Modern Packaging & Design – In conversation with A V P S Chakravarthi

Managing Director of Ecobliss India Pvt Ltd, Mr. A V P S Chakravarthi, gives his perspective on the Indian Pharmaceutical Packaging Industry in an interview with Modern Packaging & Design.

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The 5th Annual Thermoformed Packaging Conference 2012

Brussels, Belgium on Wednesday 19th of September and Thursday 20th of September 2012.

The 5th Annual Thermoformed Packaging Conference 2012 brings together supply chain leaders across the industry, from materials suppliers to retailers and brand owners with a view to promoting collaboration for sustainable, responsible strategy in packaging.   This event brings you the innovation and thought leadership that will drive down costs, energy use, weight and carbon footprint, leading you towards the business models that will improve margins and achieve sustainability goals.

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Hybizz TV Interview with winner of Three WorldStar Awards for Packaging Excellence

Mr. AVPS Chakravarthi, Managing Director, Ecobliss India Private Limited, WorldStar Award, Marigold Hotel, Begumpet, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh.

Hybizz TV interview with mr. Chakravarthi, MD Ecobliss India Pvt

Worldstars Awards are presented only to those packages which have won recognition at a national level competition and are judged by a international panel. Ecobliss offers various user-friendly, innovative packaging solutions including cold seal blister packs, heat seal packs, pharmaceutical wallets, fold over trap blister cards, clam shell blisters, transparent boxes and range of Ecobliss cold and heat sealing machines.

Ecobliss has been in the business of offering quality packaging products for more than a decade with a strong focus on environment, innovation, design, and turnkey packaging solutions.

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Ecobliss, Proud Winner of Three WorldStar Awards for Packaging Excellence in 2012!

June 7th, 2012 Split, Croatia.

Three WorldStar Awards for Ecobliss in 2012!!

The WorldStar Competition is one of the major events of the WPO and this year received 243 entries from 32 countries around the world.


Welcome to the WorldStar Awards Ceremony!

Ecobliss has sent three representatives from India and the Netherlands. Mr. AVPS Chakravarthi, MD of Ecobliss India PvT, Mr. R.J.M. Linssen CEO of the Ecobliss Group and Mr. Marijn van Utteren, Commercial Director of Ecobliss to Croatia to attend a prestigious Gala Award dinner, organized by the WPO in Le Meridien Lav hotel.

Ecobliss, the smart source for blister and high visibility packaging has won three WorlsStar Awards in 2012!!!

In 2011 Ecobliss entered the competition with three entries into the WorldStar completion in three different categories: ‘Electronics’, ‘Household’ and ’Other” .  All three entries (100% score!!) received an Award from the WPO jury consisting of 23 country representatives from the World Packaging Organisation (WPO) and one representative from the International Packaging Press Organisation.

from left to right, Ron Linssen, CEO Ecobliss Goup, Thomas Schneider and mr. Chakravarthi, MD of Ecobliss India PvT, proudly holding the Award in the category ‘Electronics”


from left to right: Marijn van Utteren, commercial director of Ecobliss Headquarters, Thomas Schneider, President of the WPO, Chakravarthi, MD of Ecobliss India PvT

Mr. Saha, director IIP (Indian Institute of Packaging), Thomas Schneider and mr. Chakravarthi

The editors of will shortly publish the individual stories behind the Ecobliss blister and high visibility packaging entries that have won the WorldStar Awards.

Ecobliss, The Smart source for blister and high visibility packaging!



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Istanbul Packaging Fair 2009 held from 22-25 October 2009

Visit Ecobliss Blisterproducts Ambalaj – Hall 8 – stand # 812.

ISTANBUL; THE CENTER OF PACKAGING IN EURASIA Istanbul Packaging 2009, 15th Istanbul Packaging Industry Fairwill be organized by Tüyap Fairs and Exhibitions Organization Inc. between the dates October 22 – 25, 2009 at TÜYAP Istanbul Fair, Convention and Congress Center – Büyükçekmece.

istanbulIstanbul Packaging Industry Fairwill is an active member of Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI) and Confederation of Organisers of Packaging Exhibitions (COPE).

