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Ecobliss presents the innovation which protects small children from accidental poisoning

Locked4Kids is a simple, inexpensive and mass-producible packaging solution consisting of a carton box and a tray, which can contain blisters or other pharmaceutical products (or any kind of products) and leaflet.

It is portable, easy to use and can be opened and closed endlessly, without losing its protective function. This reclosable carton enables drug manufacturers to package their products in a Child Resistant Carton. Discover Locked4Kids! Van Eerd (Tilburg NL) producer of pharmaceutical packaging and related industries is the first license holder for Locked4Kids. Van Eerd has produced the final test packs. Locked4Kids meets the strict European (EN 8317) and American (UN16 CRF 1700.20) standards for reclosable child resistant packaging. The system was extensively tested and certified by the Belgian Packaging Institute.

October 7th Ecobliss launched Locked4Kids. And they are proud to say; Ecobliss won The CPhI Pharma Award in the category ‘Innovation in Packaging’. Ecobliss has received this prestigious prize for its new packaging concept Locked4Kids.On September 30th 2014 Ecobliss, received ‘silver’ in ‘De Gouden Noot’ 2014 Packaging Innovation Contest. The producer of blister and high visibility packaging solutions has received these prestigious awards for its new packaging concept Locked4Kids.

This proves, Locked4Kids has the innovation power to produce certified child-resistant cartons.

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Source: Press release Van Eerd bv

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Spout attachment trapped in a blister

A trapped blister is the packaging format selected by Park City, UT-based Choomee Inc. for its Sip’n Soft Top product.

Introduced late last year, this innovative product is a soft, chewy silicone that fits over the hard plastic spout found on many pouched products aimed at children who are transitioning from liquids to solid foods. It greatly improves mouth feel and also provides a convenient reclosure feature.

Choomee has the Sip’n products injection molded in China and calls on contract packagers to assemble the product. The products is sealed by a heat sealing machine which traps a blister thermoformed of RPET between two pieces of 20-pt SBS. The die-cut facing card goes into the cavities of the machine first. When the blister is placed into this facing card, it already has two Sip’n Soft Top products in it. Operators then put the back card into the cavity, and after the cavity runs through a heat and compression station, out comes the two products trapped in their RPET blister between facing and backing paperboard cards.


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Ecobliss: a smart source for pharmaceutical innovations

Speaking to Printweek, a leading print and packaging magazine Chakravarthi AVPS felt “Today, secondary packaging is being treated as an avoidable burden at all levels, right from the manufacturer to the retailer. Yet the carded blisters and dose pack wallets, apart from the regulated dispenser packs, play a major role in the patients’ convenience and sometimes save the user from potential dangers like consumption of excessive or less dosage, using an expired medicine and so on. Ecobliss continues to drive the necessity of having proper secondary packaging for all the dosage drugs”.

Ramu Ramanathan | Jan 19, 2014

Hyderabad-based Ecobliss highlighted smart innovations in blister packaging at its stall at Indpack. This included a host of packaging options offered by Ecobliss like carded blister packs, dose packs, clinical wallets, promotional packs, drug combination packs, pre-filled syringe packs, innovative vial packs, standy blister packs, etc.


AVPS Chakravarthi, managing director of Ecobliss India, said, “Blister packs have been associated with the pharmaceutical segment due to their convenience, affordability and ease-of-use.” Having said that, one has however, seen little innovation. Ecobliss has disrupted this mould with its ‘Easy opening’ blister packs with special focus on elderly customers.” Chakravarthi added, “The pharmaceutical field is highly demanding when compared with other sectors. One needs to be literally on his toes to constantly serve satisfaction to the customer. We need to update the technologies on real-time basis. In addition, we need to supply packaging for a highly complex US and regulatory market sales at affordable prices, not compromising on quality.”

Products for the elderly
During a product demo to Rushikesh Aravakar and Ramu Ramanathan of PrintWeek India, Chakravarthi explained, “Blister packs are either face heat seal carded packs or clamshell packs. In case of face seal packs, when the customer tries to remove the blister, either part of the plastic remains with the board or some paper remains with the plastic. In case of clamshell blisters it is difficult to tear open; especially for the elderly and infirm. One has to use scissors to cut the pack. Imagine the plight of an elderly person unable to access a special toothbrush from a nice blister pack and who may discard the product without using it.”

He added, “Many customers look at blister packaging in a negative way because of the difficult and unpleasant method of opening. There is a strong need for a blister pack which is sturdy enough to protect the product, as well as be easy to open.” He felt Ecobliss packaging has resolved these issues.

Customer-friendly blister packages
Chakravarthi laid great stress on customer-friendly blister packages. Once again, he demonstrated a new design for a toothbrush with an easy-to-open blister package. The design is simple, a blister presenting the product, encased by a printed cardboard card. After folding back the cardboard card, the customer can simply slide out the blister and access the product. Finally, no more cuts and puncture wounds due to jagged edges, it’s really as simple as 1 2 3.

Chakravarthi explained, “Let us take an example of the complete packaging you need to meet certain requirements. Say that it must protect the contents from tampering, and that the packaging must be tear-resistant and have a metallic finish. Say it needs to be produced in high volumes, preferably in-house, where you will be able to tightly control production scheduling. At Ecobliss, we understand all the component options, all the process possibilities and all the ways to optimise production cost factors to deliver what you need.

