Global blister pack industry on the rise: It’s no longer just film and cardboard anymore

The ever so popular blister pack, also called bubble pack, has been gaining momentum since the 1950s. It is one of the most used pharmaceutical packaging solutions globally because of its many business and consumer advantages. Broadly defined, it is a transparent molded piece of plastic often sealed to a sheet of cardboard and used to display an item. The seemingly simple marrying of forming film on one side and lidding on the other with a medicament protected within results a plethora of advantages including: product integrity, product protection, tamper evidence, and patient compliance.

Product integrity, product protection, tamper, evidence and patient compliance.

Because of the versatility of blister packs, within the global pharmaceutical packaging industry recent studies report them representing around 17% of the market, that is 8.1 billion USD in revenue. It’s not a bad place to be, considering that worldwide pharmaceutical packaging is expected to account for more than 73.04 billion USD by 2018, growing by 5.6% from 2012 – 2018.

Like virtually all pharmaceutical offerings, blister packs vary from one region to the next. Historically, blister packs have been much more widespread in Europe compared to the United States…Read the full article

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Ecobliss receives the CPhI Pharma Award 2014

Ecobliss wins the CPhI Pharma Award for its latest packaging innovation: Locked4Kids, the Worlds’ First Child Resistant Carton for medicines.

During the official launch, on October 7th 2014, producer of blister and high visibility packaging solutions Ecobliss, won The CPhI Pharma Award in the category ‘Innovation in Packaging’. Ecobliss has received this prestigious prize for its new packaging concept Locked4Kids. This reclosable carton enables drug manufacturers to package their products in a Child Resistant Carton. Locked4Kids meets the strict European (EN 8317) and American (UN16 CRF 1700.20) standards for reclosable child resistant packaging. The system was extensively tested and certified by the Belgian Packaging Institute

About CPhI Pharma Award
For over ten years the CPhI Pharma Awards have recognised thought leadership on a global scale, unveiling top pharma innovators to global trade press during the leading pharmaceutical event. The CPhI Pharma Awards honour companies who turn inspiration into innovation. Celebrate thinkers and creators breaking new ground in formulation, process development and packaging. Entries in the Innovation in Packaging category should pertain to the following topics: Primary Packaging, Devices & Technology, Patient Compliance, Dispensers, Materials or Counterfeit Technologies.

Launch at Pharma Expo and Emballage
Ecobliss will present their newest innovation during the official launch of their US variant of Locked4Kids. This launch will take place at the Pharma Expo in Chicago Illinois USA on 2-5 November 2014. For the pharmaceutical end customer, automation is possible at the same speed and efficiency as non CR cartons with blisters (Romaco). In fact, Ecobliss will join Romaco to present this automation process during the Emballage Packaging Exhibition in Paris, on 17-20 November 2014stand 5a H 002.


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Ecobliss attends Packaging Innovations 2014 in Birmingham UK

Packaging Innovations 2014 and its co-located shows, Contract PackEcopackPacktechPrint InnovationsLabelling Innovations, and Converting Innovations will involve over 350 leading suppliers specialising in all aspects of packaging from materials to design. This is the one UK event where you can be certain to find the latest innovations in packaging to support your business objectives.

One of the companies attending this fair is Ecobliss Blisterpackaging BV in the Netherlands. Ecobliss supplies products and services related to blister and high visibility packaging, i.e. industrial design of blister packaging, produces and supplies the components (carton, plastic) parts as well as packaging machines for blister packaging. Visit them at stand L52 for a personal introduction to their ‘Smart Source’.

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Medical device pack earns WorldStar Award

When patients are hemorrhaging, seconds count. A thermoformed medical device package that helps physicians cut time needed to deliver life-saving procedures wins a 2013 WorldStar Award.

A package that helps medical staff treat life-threatening hemorrhaging earned a Worldstar award for Prent Corp., a designer and producer of custom thermoformed packages for the medical industry.

