Clear packaging for Sainsbury’s chocolate

A bespoke solution for Sainsbury’s Free From dark chocolate egg & chocolate discs

Speciality chocolatier Celtic Chocolates, who supplies Sainsbury, tasked their contract packager to create a solution that shows the egg to its best, which is easy to store, assemble & fill and to stay within current packaging costs.

The solution consists of a clear plastic carton made form food grade Recycled PET (RPET), a litho printed folding box board plinth that contains the chocolate discs and outer carton.

The clear Plastic carton is designed with a crash-lock base that clips into the board outer carton offering full visibility of the Egg which the previous packaging did not offer.

All elements of the pack are supplied flat to the manufacturer to save on delivery and storage costs. But most importantly this solution reduced the amount of packaging involved and reduced the overall cost by over 50%.


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PCR PET is central to OtterBox redesign

The outer carton boasts a ‘beautiful opaque yellow’ while the inner tray that holds the cell phone protector is made of up to 100% post-consumer recycled PET.



By Pat Reynolds, VP/Editor

As sales of cell phones and other mobile devices have blossomed in recent years, so too have sales of the protective cases used to keep such devices free from damage. Among the leading suppliers in this product category is Otter Products LLC. Based in Fort Collins, CO, Otter Products recently redesigned the packaging it uses for its OtterBox series of protective cases. Gone is a paperboard solution that tended to get a little shopworn over time and in its place is a two-part PET solution that has brought not only a dramatic improvement in on-shelf merchandising but also an immediate uptick in sales. It’s a classic example of a manufacturer willing to invest significantly in better packaging because it was clear that the payback was there to be had.


I would say at this point that the new packaging is probably 80% more costly than the two-part paperboard package—folding carton and molded-pulp insert—that we used before,” says packaging engineer Josh Caldecourt. “In my opinion, the packaging used previously was not a good reflection of our brand. I think now we have adjusted that in the right direction and by the right amount. It’s easy enough to justify when you look at the results. We did changeovers at Best Buy and Walmart that amounted to a complete planogram wipe, a fresh new look executed overnight. The data showed a 10% lift in sales almost immediately.”


It should be noted that these are not inexpensive products. The suggested retail price is anywhere from $20 to $100, which means that having to pay another 20 cents or so per package is not as significant as it would be if the product had a price point significantly lower. Even so, this new and improved packaging represents a significant investment. It was a huge decision to move ahead with the change, and Caldecourt and company should be commended for their willingness to invest in packaging the way they did.




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PET, a unique plastic belonging to the family of polyesters

PET is a short name for a unique plastic belonging to the family of polyesters, the word is made up from ‘poly-’ , the Greek word for many and ‘-esters’ which are compounds formed by reaction of alcohols with acids via a chemical bonding known as an ester linkage. PET polyester is formed from the alcohol – ethylene glycol [EG] – and the acid – terephthalic acid [TPA],] – and its chemical name is – Polyethylene terephthalate or PET.

The raw materials for PET are derived from crude oil. After refining and separating the ‘crude’ into a variety of petroleum products, the two PET feedstocks or monomers are eventually obtained, purified, and mixed together in a large sealed, ‘cooking pot’ type of vessel and heated up to 300°C in the presence of a catalyst. Each intermediate has two identical points for reaction and is therefore capable of forming chains by linking several single molecules together and forming a polymer where the monomers are bonded by ester linkages.

Benefits of PET

Because PET is easily processed by or injection and blow moulding as well as extrusion when in the molten state, it can be tailored to almost any packaging requirement. Typical applications of PET include:

  • Bottles for beverages such as soft drinks, fruit juices, mineral waters. It is especially suitable for carbonated drinks, cooking and salad oils, sauces and dressings and detergents.
  • Wide mouth jars and tubs for jams, preserves, fruits & dried foods.
  • Trays for pre-cooked meals that can be re-heated in either microwave or conventional ovens. Pasta dishes, meats and vegetables.
  • Foils for ‘boil-in-the-bag’ pre-cooked meals, snack foods, nuts, sweets, long life confectionery.
  • Other PET products with an extra oxygen barrier are ideal for containing beer, vacuum packed dairy products e.g., cheese, processed meats, ‘Bag in Box’ wines, condiments, coffee, cakes, syrups.

Click on this link to learn more about PET

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New building Ecobliss Headquarters

Ecobliss New Headquarters

After years of continuous growth the location of Ecobliss Headquarters had become too small. Therefore we are happy to tell you that the Ecobliss office has moved to a new location. Within a few months a fully equipped prepress area will become available as well as the showroom to show to our visitors our high visibility packaging solutions and related equipment. The brand new building is located in the Industrial Area “de Berk” in Echt. The distance to the highway A2 (Maastricht-Amsterdam) as well as to the new highway A73 (Echt-Venlo-Nijmegen) is only 2,5 km. Please see the Contacts page for updated direct telephone numbers.

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