A solution for the wallet
In this sense, the wallet solution for the pharma industry is a very innovative concept. Herein, Ecobliss provides blister wallets in many different types and sizes, with one, two, three or more panels designed to match the customer’s requirements. These extra panels can be used to accommodate extra strips with tablets or to print additional information about the content of the wallet. It is even possible to apply a booklet with multiple pages of information onto one of the panels of a blister wallet so that crucial information never gets lost and stays with the medication.

Chakravarthi showed the PrintWeek India duo, a couple of samples and pointed out, “Blister wallets offer many possibilities to accommodate your requirements and the possibilities are endless. Electronics for instance, can be integrated into a wallet for measuring patient compliance, or a wallet can be made child-resistant by design or by applying a child resistant label.”

He explained, “Today, secondary packaging is being treated as an avoidable burden at all levels, right from the manufacturer to the retailer. Yet the carded blisters and dose pack wallets, apart from the regulated dispenser packs, play a major role in the patients’ convenience and sometimes save the user from potential dangers like consumption of excessive or less dosage, using an expired medicine and so on. Ecobliss continues to drive the necessity of having proper secondary packaging for all the dosage drugs in domestic markets as well.”

About Ecobliss
Ecobliss, a global leader in blister and high-visibility packaging, is a privately held company with some 300 staff, and a growing international network of business partners. Ecobliss in India is based in Hyderabad with a sheetfed operation that is backed by finishing solutions. Slowly, but surely, Ecobliss India has become synonymous with know-how and innovation in the specialised field of blister and high-visibility packaging.

It all began in 1995, when Ron Linssen, the founder of Ecobliss, (along with Professor G. Wouters), developed the cold sealing technology for blister packaging, which is the USP of the company’s success. Since the introduction of this eco-friendly sealing technology, customers from many industries have changed their packaging to this method of packaging.

Through the success of cold seal packaging, Ecobliss has become a known name in the market. With many years of experience in development, design, production and logistics, Ecobliss is recognised to be the ‘smart source’ for blister and high-visibility packaging.

Chakravarthi said, “Whether we use blister packaging, plastic boxes or combination of these, regardless of the equipment needed, the intention is always the same: a complete packaging product that meets the highest standards of performance for the lowest cost. At Ecobliss, we design from scratch so that all components are in harmony with each other and any potential logistical challenges are pre-solved.”


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In conversation with…

“There were days people were dying for want of life saving drugs, Cancer was considered to be a disease that only leads to death in few days. Today, thanks to medical revolution and drug discoveries, we could find cure to so many diseases that were once thought incurable. And the innovations in packaging technology contributed significantly to these medical discoveries” – felt Chakravarthi AVPS, Managing Director, Ecobliss India in an exclusive cover page interview to a leading pharmaceutical magazine.

Article AVPS Chakravarthi in Modern-Pharma

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Medical device pack earns WorldStar Award

When patients are hemorrhaging, seconds count. A thermoformed medical device package that helps physicians cut time needed to deliver life-saving procedures wins a 2013 WorldStar Award.

A package that helps medical staff treat life-threatening hemorrhaging earned a Worldstar award for Prent Corp., a designer and producer of custom thermoformed packages for the medical industry.

The annual WorldStar Awards—given out by the World Packaging Organization (WPO)—honor outstanding package design innovations worldwide. In this instance, Prent’s thermoformed package is utilized by Cook Urological, a Spencer-IN-based Cook Group medical manufacturing company.

According to WPO’s Web site, “The [Cook Urological] Bakri thermoformed package organizes two sets of product for two separate procedures, thus reducing preparation time when seconds are valuable in life-saving situations. The thermoformed solution of a tray and retainer combination will hold various product lengths, provides ease of use, and protection for a pouch application. The retainers’ tip cavity retains the tubing end, various tubing lengths are coiled, then die-cut flaps are folded and snapped together to hold the tubing in place.”

Prent’s package involves an easy-to-understand tray and retainer. This allows medical staff to simultaneously begin using different parts of the device, thus cutting the time needed to get the device ready and saving valuable seconds needed to stop hemorrhages. While one assistant is starting IV prep using the retainer components, a physician is able to start another procedure using the tray components.

The workhorse of the package is the retainer whose multiple forms and features provids cost savings and enhanced product usability. The new design allows it to be used as a universal retainer for devices of various length, reducing the per-package costs associated with designing, tool milling, thermoforming, material, warehousing, and shipping multiple retainers.

Because the retainer and tray are stacked, the footprint uses less shelf space, which offers healthcare providers costs savings as well as product protection and stability.

The key features of the retainer when combined as a whole are that it allows fast loading of the product, prevents tangling of lengthy tubing, enables fast and easy access to the tray, and it ensures excellent sterilization penetration.


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Blister packaging supposedly ‘diabolical’

All too often it is stated that blister packaging is diabolical. People supposedly have a hard time opening it, cut themselves while trying to do so or develop so called ‘wrap rage’.

According to American studies, around six thousand people a year wind up in emergency rooms with lacerations and puncture wounds caused by clamshell/oyster packaging. Some injuries are caused by the jagged edges of half-opened, hard-plastic wrappers. Others occur when the frustrated consumers use tools such as knives, scissors or wire cutters. These implements, often take up in anger, have a tendency to glance off the nigh-impenetrable packaging and wound the hands that wield them.