One of the major indicators of growth of the Turkish economy is the rapid development of the packaging industry during this process. Held on an area of a thousand square meters with the participation of 30 firms in 1994, the Packaging Industry Fair hosts this year 1227 firm and firm representatives from 40 countries, on an area of 60 thousand square meters, being the largest annual packaging fair of Europe.

Having grown nearly twenty-fold since 1994, the first year it was held and 34.782 visitors have visited the Packaging Industry Fair this year.

The Packaging Industry Fair also host the Packaging Design National Student Contest to held with the purpose of encouraging project development by Turkish design students in the area of packaging design and increasing the interest of designers and future designers in the packaging industry. The winning prizes of the Packaging Design National Student Contest, which held for the fifth time next year through the cooperation of TÜYAP, exhibit at TÜYAP throughout the fair.

Website Istanbul Packaging Fair

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July 20th 2009, Clamshell, a double blister with card inside

The best theft protection for retailers, but in many cases a nightmare for consumers to open.

Clamshell blisters, are extremely popular with retailers due to the fact that there is almost no packaging that gives better protection against in-store theft. To increase the theft protection of clamshell blisters even further, very often security labels such as HF or ultrasonic alarm tag labels are positioned inside the plastic packaging. Unless customers are equipped with scissors or a knife, this kind of packaging is extremely difficult to open in the store thus giving the best protection against pilferage.

clamshell blisters

The downside of extremely good theft protection is that, once at home, clamshell blisters are very hard to open, even when using a knife or scissors. Unfortunately many cases are known where customers get injured while opening clamshell blisters.

 Clamshell blisters are widely used to pack up-value consumer goods, sold in a DIY, or self selling (warehouse) environments. Products such as electronics, computer hardware, sanitary accessories, automotive parts etc. are often packed in a clamshell blister.


Clamshell blisters usually consist of a thermoformed front blister and a back blister (or flat plastic sheet) with a piece of cardboard or paper trapped between the blisters.

Depending on the size of the blister and the desired strength, the thickness of the plastic can be adapted to the specific requirement. The plastic is usually a PVC, PET-A, PET-G or PET GAG. The insert piece that carries the communication and product information is made of printed paper or cardboard.


Clamshell blisters can either be sealed, using high frequency sealing, ultrasonic sealing or simple heat sealing. The choice of sealing depends on the type of plastic that is being used.
In case PVC, PET-G or PET-GAG (Glycol modified polyethylene terephthalate) is used, it is possible to use induction or radiant heat sealing. The best heat-sealing results can be achieved in case the patent pending hot-cold technology is used. The advantage of this hot-cold technology is that the sealed blister flanges will not become brittle and that they will become flat and strong after sealing. Conventional heat sealing is possible, but expect blister flanges to become a bit brittle and curled.

In case A-PET is used, high frequency sealing or ultrasonic sealing are the best sealing techniques.

 Reclosable Clamshell blisters

It is also possible to choose a fold-over type of clamshell blister that can be closed, simply by clicking the front and back blister together. This type of clam shell blister is very popular as no machines are needed to close the pack. Also opening and re-closing for demonstrating a product is simple to do.


A clamshell blister is very suitable for recycling. The two materials, card and blister are not bonded together. The paper part and plastic part of the package do not contaminate eachother and can be disposed separately in the according waste streams. Some consumers may dislike this kind of packaging, because of the large plastic part, but an alternative packaging with the same properties is often hard to find. The plastic part should have a material identification marking, pet recycling logoindicating which type of plastic is used. This is done to enable consumers to choose the correct waste stream. In Germany and some other countries packaging taxes are very high when using plastic.


Gruener Punkt

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Heat seal face blister – Blister directly bonded to card

Heat seal face blister pack ( blister-to-card )

Within the various options available in the range of blister packaging, heat seal blister packs are by far the most commonly used type worldwide. The reason for this is obvious. Heat seal blisters consist of only two pieces of material,  a single piece of board and a blister. Heat seal blister packs are therefore very economically to produce. The board of which the blister card is produced is coated with a layer of heat seal coating. Generally there are two main types of coatings in use to produce heat seal cards. These are water-based heat seal coatings and solvent based heat seal coatings. With today’s advanced technologies most coatings are suitable to seal both, PET blisters or PVC blisters, using the same coating.