The annual WorldStar Awards—given out by the World Packaging Organization (WPO)—honor outstanding package design innovations worldwide. In this instance, Prent’s thermoformed package is utilized by Cook Urological, a Spencer-IN-based Cook Group medical manufacturing company.

According to WPO’s Web site, “The [Cook Urological] Bakri thermoformed package organizes two sets of product for two separate procedures, thus reducing preparation time when seconds are valuable in life-saving situations. The thermoformed solution of a tray and retainer combination will hold various product lengths, provides ease of use, and protection for a pouch application. The retainers’ tip cavity retains the tubing end, various tubing lengths are coiled, then die-cut flaps are folded and snapped together to hold the tubing in place.”

Prent’s package involves an easy-to-understand tray and retainer. This allows medical staff to simultaneously begin using different parts of the device, thus cutting the time needed to get the device ready and saving valuable seconds needed to stop hemorrhages. While one assistant is starting IV prep using the retainer components, a physician is able to start another procedure using the tray components.

The workhorse of the package is the retainer whose multiple forms and features provids cost savings and enhanced product usability. The new design allows it to be used as a universal retainer for devices of various length, reducing the per-package costs associated with designing, tool milling, thermoforming, material, warehousing, and shipping multiple retainers.

Because the retainer and tray are stacked, the footprint uses less shelf space, which offers healthcare providers costs savings as well as product protection and stability.

The key features of the retainer when combined as a whole are that it allows fast loading of the product, prevents tangling of lengthy tubing, enables fast and easy access to the tray, and it ensures excellent sterilization penetration.


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Medical packaging growing globally

World demand for medical device packaging is projected to increase 5.9 per cent annually to US$25.7bn in 2017, according a new report by Freedonia.

It says that Western Europe, the US and Japan will continue to account for almost 60 per cent of the total market.However, demand in these countries will expand below the average global pace as intensifying health care cost containment pressures and fierce multiple supplier competition weaken growth.

The report predicts the fastest expanding medical device packaging markets will emerge in India, Mexico, China, and the more prosperous Africa and Middle-East countries, where diversification, expansion, and stricter regulation of medical product industries are raising the quality and functional requirements of containers and related accessories.

Freedonia believes that pouches and trays will continue to lead sales among container types based on adaptability to cost effective infection-resistant and security-enhanced formats.

It says that multiple compartment trays will build sales as they virtually eliminate the risk of staff errors and the spread of infectious agents during the preparation of products for surgery and various other patient procedures, adding that clamshell packs will also fare well in the global marketplace as they match or exceed all the advantages of rigid trays while offering greater protection against product damage during transport and storage.

Bags and boxes will realise below average gains in demand. The report says that increasing use in contact lens packaging will boost the market for blister packs.


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Blister packaging supposedly ‘diabolical’

All too often it is stated that blister packaging is diabolical. People supposedly have a hard time opening it, cut themselves while trying to do so or develop so called ‘wrap rage’.

According to American studies, around six thousand people a year wind up in emergency rooms with lacerations and puncture wounds caused by clamshell/oyster packaging. Some injuries are caused by the jagged edges of half-opened, hard-plastic wrappers. Others occur when the frustrated consumers use tools such as knives, scissors or wire cutters. These implements, often take up in anger, have a tendency to glance off the nigh-impenetrable packaging and wound the hands that wield them.

“I’ve worked in the emergency department on Christmas day for six out of the last 10 years. We certainly see lacerations. That’s the most common thing. But we also see punctures,” said David Ross, DO, an emergency physician at Penrose Hospital in Colorado Springs, Colo. He also is a spokesman for the American College of Emergency Physicians. “That clamshell packaging is absolutely diabolical.” (From American Medical News)

The root of this problems simply lays within the way the package is designed. Normally a sturdy, almost impenetrable PET or PVC clamshell is used to fully encase and secure the product. And while these protect the product inside and give a nice presentation towards the customer, it is exactly this type of packaging that annoys and frustrates people.