“I’ve worked in the emergency department on Christmas day for six out of the last 10 years. We certainly see lacerations. That’s the most common thing. But we also see punctures,” said David Ross, DO, an emergency physician at Penrose Hospital in Colorado Springs, Colo. He also is a spokesman for the American College of Emergency Physicians. “That clamshell packaging is absolutely diabolical.” (From American Medical News)

The root of this problems simply lays within the way the package is designed. Normally a sturdy, almost impenetrable PET or PVC clamshell is used to fully encase and secure the product. And while these protect the product inside and give a nice presentation towards the customer, it is exactly this type of packaging that annoys and frustrates people.

So what are the alternatives, are there any customer friendly blister packages? Of course there are! As said before, it is all about the design. That having said, take a look at the following, an easy to open blister package.


The design here is fairly simple, a blister presenting the product, encased by a printed cardboard card. After folding back the cardboard card, the customer can simply slide out the blister and access the product. Finally no more cuts and puncture wounds due to jagged edges, it’s really as simple as 1 2 3.

For more packaging solutions visit

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Worldstar Awards 2013 – We have done it again!

Ecobliss can proudly say…We have done it again!!

In 2012 Ecobliss entered the competition with three entries into the WorldStar completion in three different categories: ‘Electronics’, ‘Household’ and ’Other”.  All three entries (100% score!!) received an Award from the WPO jury. This year, Ecobliss has managed to convince the jury of the “Worldstar Competition” once more, this time with the ”Easy Opening” package.


The “Easy Opening” package may be one of Ecobliss’ most popular designs. A blister packaging of which a part of the card board is bent over, to enable the blister to slide out. The type of products that can be packed into the easy opening type of blister is almost unlimited. Batteries, tapes, automotive lamps, spark plugs, disposables, LED and energy saving lamps are typical products to be packed in an easy opening blister.

Many consumers look at blister packaging in a negative way because of the difficult and unpleasant method of opening. Easy opening packaging can therefore be an important part of your marketing strategy as it is recognized as ‘friendly’. It offers the customer convenience for which your brand will be appreciated.


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Modern Packaging & Design – In conversation with A V P S Chakravarthi

Managing Director of Ecobliss India Pvt Ltd, Mr. A V P S Chakravarthi, gives his perspective on the Indian Pharmaceutical Packaging Industry in an interview with Modern Packaging & Design.

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PWC: Sustainable packaging: myth or reality?, Revisiting the debate two years on – free report

The UK packaging industry is calling for the phrase ‘sustainable packaging’ to be scrapped and is urging instead for Government to get to grips with the real issues affecting the industry, according to a new report. A national shortage of packaging technicians, fears over scarcity of raw material supplies and a lack of political will to tackle the core issues were all voiced in the PwC report Sustainable Packaging: Myth or Reality. Leading retailers, manufacturers and consumer groups also unanimously agreed that the much used sustainable packaging phrase should be phased out and the focus should be on ensuring packaging delivers maximum sustainability throughout the entire supply chain and is recoverable after use.

For a free download pf the report, please click here

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Cold seal Blisterpackaging for Briggs and Stratton Europe

February 2013 – Briggs and Stratton Europe has recently started using Ecobliss‘ cold seal blister packaging for packaging their spareparts program for lawn mower engines. With cold sealing blister packaging, only pressure is required to make a perfect card-to-card bond. This makes the packaging process simple, quick and very cost-effective. A range of packaging equipment, from the very simple to highly automated, is available to support this packaging process. Cold seal blister packaging is therefore scalable to any packaging job, small or large.

Ecobliss cold seal blister packaging consists of a pressure sensitive fold-over, or separate front and back blister card, and a transparent blister. The blister is trapped between two pieces of board that are bonded under pressure without using any heat. Together, blister and card form a beautiful, highly visible shelf presentation for your product. Another bonus of this technology is that the people doing the packaging will not be exposed to any hazardous or uncomfortable radiation, heat, smell or noise.

Increased flexibility, improved logistics, great appearance and sustainability where the main reasons for Briggs and Stratton to choose for cold seal blister packaging.

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February 2012 – Innovation helps to reduce food waste in blisterpackaging

Supermarket Marks & Spencers adds a small plaster-style strip, called ‘It’s Fresh!’, at the bottom of punnets of strawberries, containing a patented mixture of clay and other minerals that absorb ethylene – the ripening hormone which causes fruit to ripen and then turn mouldy.  ‘No extra cost’ The strip measures 8cm X 4.5cm and does not affect the recyclability of the packaging, and the retailer claims there is no extra cost to the consumer of the packaging. If successful, it will be added to all its berries.