 In average the bond strength of solvent based coatings is better that the strength of water based coatings, but if all the guidelines for the use and processing are being respected, both types of coatings give good sealing results. Please pay attention to the producers warranty on heat seal blister cards. Once the production of the cards is ready, heat seal cards should not be kept in stock for a period longer than 6-12 months. In high humidity countries it is advisable to have the cards packed in such a way that moisture can not penetrate into the blister cards (plastic wrap around the cards before putting them in a outer box). Heat seal coatings are hygroscopic, meaning that they attract moisture. The disadvantage of moisture in the coating is that in the sealing process. Moisture in heat sealing cards causes undesirable air enclosures/ bad bonding spots in the area where the blister is being sealed.

 The variety in heat seal cards and blisters is endless. The cards can be of any shape and size and the same goes for the blisters. Depending on the desired quality feeling, the thickness of the two materials can vary from very thick and strong to extremely light weight and thin.

 Packaging process:

First the blister is placed onto a bottom tray, than the product(s) are added to the blister. The blister card is placed between the spring loaded pins located in the bottom tray. Now the sealing cycle can start. During the heat seal cycle the blister is bonded (under heat and pressure) to the heat seal coating on the blister card.

Packaging is done on heat sealing machines. These machines apply heat and pressure during a prefixed period of time. A typical heating cycle seal takes approximately 2-5 seconds at a temperature of 130°-150° Celsius. Tooling is usually build up as following: The bottom tool is usually a aluminium or wooden tray with rubber and spring pins to position the blister and card.  A typical top tool is a Teflon coated (or covered) aluminium heat sealing plate.

In case the blister pack is sealed through the back a generic top plate can be used for sealing. This is by far the most used option. (radiant heating). In case sealing takes place by applying heat directly on the flange of the blister a dedicated sealing tool is used. (impuls sealing). You can learn more about heat sealing radiant and impuls sealing machines by visiting

Availability: World wide many printing companies are producing heat seal cards. Please make your choice carefully and choose for quality suppliers. Numerous problems can occur in the heat sealing process, and worse, with packed products in the market. These problems are mostly the result of getting inconsistant quality of heat seal cards, but also from not having the right type or good quality heat sealing machines.

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Istanbul, Turkey July 3th 2009 – Viko Electric switches to cold seal blister packaging.

Since the fresh start of Ecobliss Blisterproducts in Turkey, Viko is the first company in Turkey that has switched from heat seal blister packaging to cold seal blister packaging. At this moment already more than 35 different products are being packed in the Ecobliss cold seal card-to-card (with trapped blister) system. The new cold seal packaging has been very well received, internally as well as by Viko’s customers and many more of their products will be packed using cold seal technology.

Important reason for Viko to switch their packaging was the fact that with the cold seal technology the packaging process has become much more simple and controllable. On top of that the beautiful high quality appearance of the packaging enhances the products of Viko very much so they will be noticed better in the shelf of DIY markets and retailers.

For packing Viko uses different cold sealing machines. The largest part of their production is being packed on ERP-350/450 equipment and for smaller batches also EJR Jiggle Rollers are being used.

Viko Elektrik ve Elektronik End. San. Tic. Aş is the largest Turkish producer of electrical components for home and industrial applications such as electrical light switches, gang sockets, fuse boxes, electric meters etc.

Viko Elektroniks, Turkey, Istanbul

Viko has a well balanced program that ranges from nice simple product designs to extremely high tech designs.

The company started its activities in 1980 and currently more than 600 employees are working full time. Viko is located in Samandira – Istanbul, in a most beautiful, high tech industrial complex of nearly 100.000 square meters. Viko currently uses 45.000 m2 of production space and 55.000 m2 of efficient storage space. The company is exporting their products to over 60 countries worldwide and annually over 80 million products are being produced.


Viko Elektrik ve Elektronik End. San. Tic. Aş. İle soğuk blister süreçi başladı.