So what are the alternatives, are there any customer friendly blister packages? Of course there are! As said before, it is all about the design. That having said, take a look at the following, an easy to open blister package.


The design here is fairly simple, a blister presenting the product, encased by a printed cardboard card. After folding back the cardboard card, the customer can simply slide out the blister and access the product. Finally no more cuts and puncture wounds due to jagged edges, it’s really as simple as 1 2 3.

For more packaging solutions visit

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Worldstar Awards 2013 – We have done it again!

Ecobliss can proudly say…We have done it again!!

In 2012 Ecobliss entered the competition with three entries into the WorldStar completion in three different categories: ‘Electronics’, ‘Household’ and ’Other”.  All three entries (100% score!!) received an Award from the WPO jury. This year, Ecobliss has managed to convince the jury of the “Worldstar Competition” once more, this time with the ”Easy Opening” package.


The “Easy Opening” package may be one of Ecobliss’ most popular designs. A blister packaging of which a part of the card board is bent over, to enable the blister to slide out. The type of products that can be packed into the easy opening type of blister is almost unlimited. Batteries, tapes, automotive lamps, spark plugs, disposables, LED and energy saving lamps are typical products to be packed in an easy opening blister.

Many consumers look at blister packaging in a negative way because of the difficult and unpleasant method of opening. Easy opening packaging can therefore be an important part of your marketing strategy as it is recognized as ‘friendly’. It offers the customer convenience for which your brand will be appreciated.


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Tamper-evident food containers

By Gretchen Edelbrock, Products Editor

A saladWith no removable byproducts or tear-away pieces, minimizing potential choking hazards, the food containers’ double-hinged tamper-evident design eliminates the need for shrink bands or tamper-evident labels. The plastic packaging’s offset, recessed cavity instructional tabs ensure easy gripping and opening while the leak-resistant design ensures no messes or spills either in store aisles or while on the go.

The tamper-evident containers are produced from EcoStar RPET-F food-grade sheet manufactured with post-consumer recycled content from bottles and thermoforms.

Strong and stackable, the food packaging containers are easy to separate by hand or via automation with minimal ribbing on sidewalls to provide great product visibility. Designed for retailers, brand owners, and food processors looking for safe packaging that is environmentally responsible, the new recyclable plastic containers safely and attractively display deli and to-go foods from sandwiches and salads, deli pasta salads, salsas, single serve desserts, and dry packed foods.


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PCR PET is central to OtterBox redesign

The outer carton boasts a ‘beautiful opaque yellow’ while the inner tray that holds the cell phone protector is made of up to 100% post-consumer recycled PET.



By Pat Reynolds, VP/Editor

As sales of cell phones and other mobile devices have blossomed in recent years, so too have sales of the protective cases used to keep such devices free from damage. Among the leading suppliers in this product category is Otter Products LLC. Based in Fort Collins, CO, Otter Products recently redesigned the packaging it uses for its OtterBox series of protective cases. Gone is a paperboard solution that tended to get a little shopworn over time and in its place is a two-part PET solution that has brought not only a dramatic improvement in on-shelf merchandising but also an immediate uptick in sales. It’s a classic example of a manufacturer willing to invest significantly in better packaging because it was clear that the payback was there to be had.


I would say at this point that the new packaging is probably 80% more costly than the two-part paperboard package—folding carton and molded-pulp insert—that we used before,” says packaging engineer Josh Caldecourt. “In my opinion, the packaging used previously was not a good reflection of our brand. I think now we have adjusted that in the right direction and by the right amount. It’s easy enough to justify when you look at the results. We did changeovers at Best Buy and Walmart that amounted to a complete planogram wipe, a fresh new look executed overnight. The data showed a 10% lift in sales almost immediately.”


It should be noted that these are not inexpensive products. The suggested retail price is anywhere from $20 to $100, which means that having to pay another 20 cents or so per package is not as significant as it would be if the product had a price point significantly lower. Even so, this new and improved packaging represents a significant investment. It was a huge decision to move ahead with the change, and Caldecourt and company should be commended for their willingness to invest in packaging the way they did.