Marks & Spencer Strawberry blister pack

Trials carried out in M&S stores showed a minimum wastage saving of 4% – during the peak strawberry season this would equate to around 40,000 packs, approximately 800,000 strawberries. The Guardian first broke the story about M&S’ new packaging technology last Friday (6 January). Packaging News’ editor Josh Brooks was quoted in the story. Speaking to the Guardian, he said: “This new launch from M&S is a great example of how innovative packaging helps to preserve and protect the food products it contains. “The crucial role of packaging in delivering products to consumers and reducing food waste through the supply chain and in stores and homes cannot be overstated.” ‘Strawberry season’ The British strawberry season starts in April, so M&S strawberries are currently imported from Egypt, Morocco, Spain and Israel. During the British season M&S sells around one million punnets per week and the retailer hopes the new packaging will result in huge food waste reductions during this period. ‘Reduce food waste’ M&S Agronomist Hugh Mowat said: “This new technology is a win-win for our customers – not only will their strawberries taste better for longer, but we really hope it will help them to reduce their food waste as they no longer need to worry about eating their strawberries as soon as they buy them.” The patented strip is being manufactured and supplied to M&S by ‘It’s Fresh!’ – a British high tech innovations firm. M&S said that It’s Fresh had supplied the technology to other UK retailers for transit packaging. However, this is the first time it is being used in packaging for consumer products. The new strawberry punnets are available from M&S from today (9 January).

Article found on

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ProPak Indonesia Back On Track! 1 – 4 December 2010

propak logoThe 23rd International Series of Exhibitions for the Processing, Packaging and End- Line Printing Industries. Indonesia’s established international trade show for the packaging and processing sectors in South East Asia’s biggest market.

Supported by The Indonesian Packaging Federation, The Indonesian Food & Beverages Association, The Indonesian Woven Polyolefin Manufacturers Association and The Indonesian Master Printers Association.

Propak 1

On the back of a sold out event in 2009 and positive market projections for 2010, ProPak Indonesia 2010 returns 1-4 December 2010 as the country’s longest running processing and packaging event. Taking place as an integral part of Manufacturing Indonesia 2010, Indonesia’s most important industrial trade event, ProPak Indonesia 2010 now in its 23rd edition, is set to provide a focus for the processed foods market growing by over 10% pa and a packaging market valued at over US$125 million.

2010 Positive Economic Forecasts

The Indonesian economy is expected to grow moderately by 5.2% in 2010, better than any neighboring ASEAN economies. A large domestic market with an emerging middle class and relatively young population whose consumption accounts for 60% of GDP will help drive healthy and solid growth going forward. This is underpinned by relatively low inflation and increased consumer

Propak 2

bank financing activities. Similarly, foreign direct investment activities are set to rise in tandem with Indonesia’s positive economic growth prospects and stable political scene following the recent legislative and presidential elections. Within South East Asia, analysts have indicated that Indonesia is where they would put their money and that Indonesia’s growth will have a stronger footing than its neighbors.




propak indonesia brochure (PDF)

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Indiapack 2010 held from September 30th until October 3th 2010

Bombay Exhibition Centre – Mumbai, India


After the successes of previous three edition of Indiapack it has grown as a brand name in Indian Packaging industry and world over. Recognizing that the new trends and development are essential to the industry’s bright future, the Indian Institute of Packaging, through Indiapack, seeks to provide a perfect platform to bring the packaging industry under one roof. With this the industry has opportunity to connect at this highly specialized event where the issues of meeting the soaring demand for more sophisticated packaging together with the ever present need for increased productivity are addressed.

Indiapack 2008With the support from Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Ministry of Food Processing Industry, Ministry of Textiles, Govt of India and many Trade Association, from India and abroad including World Packaging Organization and Asian Packaging Federation, Indiapack is all set to continue the success story in 2010 edition.

Indian Packaging industry with a growth of more than 15% p.a. accounts for USD 14 Billion.  This shows the immense potential in the industry. This growth is expected to be doubled in next two years and figures indicate towards a change in the industrial and consumer set up. Packaging today, has grown in importance and is regarded as vital marketing tool. It enhances product value and helps expand market within and outside country. The packaging industry can be characterized as global and fast growing industry.

With a rapid growth in markets like Food, beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and textile has provided momentum for the need of packaging as all these sectors need specialized packaging. Availability of most of the raw material in abundance that is required in packaging industry such as paper, plastic, board, glass, metal adds to the further growth of industry

International FoodTec 2010- International exhibition on food processing & packaging technology, equipments and supplies. At the same time the other concurrent events viz. a high level International Packaging Conference & the National Awards for Excellence in Packaging will be organized by Indian Institute of Packaging.

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Ecobliss and Starview extend their succesfull cooperation to Asia

After having established a succesful cooperation in Europe, Ecobliss Blistermachines and Starview have decided to also join forces in Asia. Ecobliss already was the exclusive distributor of Starview products for the European market and that is now being extended into the Asian region. With Ecobliss branches in countries like Turkey, India and Indonesia and their broad experience in the field of blisterpackaging, this seems to be a logical step forward!

The strength of Ecobliss lies in developing and manufacturing high quality packaging materials and providing turn-key packaging solutions along with that. Starview manufactures (among other types) equipment for assembling and sealing heat seal and clam shell types of blister packaging.

The equipment manufactured by Starview is of the highest standard and can be offered at very competitive prices which you will find on the website

From 2010 onwards Ecobliss will also be your supplier of Starview machinery in Asia!

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Emballage 2010, Paris 22-25 November

THE EXHIBITION showcasing packaging innovation. A unique event to boost your new products!

logo emballage 2010





 In 2010, Paris: The place to be!

