorldStar completion in three different categories: ‘Electronics’, ‘Household’ and ’Other”.  All three entries (100% score!!) received an Award from the WPO jury. This year, Ecobliss has managed to convince the jury of the “Worldstar Competition” once more, this time with the ”Easy Opening” package.


The “Easy Opening” package may be one of Ecobliss’ most popular designs. A blister packaging of which a part of the card board is bent over, to enable the blister to slide out. The type of products that can be packed into the easy opening type of blister is almost unlimited. Batteries, tapes, automotive lamps, spark plugs, disposables, LED and energy saving lamps are typical products to be packed in an easy opening blister.

Many consumers look at blister packaging in a negative way because of the difficult and unpleasant method of opening. Easy opening packaging can therefore be an important part of your marketing strategy as it is recognized as ‘friendly’. It offers the customer convenience for which your brand will be appreciated.


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Folding (or double) card with trapped blister

This type of blister packaging is a combination of a sealable fold-over blister card and a transparent blister. The blister is trapped between two pieces of board that are bonded together. After joining this type of package makes a beautiful highly visible presentation of your product.

Sealing can be done using heat- or cold sealing technology.



Heat sealing:

Folding blister cards are coated (inside) with a heat-sealable coating. The blister is trapped between two pieces of board that are bonded under heat and pressure without


Cold sealing:

Folding cards are coated (inside) with a pressure sensitive cold seal adhesive. The blister is trapped between two pieces of board that are bonded under pressure without using any heat. Only pressure is required to make a perfect board to board bond. This makes the packing process simple, quick and very cost effective. A range of very simple to highly automated packaging equipment is available to support this packing process.

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