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The perfect, self-selling combination for your Industry


Whether you are inthe business of electronics, food,automotive, toys, sports, pharmaceuticals or virtually any other line of business.

In all those industries, one of the things that matter most… are just a few seconds. That’s all it takes for a consumer to notice a product on the store shelf. those seconds represent ‘the’ selling opportunity.

Watch this video on YouTube

Presentation is everything! Customers are attracted by a clear and clean presentation of the packaged product. Nearly 70 percent of all purchase decisions are made at the shelf. nearly half of all packaged goods are sold without any additional marketing support. The packaging of your product is almost as important as your advertising efforts. And in some cases, even the quality and features of the product itself! Blister and high visibility packaging are the perfect, self-selling combination! So where it only takes a few seconds for customers to decide to buy your product… Ecobliss invests a lot of time in creating the best packaging result for your product in your industry!

Ecobliss is the Smart Source for blister and high-visibility packaging. Ecobliss knows all about packaging design and materials, packaging technologies, production processes and equipment and the practical implementation of packaging. And Ecobliss knows your industry too.

Ecobliss, the smart source 


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Complete packaging of your product

Complete Blister and High Visibility Packaging

When it comes to complete packaging of your product.  it can be tempting to do it all by yourselves. after all, producing your product wasn’t easy, so how hard can the packaging be? Get blisters from one supplier and blister cards from another.  Maybe you need to make your product theft resistant? And what about that finishing? Maybe it needs a transparent box too?  Before you know it, ‘easy’ is out of the window and all you gain is clutter. Your costs can get clouded, not to speak of the loss of a lean and mean process flow! You’ll end up with a lot of work and worries while knowing you haven’t taken advantage of all the best packaging possibilities. Ecobliss, takes advantage of each individual packaging component and it’s combinations with other components. Ecobliss is the source of all your complete packaging needs. From blister packaging to transparent boxes and pharmaceutical packaging. Ecobliss has the knowledge to get the best out of each match, while providing an optimal workflow and cost management. So don’t tempt yourselves, challenge Ecobliss to get the best complete packaging result for your product.

Ecobliss, The Smart Source

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PWC: Sustainable packaging: myth or reality?, Revisiting the debate two years on – free report

The UK packaging industry is calling for the phrase ‘sustainable packaging’ to be scrapped and is urging instead for Government to get to grips with the real issues affecting the industry, according to a new report. A national shortage of packaging technicians, fears over scarcity of raw material supplies and a lack of political will to tackle the core issues were all voiced in the PwC report Sustainable Packaging: Myth or Reality. Leading retailers, manufacturers and consumer groups also unanimously agreed that the much used sustainable packaging phrase should be phased out and the focus should be on ensuring packaging delivers maximum sustainability throughout the entire supply chain and is recoverable after use.

For a free download pf the report, please click here

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Blisters, the 100% way to make your products visible to the world!

Ecobliss presents its new promotional video for blisters on Youtube

Blisters are the 100% way to make your products visible to the world!

Ecobliss, The Smart Source for Blister and High Visibility Packaging.


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Ecobliss India at Indiapack 2013, January 28-31

“The Smart Source” for all your Blister and High Visibilty Packaging exhibits at the Indiapack 2013 in Mumbai, India.

The pictures of the booth where taken just before the official opening.

You are most welcome to visit us!

The location cannot be missed, the Ecobliss booth is located directly at the main entry of the exhibition.

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New website Launch!! Ecobliss, “The Smart Source”

After more than one year of development, Ecobliss has launched its new website in January 2013.

With the new website, Ecobliss presents crystal clear the product portfolio and the services that it’s offering to its customers Worldwide.

In the world of blister- and high visibility packaging, many different names and fraises are used, creating confusion amongst customers. Being the ‘Smart Source” we’ve been working hard to simplify that and make it easy to understand the difference between products and what is available at the market.