EMBALLAGE 2010 will prioritize innovation and sustainable development, and give you clues to packing “smart”!

emballage Paris

EMBALLAGE 2010 will be staged in 3 halls at Paris Nord Villepinte from Monday 22 to Thursday 25 November 2010 and gathers all the industry players  for several days of exchanges, demonstrations, presentations… nouveautes



 Created in 1947, EMBALLAGE, the international Packaging Exhibition, has established itself as the key event of the pacemballage Paris-1kaging-related industries in the EMEA area (Europe – Middle East – Africa).

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Ecobliss Cold seal blister packaging, in total compliance with the objective of sustainability

“People, planet and profit” succinctly describes the triple bottom lines and the goal of sustainability.       

People” (human capital) pertains to fair and beneficial business practices towards the community and region in which a corporation conducts its business.

A TBL (triple bottom line) company or product conceives a reciprocal social structure in which the well being of corporate, labour and other stakeholder interests are interdependent.

Planet (natural capital) refers to sustainable environmental practices. A TBL company endeavours to benefit the natural order as much as possible or at the least do no harm and curtail environmental impact. A TBL endeavour reduces its ecological footprint by, among other things, carefully managing its consumption of energy and non-renewables and reducing manufacturing waste as well as rendering waste less toxic before disposing of it in a safe and legal manner.

Profit is the economic value created by the organisation after deducting the cost of all inputs, including the cost of the capital tied up. It therefore differs from traditional accounting definitions of profit. In the original concept, within a sustainability framework, the “profit” aspect needs to be seen as the real economic benefit enjoyed by the host society. It is the real economic impact the organization has on its economic environment. This is often confused to be limited to the internal profit made by a company or organization (which nevertheless remains an essential starting point for the computation).

Ecobliss cold seal blister packaging, in total compliance with the objective of sustainability


 - Simple, clean, safe and convenient packing operation

- Pleasant and safe unpacking experience

 - Easy, simple and communicative

 - Most attractive product presentation

 - Many creative structural designs possible, offering wonderful, attractive sales features


 - Maximum use of renewable, recyclable plastics

 - Minimum plastic weight

 - Maximum use of recycled cardboard

 - No heat (energy) required for sealing

 - 100% separation of plastic and board after opening


 - Enhanced sales by attractive presentation

 - Self selling

 - Beautiful, sustainable packaging builds positive Brand awareness

 - Reduced cost by simple, effective packaging solutions


Simple, clean, safe and convenient packing operation

Ecobliss Cold seal packaging is the one of the most easy and simple packaging methods available in the market today. Only instant pressure is required to get a perfectly sealed blister pack. The people who execute packaging labour will not in any way be exposed to hazardous or uncomfortable radiation, heat, smell or noise.

Pleasant and safe unpacking experience

Unpacking your product, should be trouble free, and preferably even generate a smile on the consumers face. A pleasant unpacking experience is the first opportunity for you to show how well you’re thinking about consumer care. Do not miss this opportunity and use Ecobliss’s easy opening methods to build on a stronger corporate image.

Easy, simple and communicative

Without any help or interference from others, your packaging should communicate, sell the product and at the same time inform your customer on how to use the product. Ecobliss cold seal packaging lends itself perfectly to fulfil your requirements.

Most attractive product presentation

High quality printed board, is used for your product and brand presentation. The transparent plastic that is required to protect and show your product is kept to an absolute minimum. Board and plastic joined in an Ecobliss packaging form a very attractive presentation. By using Ecobliss cold seal packaging you will enjoy the absence of undesirable (cheap looking) plastic reflections in your shelf space. Ecobliss will make your product(s) stand out in the shelf!!

Many creative structural designs possible, offering wonderful, attractive sales features

By using the combination of double cardboard, provided with cutting, creasing, slitting lines and the use of a plastic blister many features can be given to a particular packaging for your product. On the cold seal section of the website you’ll find many product examples that have already been made. Please challenge us with your requirements and we’ll design a packaging around your product that meets all your marketing and packaging criteria.


Maximum use of renewable, recyclable plastics

A sustainable Ecobliss cold seal packaging always contains plastic that can easily be recycled. Usually a clear PET film is used to produce the blister, and obviously recycled PET is always recommended. Whenever possible from a technical point of view, renewable PLA will be offered as an option to our customers.

Minimum plastic weight

The plastic part of a sustainable Ecobliss cold seal packaging will always be kept to a minimum size and thickness, with the purpose of reducing plastic weight as much as possible.

Maximum use of recycled cardboard

A sustainable Ecobliss cold seal package always consists of recyclable. One of the USP’s of Ecobliss cold seal packaging is that the cardboard is only printed on one side, and that after packing, the printing is visible on the front and back, and even behind the plastic blister. (see learn about …)

No heat (energy) required for sealing

Ecobliss cold seal blister packaging is the only blister packaging system that needs no heat or dwelling time to get a perfect seal. Only pressure is required. This makes packaging in Ecobliss extremely energy, and thus environmentally friendly.

100% separation of plastic and board after opening

There are many different ways of opening Ecobliss packaging, depending on the structural design. Whatever opening method is chosen, plastic and board are always 100% being separated after opening. The cold seal adhesive, applied to the blister board only adheres to itself and not to the plastic blister. Therefore no cardboard fibres will remain on the clear plastic, making recycling possible.