1980 yılında kurulan VİKO Elektrik ve Elektronik End. San. Tic. AŞ, bugün İstanbul Samandıra’da 53.500 m2 açık, 42.500 m2 kapalı alana sahip Türkiye’nin sektöründeki en büyüğü olarak tanınıyor. 28 yıl içinde elektrik anahtarları, grup priz, sigorta kutuları ve sayaç üreterek Türkiye’nin bu alandaki lider kuruluşu haline gelen VİKO, üretiminin yüzde 50’sini 60 ülkeye ihraç ediyor. Yıllık 80 milyon adet anahtar ve priz üretim kapasitesi ve 620 çalışanı bulunuyor.

Soğuk blister vakum ambalaj uygulamasın ilk müşterimiz Viko Elektrik oldu. Yaklaşık 35 çeşit üründe soğuk blister vakum ambalaj uygulaması yapılıyor. Soğuk blister uygulamasına geçmeden önce vakum ambalaj konusunda sorunları vardı. Ecobliss uygulamasına geçiş ile birlikte sorunlarını gidererek ambalaj kalitesini arttırmış oldu. Bünyesinde ERP 350 makinesi bulunmaktadır.

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AstraZeneca moves wallet packing equipment into new facility.

AstraZeneca is one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world. This Swedish company, with a large Research and Development facility in Gothenburg, started using Ecobliss Cold Seal technology for their clinical trial wallet packing in 2004. For assembling and sealing the wallets AstraZeneca invested in an Ecobliss Speedpress ESP-A2 machine. This linear machine is designed and manufactured for fully or semi-automatic assembly and sealing of Cold Seal style packaging.

With the completion of a brand new – state of the art – clinical trial facility, the ESP-A2 machine needed to be relocated internally from the original facility to it’s new location. In April of 2009 this was realised in a successful joint effort between AstraZeneca and Ecobliss. Ecobliss looked after the disassembly, reassembly and testing of the machine, where Astra Zeneca took care of the internal transportation of the machine components.


Now, AstraZeneca is fully prepared and set up again for Cold Seal wallet packing in the years to come!


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Go Greener uses Ecobliss Stock Blister and Ecobliss Stock Transparent Boxes

GO Greener is a Dutch company specialised in technologies and accessories to make any car or truck more economical, less polluting and to reduce maintenance cost. Greener, cleaner, cheaper, a great combination that appeals to all of us, especially because the Go Greener products do not negatively influence the comfort or the performance of the vehicle.


Apart from specific lubricants and a very special air intake system, Go Greener also offers an interesting range of accessories that can be used without professional installation.

Go Greener is using ecobliss' stockblisters

Go Greener is using ecobliss' stockblisters and transparent boxes.


Go Greener has just launched their accessory range partially in Ecobliss stock blisters, and partially in Ecobliss Transparent  boxes. (webshop) With this new presentation the sales of Go Greener accessories will certainly increase further. This is not only good for Go Greener and Ecobliss, but also for the environment! Have a look at the Go Greener products using this link (for the time being only available in Dutch)


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Sanofi-Aventis prepared for cold seal wallet packaging

sanofi-aventis rotary wallet packaging machine

Sanofi-Aventis, one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies is preparing for the partial transfer of heat sealing to Ecobliss cold seal packaging.
The R&D facility of Sanofi-Aventis in Montpellier (France) has recently expanded with a brand new facility designated for clinical trial activities. The Sanofi clinical trial packaging service, an innovation oriented entity, is constantly improving its processes for a high degree of quality and flexibility, and will be equipped with five Ecobliss ERP 350/450+ machines.
This type of equipment is designed for perfectly sealing Ecobliss cold seal wallets as well as heat sealing wallets.
Cold sealing and heat sealing in one machine, yet another proof of the ingenuity of Ecobliss Equipment!
The first of the five machines has been successfully installed in September 2008, the remaining ones have been supplied in the course of 2009.