Also the new website explains clearly the position and approach of Ecobliss as a partner for the development, realization, and implementation of blister- and high visibility packaging.

Already you will find the new “Smart Source” video on the website, and in the course of February 2013, more videos will be added about “your industry”, “complete packaging”, “plastic boxes”, “blisters”, and “blistercards”

Exclusively for our global Ecobliss business partners, a login is made available, which is giving access to a download section where technical and promotional data can be found.

I would gladly like to invite you to our new website, and see for yourself, how we have made the difference.

Ron Linssen

CEO, Ecobliss Group

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Ecobliss India showcases its strength in blister packaging at PackPlus 2012

Supreeth Sudhakaran | Dec 24, 2012

Ecobliss India showcases its strength in blister packaging at PackPlus 2012

At PackPlus 2012, one of the most attractive booth designs was of Ecobliss India. Staying true to its line of business, the stand had a huge pillar that was filled with plastic.

“At Ecobliss we understand that packaging is essential in capturing that first moment of truth. It only takes seconds for a consumer to notice a product on the store shelf. That moment presents an incredible marketing and selling opportunity. Nearly 70 percent of all purchase decisions are made at the shelf. Nearly half of all packaged goods are sold without any additional marketing support,” says Chakravarthi AVPS, CEO and managing director, Ecobliss India.

The company during the four-day exhibition showcased its expertise in blister packaging. “Blister and high visibility packaging have proven to be the ideal, self selling packaging for producers and retailers and are still gaining over box packaging. Customers are attracted by a clear and clean presentation of the packed product. The blister bubble shows the actual product and protects it from damaging and tampering. Combined with product information printed on the blister card blister packaging is the perfect, self selling combination,” said Chakravarthi.

The visitors to the stand were given a small printed yellow smiley badge that was packaged at the stand using Ecobliss’ blister packaging technology.

Cold seal blister products are prominently used in various segments like pharmaceutical, electrical electronics, automobile, FMCG, food and agriculture, textiles and apparels, cosmetics and healthcare and so on.

Ecobliss has expanded the product range of different blister types like heat seal blister products, tear resistant blister cards, Ecostrong tamper proof blister products and other high visibility packaging,”  All these packaging concepts were promptly displayed and live demonstrations of packaging were held as well,in their well decorated booth at pack plus 2012.

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Ecobliss, Proud Winner of Three WorldStar Awards for Packaging Excellence in 2012!

June 7th, 2012 Split, Croatia.

Three WorldStar Awards for Ecobliss in 2012!!

The WorldStar Competition is one of the major events of the WPO and this year received 243 entries from 32 countries around the world.


Welcome to the WorldStar Awards Ceremony!

Ecobliss has sent three representatives from India and the Netherlands. Mr. AVPS Chakravarthi, MD of Ecobliss India PvT, Mr. R.J.M. Linssen CEO of the Ecobliss Group and Mr. Marijn van Utteren, Commercial Director of Ecobliss to Croatia to attend a prestigious Gala Award dinner, organized by the WPO in Le Meridien Lav hotel.

Ecobliss, the smart source for blister and high visibility packaging has won three WorlsStar Awards in 2012!!!

In 2011 Ecobliss entered the competition with three entries into the WorldStar completion in three different categories: ‘Electronics’, ‘Household’ and ’Other” .  All three entries (100% score!!) received an Award from the WPO jury consisting of 23 country representatives from the World Packaging Organisation (WPO) and one representative from the International Packaging Press Organisation.

from left to right, Ron Linssen, CEO Ecobliss Goup, Thomas Schneider and mr. Chakravarthi, MD of Ecobliss India PvT, proudly holding the Award in the category ‘Electronics”


from left to right: Marijn van Utteren, commercial director of Ecobliss Headquarters, Thomas Schneider, President of the WPO, Chakravarthi, MD of Ecobliss India PvT

Mr. Saha, director IIP (Indian Institute of Packaging), Thomas Schneider and mr. Chakravarthi

The editors of will shortly publish the individual stories behind the Ecobliss blister and high visibility packaging entries that have won the WorldStar Awards.