Enhanced sales by attractive presentation

Ecobliss cold seal packaging is a proven solution in capturing that “first moment of truth”. It only takes seconds for a consumer to notice a product on the store shelf. That moment presents an incredible marketing and selling opportunity. Nearly 70 percent of all purchase decisions are made at the shelf. Nearly half of all packaged goods are sold without any additional marketing support.

Self selling

A well designed blister packaging will sell your products without the additional assistance of sales people. While the transparent blister protects and shows your product clearly visible, the cardboard enhances the total presentation.

Beautiful, sustainable packaging builds positive brand awareness

Not only your product,… not only the structural packaging design,… not the artwork on the card, and certainly not only your sustainability philosophy but the total mix of your presentation is what impresses customers. Attractiveness in the shelf, a good unpack experience, good disposability of the packaging materials at home and of course a good product in hand is the total mix that build brand awareness. Except for your product, we have all the ingredients to make your brand stronger!

Reduced cost by simple, effective packaging solutions

From simple, manual, no energy consuming devices to high speed, low energy consuming Ecobliss cold seal packaging machines, different options are available to support an efficient packaging process. It’s possible to outsource your packaging work to one of our global operations but obviously you can also do the packaging in your own premises. In that case Ecobliss offers a variety of packaging equipment for sale or rent. It is also possible to choose a third party contract packer to pack your products. In those cases Ecobliss will support a smooth packaging operation.

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Child resistant packaging, Definitely not child’s play!

Child resistant packaging, Definitely not child’s play!

Child resistant Packaging Children are naturally attracted to brightly coloured medication and it only takes a second to pop a pill, but this innocent act could lead to tragedy. Child resistant packaging is one optimum solution to this situation. Usha Sharma traces a new trend in the industry.

 Pharma industry needs reliable and speedy packaging solutions that can deliver a combination of product protection, quality, tamper evidence, patient comfort and security requirements. Meeting all these challenges child-resistant (CR) packaging, is designed or constructed to be significantly difficult for children under five years of age to open within a reasonable time but not difficult for normal adults. Such packaging is called child-resistant, rather than childproof, because some children will be able to open it. US and Korean regulatory bodies have already enforced CR packaging guidelines for all pharma products, while efforts are on in the European Union (EU) to develop unified standards across the EU countries .

Avinash Mandale

Avinash Mandale, Global Chief Marketing Officer Bilcare

Avinash Mandale, Global Chief, Marketing Officer Bilcare explains CR packaging’s vital need saying, “CR packaging is essential from the children’s safety angle. Every pharma product needs to be CR packed because it can prevent a child from accidental consumption or misuse of the medicine. For example; if the patient is suffering from diabetes there are chances that his son/daughter may accidentally consume diabetes pills and their sugar level may go down which can lead to a fatal situation.”

In India few leading pharma companies like; Ranbaxy, Cipla, Dr Reddy’s Laboratories, Lupin, USV Wockhardt, Ipca Laboratories, Aurobindo, Strides Arcolab, Indoco Remedies etc, are already using CR packaging but it is mainly meant for generic export markets.


Giving the rationale for the increasing need for CR packaging, Ranjit Shahani, Vice Chairman and Managing Director, Novartis India, reasons that, “CR caps are mandatory for most products in US. Generic players in India, into export to US have to use CR caps with high density polyethylene (HDPE) containers and as US generic drugs markets have shown very good growth compared to other branded drugs, the potential is very vast.”


Debdeep Bhattacharya, Director Ess Dee Aluminium

CP packaging is often available in the form of Ecobliss wallet packs with dose guard labels, CR caps and closures, few customised and tailor-made packs and so on. Normally, the standard CR pill boxes remind the patient to take the medicine at right time. However, the usage of such pill boxes is limited as the medication is transferred from the primary pack to such pill boxes as per the requirement. While designing a CR pack to suit requirements, the challenge lies in commercial production of high volumes at high speeds. Presently, the most common CR packaging available is known as ‘push through’, which needs higher effort to take out the medicine and thus a child would most probably give up after a few attempts. Conventionally, foil available in the market is peelable foil. In a ‘peel and push packaging’ the tablets need to be pushed. However, these two foils are not senior friendly either.The lidding material has a peelable coating and is sealed to the blister using heat and pressure. The packaging and its contents can then be sterilised. Lidding material can be die- cut in any shape required. These materials are compatible with common sterilisation methods such as ethylene oxide (ETO), gamma ray sterilisation, beta ray sterilisation and steam sterilisation. Stressing on the uses of CR foils, Debdeep Bhattacharya, Director, Ess Dee Aluminium says, “CR lidding means safety, security and convenience in preventing children from gaining access to medication. As regulations come into effect, it is important to increase the barriers for children, while simultaneously allowing easy access for seniors.”


In the USA, CR packaging is result of the Poison Prevention Act (PPA) passed by the US Congress in 1970. The purpose of the law is to decrease the opportunity of children to gain access to substances, resulting in accidental poisoning. In addition, the PPA extends to all states or localities in the USA and is the one standard applied for all applicable products. The European standard only covers packages containing paracetamol, aspirin and medicines which containing 24 mg of iron.

 Commenting on CR packaging regulation Bhattacharya says, “US and European testing methodologies are not very different but there are substantial differences in the additional requirements and criteria. US drugs need to be labelled CR, including determination that if ingested by a child, the drug toxicity level would not cause harm or injury. This is not a consideration in determining the type of package used in Europe.”