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Starview Packaging Machinery, a leading manufacturer of plastic packaging machinery

Starview Packaging Machinery is a leading manufacturer of plastic packaging machinery and has been supplying highly functional packaging systems to its’ customers and distributors since 1991.

heat seal machine

With over 30 years experience in the packaging industry, Starview strives to continuously be the best at what we do and this entails an unrelenting effort to meet customers’ needs and expectations. In an industry that is competitive, challenging, and client-satisfaction driven, it is critical that Starview’s equipment is distinctive. Starview’s competitive advantage is in providing a complete range of both standard and customized quality systems with various features conveniently included. Starviews lines comprise of boarded blister sealers, Plastic-to-Plastic sealers, Skin Packaging Systems, Roller Die Cutters, Vacuum Formers, Sealers for Pharmaceutical Applications, Food Tray Thermosealers, Vacuum Packaging with/without gas.

Starview is represented in Europe and Asia by Ecobliss Blisterproducts.

Ecobliss and Starview are both committed to building long-term relationships with our customers. Starview-Ecobliss stand by the high standard of their equipment, and customers can count on receiving only the most innovative, solidly-structured, reliable and safety-engineered equipment. Starview and Ecobliss have always been mindful to having not only a great product, but to back it with excellent service.

On the Ecobliss website you will find online quotations for almost the entire machine program of Starview.

Your detailed machine quotation is just 4 clicks away!

Check out the video about starview

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PET, a unique plastic belonging to the family of polyesters

PET is a short name for a unique plastic belonging to the family of polyesters, the word is made up from ‘poly-’ , the Greek word for many and ‘-esters’ which are compounds formed by reaction of alcohols with acids via a chemical bonding known as an ester linkage. PET polyester is formed from the alcohol – ethylene glycol [EG] – and the acid – terephthalic acid [TPA],] – and its chemical name is – Polyethylene terephthalate or PET.

The raw materials for PET are derived from crude oil. After refining and separating the ‘crude’ into a variety of petroleum products, the two PET feedstocks or monomers are eventually obtained, purified, and mixed together in a large sealed, ‘cooking pot’ type of vessel and heated up to 300°C in the presence of a catalyst. Each intermediate has two identical points for reaction and is therefore capable of forming chains by linking several single molecules together and forming a polymer where the monomers are bonded by ester linkages.

Benefits of PET

Because PET is easily processed by or injection and blow moulding as well as extrusion when in the molten state, it can be tailored to almost any packaging requirement. Typical applications of PET include:

  • Bottles for beverages such as soft drinks, fruit juices, mineral waters. It is especially suitable for carbonated drinks, cooking and salad oils, sauces and dressings and detergents.
  • Wide mouth jars and tubs for jams, preserves, fruits & dried foods.
  • Trays for pre-cooked meals that can be re-heated in either microwave or conventional ovens. Pasta dishes, meats and vegetables.
  • Foils for ‘boil-in-the-bag’ pre-cooked meals, snack foods, nuts, sweets, long life confectionery.
  • Other PET products with an extra oxygen barrier are ideal for containing beer, vacuum packed dairy products e.g., cheese, processed meats, ‘Bag in Box’ wines, condiments, coffee, cakes, syrups.

Click on this link to learn more about PET

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History of plastics

The history of plastics goes back more than 100 years. Compared to other materials however, plastics are a relatively modern.

View here a presentation of how plastics have developed over the last century.

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PVC (Polyvinyl-chloride), one of the earliest plastics

PVC (Polyvinyl-chloride) is one of the earliest plastics, and is also one of the most extensively used. It is derived from salt (57%) and oil or gas (43%). PVC is made from chlorine – produced when salt water is decomposed by electrolysis – with ethylene, which is obtained from oil or gas via a ‘cracking’ process. After several steps, this leads to the production of another gas: vinyl chloride monomer (VCM). Then, in a further reaction known as polymerisation, molecules of VCM link to form a fine white powder (PVC). This powder is mixed with additives (stabilisers and/or plasticizers) to achieve the precise properties required for specific applications. The resulting PVC granules (compounds) or ready-to-use powders (pre-mixes) are then converted into the final product.