Ecobliss, The Smart source for blister and high visibility packaging!



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Cold sealing machines

Cold sealing machines are used for sealing cold seal style trapped blisters. These blisters consist of two pieces of board with a plastic thermoformed cup trapped in between. The two pieces of board can be loose, or attached making them into a folding type trapped blister.

The cold seal style trapped blisters are based on a pressure-sensitive adhesive, which is applied on the inside of the two pieces of board. Since this is pressure sensitive adhesive no heat is required in the sealing process. The only parameter required actually is pressure. Just a certain amount of force is to be applied on two pieces of coated board to create a strong and lasting bond between them.


One of the advantages of the cold seal process over the more traditional heat seal process is that only one parameter is involved, and therefore to be controlled. For any heat sealing process there are always three critical paramaters: Time, Temperature and Pressure.  The latter is the only paramater to be controlled for cold sealing, making it an extremely reliable and stable process.

Another result is that cold sealing machines do not require any heat, making them much more energy efficient. With the removal of the heat from the packaging process, also any negative effects the heat might be having on the final result such as curving of the cards, discolouration of printed matter and deformation of thermoformed parts are not a problem anymore.

Lastly, the cold sealing is instantaneous, meaning that the moment the right pressure is applied the seal is created, there is no sealing time of any significance required, like in a regular heat sealing process.

A supplier of cold sealing machines is Ecobliss Blistermachines. They offer a full range of cold sealing machines from completely manual sealing devices to fully automated – and robotized – packaging lines. The semi-automatic and fully automatic machines include pressure checking systems, ensuring that every cycle the correct amount of pressure is actually applied. This makes it very easily into a fool-proof system with no risk of packs opening up in stores!jiggle_kast copy

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Child resistant packaging, Definitely not child’s play!

Child resistant packaging, Definitely not child’s play!

Child resistant Packaging Children are naturally attracted to brightly coloured medication and it only takes a second to pop a pill, but this innocent act could lead to tragedy. Child resistant packaging is one optimum solution to this situation. Usha Sharma traces a new trend in the industry.

 Pharma industry needs reliable and speedy packaging solutions that can deliver a combination of product protection, quality, tamper evidence, patient comfort and security requirements. Meeting all these challenges child-resistant (CR) packaging, is designed or constructed to be significantly difficult for children under five years of age to open within a reasonable time but not difficult for normal adults. Such packaging is called child-resistant, rather than childproof, because some children will be able to open it. US and Korean regulatory bodies have already enforced CR packaging guidelines for all pharma products, while efforts are on in the European Union (EU) to develop unified standards across the EU countries .

Avinash Mandale

Avinash Mandale, Global Chief Marketing Officer Bilcare

Avinash Mandale, Global Chief, Marketing Officer Bilcare explains CR packaging’s vital need saying, “CR packaging is essential from the children’s safety angle. Every pharma product needs to be CR packed because it can prevent a child from accidental consumption or misuse of the medicine. For example; if the patient is suffering from diabetes there are chances that his son/daughter may accidentally consume diabetes pills and their sugar level may go down which can lead to a fatal situation.”

In India few leading pharma companies like; Ranbaxy, Cipla, Dr Reddy’s Laboratories, Lupin, USV Wockhardt, Ipca Laboratories, Aurobindo, Strides Arcolab, Indoco Remedies etc, are already using CR packaging but it is mainly meant for generic export markets.


Giving the rationale for the increasing need for CR packaging, Ranjit Shahani, Vice Chairman and Managing Director, Novartis India, reasons that, “CR caps are mandatory for most products in US. Generic players in India, into export to US have to use CR caps with high density polyethylene (HDPE) containers and as US generic drugs markets have shown very good growth compared to other branded drugs, the potential is very vast.”