He further highlights that, “In the US, protocol testing methods were developed primarily to address cap-and-vial closures as this was the preferred packaging format in the 1970s with unit dose formats being virtually non-existent. Today, there is a significant bias towards unit dose formats such a blister and strip packaging. During the protocol development era, it has been estimated that blister use and unit of use packaging formats represented less than 20 per cent of US drug packaging.”


Chakravarthi AVPS, Managing director Ecobliss India Pvt Ltd

Highlighting global CR packaging trends, AVPS Chakravarthi, Managing Director, Ecobliss India says, “Currently legislation exists for commercial products in Europe for UK, Germany and Italy and the Netherlands. The US is the biggest market with extensive legislation and potential litigation. On the clinical trial front all US trials have to use trial samples with CR packaging, but there is no requirement elsewhere in the world.”Commenting on mandatory guideline of CR packaging in India, Mandale says that, “The US and Korea regulatory body has already made it a compulsion and very soon other regions will follow. In India, I assume that it will take some more time to come in force. It would be better if pharma industry does follow the guideline; but I am assuming that it will take some more time to come as an Act and become a regulatory compulsion on each pharma company. Whereas, in the European market regulatory body’s discussions are on going.”



Bharat Mehta, Managing Director Super Label Manufacturing

 ”If Government is looking from safety point of view of child by preventing accidental use of tablets, then it must be mandatory. It should make it mandatory in India as well, for all formulations harmful for children,” says Bharat Mehta, Managing Director, Super Label Manufacturing.





Preferred solution

CR market is growing with more and more companies developing packaging solutions. As arthritic patients find bottles difficult to open, blister packs with thicker foil or paper/foil laminates are also very difficult for such adult patients to access. Also, these are cumbersome, size limiting and expensive. Ecobliss Pharmaceutical wallets clinicalsupported by dose guard and dose guard labels applied directly onto the blisters provide the best cost effective compliance solution and it is for blisters which have the advantage of excellent CR and senior friendly access. The regular Alu-Alu or blister packs are the ones mostly in general use. Chakravarthi enlarges the usage of CR and its cost effective ways saying, “The CR packaging needs to be cost effective and should not add too much to the packaging cost while complying with requirement. And it should be feasible at high volumes and high productions speeds as well.”









Eric Souberiran, Business Managing Director Rexam Pharma Packaging

“Alu-Alu packaging would be confined to a smaller quantity of products and service a niche segment. The need of the hour is to facilitate bulk packaging to reduce costs in the generic market which is being achieved through the use of HDPE containers fitted with CRC caps, observes Eric Souberiran, Business Managing Director, Rexam Pharma Packaging India.

 On the cost front, Mehta says, “To change from current mode of packaging to CR packaging, one needs to understand the advantage as against cost. Indian pharma industry is still quite driven by cost. Normally, the price difference between a product using CR packaging a product normal packaging is a reasonably big difference but depending on size and volume of the products.”

 ”It is a new trend seen in the industry and is emerging differentially. The key reason is to differentiate from other packaging, which is happening in the Indian pharma industry. Indian pharma players are realising that packaging differentiation will make them stand out in the competitive market. And CR packaging will be good for differentiating. I see big pharma giants protecting their brand concealing with CR packaging and these can help the pharma companies to differentiate themselves from their competitor,” analyses Mandale. “The price difference in CR packaging is minor compared to the safety gains.” adds Souberiran. Shahani opines that export oriented Indian pharma companies have implemented CR packaging, but the concept remains underdeveloped in the local markets.

Reaching globally

 Many Indian pharma companies are currently exporting their generic drugs to the US or those planning will have to essentially look at bulk packaging, while, keeping in mind the US FDA regulations. “In the near future, Indian pharma companies are going to be strong contenders in the US generic market, which would necessitate use of CR caps. This coupled with the fact that the pharma consumer in India will also evolve over a period of time makes it necessary for them to pursue this packaging trend. HDPE containers with CRC caps are a perfect fit to meet the demands of this market. So the trend is very positive and we see more and more companies adopting this packing in future,” avers Souberiran.

Suggesting a user friendly point of view, Mandale comments that, “The existing leading foil should evolve into a new form of design solution, which can be provided as a CR pack. The future trend is that CR packaging should be senior friendly, eco friendly and cost effective as well.”

 Chakravarthi sum up the potential when he predicts that, “We see this market (CR) expanding from the US across the world as soon as a cost effective solution is provided.”

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Istanbul Packaging Fair 2009 held from 22-25 October 2009

Visit Ecobliss Blisterproducts Ambalaj – Hall 8 – stand # 812.

ISTANBUL; THE CENTER OF PACKAGING IN EURASIA Istanbul Packaging 2009, 15th Istanbul Packaging Industry Fairwill be organized by Tüyap Fairs and Exhibitions Organization Inc. between the dates October 22 – 25, 2009 at TÜYAP Istanbul Fair, Convention and Congress Center – Büyükçekmece.

istanbulIstanbul Packaging Industry Fairwill is an active member of Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI) and Confederation of Organisers of Packaging Exhibitions (COPE).

One of the major indicators of growth of the Turkish economy is the rapid development of the packaging industry during this process. Held on an area of a thousand square meters with the participation of 30 firms in 1994, the Packaging Industry Fair hosts this year 1227 firm and firm representatives from 40 countries, on an area of 60 thousand square meters, being the largest annual packaging fair of Europe.