Debdeep Bhattacharya, Director Ess Dee Aluminium

CP packaging is often available in the form of Ecobliss wallet packs with dose guard labels, CR caps and closures, few customised and tailor-made packs and so on. Normally, the standard CR pill boxes remind the patient to take the medicine at right time. However, the usage of such pill boxes is limited as the medication is transferred from the primary pack to such pill boxes as per the requirement. While designing a CR pack to suit requirements, the challenge lies in commercial production of high volumes at high speeds. Presently, the most common CR packaging available is known as ‘push through’, which needs higher effort to take out the medicine and thus a child would most probably give up after a few attempts. Conventionally, foil available in the market is peelable foil. In a ‘peel and push packaging’ the tablets need to be pushed. However, these two foils are not senior friendly either.The lidding material has a peelable coating and is sealed to the blister using heat and pressure. The packaging and its contents can then be sterilised. Lidding material can be die- cut in any shape required. These materials are compatible with common sterilisation methods such as ethylene oxide (ETO), gamma ray sterilisation, beta ray sterilisation and steam sterilisation. Stressing on the uses of CR foils, Debdeep Bhattacharya, Director, Ess Dee Aluminium says, “CR lidding means safety, security and convenience in preventing children from gaining access to medication. As regulations come into effect, it is important to increase the barriers for children, while simultaneously allowing easy access for seniors.”


In the USA, CR packaging is result of the Poison Prevention Act (PPA) passed by the US Congress in 1970. The purpose of the law is to decrease the opportunity of children to gain access to substances, resulting in accidental poisoning. In addition, the PPA extends to all states or localities in the USA and is the one standard applied for all applicable products. The European standard only covers packages containing paracetamol, aspirin and medicines which containing 24 mg of iron.

 Commenting on CR packaging regulation Bhattacharya says, “US and European testing methodologies are not very different but there are substantial differences in the additional requirements and criteria. US drugs need to be labelled CR, including determination that if ingested by a child, the drug toxicity level would not cause harm or injury. This is not a consideration in determining the type of package used in Europe.”

He further highlights that, “In the US, protocol testing methods were developed primarily to address cap-and-vial closures as this was the preferred packaging format in the 1970s with unit dose formats being virtually non-existent. Today, there is a significant bias towards unit dose formats such a blister and strip packaging. During the protocol development era, it has been estimated that blister use and unit of use packaging formats represented less than 20 per cent of US drug packaging.”


Chakravarthi AVPS, Managing director Ecobliss India Pvt Ltd

Highlighting global CR packaging trends, AVPS Chakravarthi, Managing Director, Ecobliss India says, “Currently legislation exists for commercial products in Europe for UK, Germany and Italy and the Netherlands. The US is the biggest market with extensive legislation and potential litigation. On the clinical trial front all US trials have to use trial samples with CR packaging, but there is no requirement elsewhere in the world.”Commenting on mandatory guideline of CR packaging in India, Mandale says that, “The US and Korea regulatory body has already made it a compulsion and very soon other regions will follow. In India, I assume that it will take some more time to come in force. It would be better if pharma industry does follow the guideline; but I am assuming that it will take some more time to come as an Act and become a regulatory compulsion on each pharma company. Whereas, in the European market regulatory body’s discussions are on going.”



Bharat Mehta, Managing Director Super Label Manufacturing

 ”If Government is looking from safety point of view of child by preventing accidental use of tablets, then it must be mandatory. It should make it mandatory in India as well, for all formulations harmful for children,” says Bharat Mehta, Managing Director, Super Label Manufacturing.





Preferred solution

CR market is growing with more and more companies developing packaging solutions. As arthritic patients find bottles difficult to open, blister packs with thicker foil or paper/foil laminates are also very difficult for such adult patients to access. Also, these are cumbersome, size limiting and expensive. Ecobliss Pharmaceutical wallets clinicalsupported by dose guard and dose guard labels applied directly onto the blisters provide the best cost effective compliance solution and it is for blisters which have the advantage of excellent CR and senior friendly access. The regular Alu-Alu or blister packs are the ones mostly in general use. Chakravarthi enlarges the usage of CR and its cost effective ways saying, “The CR packaging needs to be cost effective and should not add too much to the packaging cost while complying with requirement. And it should be feasible at high volumes and high productions speeds as well.”









Eric Souberiran, Business Managing Director Rexam Pharma Packaging

“Alu-Alu packaging would be confined to a smaller quantity of products and service a niche segment. The need of the hour is to facilitate bulk packaging to reduce costs in the generic market which is being achieved through the use of HDPE containers fitted with CRC caps, observes Eric Souberiran, Business Managing Director, Rexam Pharma Packaging India.

 On the cost front, Mehta says, “To change from current mode of packaging to CR packaging, one needs to understand the advantage as against cost. Indian pharma industry is still quite driven by cost. Normally, the price difference between a product using CR packaging a product normal packaging is a reasonably big difference but depending on size and volume of the products.”

 ”It is a new trend seen in the industry and is emerging differentially. The key reason is to differentiate from other packaging, which is happening in the Indian pharma industry. Indian pharma players are realising that packaging differentiation will make them stand out in the competitive market. And CR packaging will be good for differentiating. I see big pharma giants protecting their brand concealing with CR packaging and these can help the pharma companies to differentiate themselves from their competitor,” analyses Mandale. “The price difference in CR packaging is minor compared to the safety gains.” adds Souberiran. Shahani opines that export oriented Indian pharma companies have implemented CR packaging, but the concept remains underdeveloped in the local markets.

Reaching globally

 Many Indian pharma companies are currently exporting their generic drugs to the US or those planning will have to essentially look at bulk packaging, while, keeping in mind the US FDA regulations. “In the near future, Indian pharma companies are going to be strong contenders in the US generic market, which would necessitate use of CR caps. This coupled with the fact that the pharma consumer in India will also evolve over a period of time makes it necessary for them to pursue this packaging trend. HDPE containers with CRC caps are a perfect fit to meet the demands of this market. So the trend is very positive and we see more and more companies adopting this packing in future,” avers Souberiran.

Suggesting a user friendly point of view, Mandale comments that, “The existing leading foil should evolve into a new form of design solution, which can be provided as a CR pack. The future trend is that CR packaging should be senior friendly, eco friendly and cost effective as well.”

 Chakravarthi sum up the potential when he predicts that, “We see this market (CR) expanding from the US across the world as soon as a cost effective solution is provided.”

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Istanbul Packaging Fair 2009 held from 22-25 October 2009

Visit Ecobliss Blisterproducts Ambalaj – Hall 8 – stand # 812.

ISTANBUL; THE CENTER OF PACKAGING IN EURASIA Istanbul Packaging 2009, 15th Istanbul Packaging Industry Fairwill be organized by Tüyap Fairs and Exhibitions Organization Inc. between the dates October 22 – 25, 2009 at TÜYAP Istanbul Fair, Convention and Congress Center – Büyükçekmece.

istanbulIstanbul Packaging Industry Fairwill is an active member of Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI) and Confederation of Organisers of Packaging Exhibitions (COPE).

One of the major indicators of growth of the Turkish economy is the rapid development of the packaging industry during this process. Held on an area of a thousand square meters with the participation of 30 firms in 1994, the Packaging Industry Fair hosts this year 1227 firm and firm representatives from 40 countries, on an area of 60 thousand square meters, being the largest annual packaging fair of Europe.

Having grown nearly twenty-fold since 1994, the first year it was held and 34.782 visitors have visited the Packaging Industry Fair this year.

The Packaging Industry Fair also host the Packaging Design National Student Contest to held with the purpose of encouraging project development by Turkish design students in the area of packaging design and increasing the interest of designers and future designers in the packaging industry. The winning prizes of the Packaging Design National Student Contest, which held for the fifth time next year through the cooperation of TÜYAP, exhibit at TÜYAP throughout the fair.

Website Istanbul Packaging Fair

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