Having grown nearly twenty-fold since 1994, the first year it was held and 34.782 visitors have visited the Packaging Industry Fair this year.

The Packaging Industry Fair also host the Packaging Design National Student Contest to held with the purpose of encouraging project development by Turkish design students in the area of packaging design and increasing the interest of designers and future designers in the packaging industry. The winning prizes of the Packaging Design National Student Contest, which held for the fifth time next year through the cooperation of TÜYAP, exhibit at TÜYAP throughout the fair.

Website Istanbul Packaging Fair

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July 20th 2009, Clamshell, a double blister with card inside

The best theft protection for retailers, but in many cases a nightmare for consumers to open.

Clamshell blisters, are extremely popular with retailers due to the fact that there is almost no packaging that gives better protection against in-store theft. To increase the theft protection of clamshell blisters even further, very often security labels such as HF or ultrasonic alarm tag labels are positioned inside the plastic packaging. Unless customers are equipped with scissors or a knife, this kind of packaging is extremely difficult to open in the store thus giving the best protection against pilferage.

clamshell blisters

The downside of extremely good theft protection is that, once at home, clamshell blisters are very hard to open, even when using a knife or scissors. Unfortunately many cases are known where customers get injured while opening clamshell blisters.

 Clamshell blisters are widely used to pack up-value consumer goods, sold in a DIY, or self selling (warehouse) environments. Products such as electronics, computer hardware, sanitary accessories, automotive parts etc. are often packed in a clamshell blister.


Clamshell blisters usually consist of a thermoformed front blister and a back blister (or flat plastic sheet) with a piece of cardboard or paper trapped between the blisters.

Depending on the size of the blister and the desired strength, the thickness of the plastic can be adapted to the specific requirement. The plastic is usually a PVC, PET-A, PET-G or PET GAG. The insert piece that carries the communication and product information is made of printed paper or cardboard.


Clamshell blisters can either be sealed, using high frequency sealing, ultrasonic sealing or simple heat sealing. The choice of sealing depends on the type of plastic that is being used.
In case PVC, PET-G or PET-GAG (Glycol modified polyethylene terephthalate) is used, it is possible to use induction or radiant heat sealing. The best heat-sealing results can be achieved in case the patent pending hot-cold technology is used. The advantage of this hot-cold technology is that the sealed blister flanges will not become brittle and that they will become flat and strong after sealing. Conventional heat sealing is possible, but expect blister flanges to become a bit brittle and curled.

In case A-PET is used, high frequency sealing or ultrasonic sealing are the best sealing techniques.

 Reclosable Clamshell blisters

It is also possible to choose a fold-over type of clamshell blister that can be closed, simply by clicking the front and back blister together. This type of clam shell blister is very popular as no machines are needed to close the pack. Also opening and re-closing for demonstrating a product is simple to do.


A clamshell blister is very suitable for recycling. The two materials, card and blister are not bonded together. The paper part and plastic part of the package do not contaminate eachother and can be disposed separately in the according waste streams. Some consumers may dislike this kind of packaging, because of the large plastic part, but an alternative packaging with the same properties is often hard to find. The plastic part should have a material identification marking, pet recycling logoindicating which type of plastic is used. This is done to enable consumers to choose the correct waste stream. In Germany and some other countries packaging taxes are very high when using plastic.


Gruener Punkt

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FachPack 2009 held in Nuremberg Germany from 29th September – 1st October !

FachPack will be 30 in 2009!


One of Europe’s top events when it comes to the variety of innovative packaging supplies and highly specialized packaging machinery celebrates its birthday. And you are cordially invited. Present your products, solutions and services exactly where the demand is: to the good 34,000 experts from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Benelux countries, Italy, France and the growth markets of Central Eastern Europe. For the interest of decision-makers looking for solutions that save resources and improve efficiency is concentrated in Nuremberg, especially in the 30th anniversary year. A special show on these themes provides varied food for thought.

The strengths of the combined exhibition with LogIntern, the Trade Fair for In-Plant Logistics, and PrintPack, the Trade Fair for Package Printing and Packaging Supplies Production, take full effect in the 30th year of FachPack: intensive personal dialogue with excellently prepared trade visitors and the unique opportunity for cooperations or technology partnerships as part of the complete packaging process chain. So be there when FachPack celebrates its birthday! Profit from new contacts and productive talks on your stand. Solutions developed here lead to fi rm orders after the exhibition. Look forward to an inspiring atmosphere and promising business – at FachPack 2009.

The product package decisively influences the decision to buy. This is nothing new, but at times of rising competitive pressure and fluctuating economic forecasts it is even more important to adopt new approaches and show the way. So gather information about efficient, cost-effective solutions that help you present your products perfectly and make them stand out more from the competition – at FachPack 2009 in Nuremberg.

Rely on the experience of a good 1,300 exhibitors, who over the last three decades have made FachPack what it is today: one of Europe’s top events when it comes to innovative packaging solutions. Use the latest machinery to give your products that certain something – with unusual packaging and design materials that also provide the best possible protection. FachPack in combination with PrintPack and LogIntern offers you maximum information and opportunities for contact.

Find a well-packed solution for your company – at FachPack 2009 in Nuremberg!

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