The benefits of PVC

PVC’s combination of properties enables it to deliver performance advantages that are hard to match. This material is durable and light, strong, fire resistant, with excellent insulating properties and low permeability. By varying the use of additives in the manufacturing of PVC products, features such as strength, rigidity, colour and transparency can be adjusted to meet most applications, including:

  • Packaging, for toiletries, pharmaceuticals, food and confectionary, water and fruit juices, labels, presentation trays.
  • Leisure products, including garden hoses, footwear, inflatable pools, tents.
  • Building products, including window frames, floor and wall coverings, roofing sheets, linings for tunnels, swimming-pools and reservoirs.
  • Piping, including water and sewerage pipes and fittings, and ducts for power and telecommunications.
  • Medical products, including blood bags, transfusion tubes and surgical gloves.
  • Coatings, including tarpaulins, rainwear, and corrugated metal sheets.
  • Insulation and sheathing for low voltage power supplies, telecommunications, appliances, and automotive applications.
  • Automotive applications, including cables, underbody coating andf interior trimmings.

Learn more about PVC

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Coming up soon! Online calculation of heatseal and cold seal blistercards

June, 16 2009 Within a few weeks, Ecobliss will launch a new category on its webshop: Europe’s first online calculation for heatseal as well as for cold seal cards.

By entering the required data such as the dimensions of the cards and the quantities you wish to order, the price of the cards is automatically generated. Also ordering these cards is only a few clicks away. You can upload your key line (die cut drawing) and artwork. Of course you can also hire the creative department of Ecobliss to create the artwork for you based on your briefing. After ordering, the cards will be produced for you and delivered to the address you wish. Simple or even more advanced sealing equipment can also be ordered online to get you started as easily and as quickly as possible.

The idea behind this service is get a low blister card price by combining a number of different cards per production run.

As stated above, it is a matter of weeks before this will be active, so check Ecobliss’s website regularly!

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Logistica 2009, International Trade Fair on Material Handling Held from 10-14 November 2009

Logistica 2009 held from 10-14 November in the Jaarbeurs Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Visitors of Logistica originate from the following branches:

• Transport, storage, communication
• Wholesale/ intermediate trade 
• Food and stimulants industry 
• Metal products industry 
• Public enterprise
• Machinery industry
• Chemical industry 
• Other industry 
• Business services

Logistica would not be the same without the related and aptly named Scala Logistica – a full spectrum of logistics genius. Scala Logistica 2009 – a range of live show demonstrations – will be the ninth edition of a successful new solution concept. It will offer suppliers of logistics products and services the opportunity to spotlight the ‘State-of-the-Art in Logistics’ – in the most literal meaning of the word.

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Kunststoffen 2009, Veldhoven Nederland, 23 en 24 september

Op 23 en 24 september is het weer zover, het Mikrocentrum organiseert voor de 11e keer de Kunststoffenbeurs. Kunststoffen 2009 is een brede vakbeurs, ruim 200 gespecialiseerde exposanten, gecombineert met een uitgebreid congresprogramma. Het thema van dit gratis toegankelijke evenement is dit jaar “Presteren door Innoveren”.
Woensdag 23 en donderdag 24 september 2009 Openingstijden: 09.30 tot 17.00 uur

Kunststoffen 2009

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Dose Guard Child resistance Solutions for Pharmaceutical wallets

Dose Guard Child resistance Solutions for Pharmaceutical wallets

GP Solutions (UK) Ltd has developed a patented and proven technology, which provides child resistance and senior friendly compliance to the new European Standard – ISO EN 14375 for non-recloseable pharmaceutical packaging.

The product, Dose Guard™, is a self-adhesive barrier that utilises a unique “peel & push” mechanism to allow controlled access to each tablet. Dose Guard™ is suitable for application directly onto pharmaceutical wallets.

The combination of multi-part adhesive patterns and die-cutting technology provides child resistance and senior friendliness for most blister pack formats. This is without the need for re-tooling and expensive time consuming stability studies that would be associated with changing the blister contact materials.

GP Solutions Website

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Knauf uses Ecobliss Cold Seal and Ecobliss Stock blisters

Knauf hardly needs an introduction being are one of Europe’s leading building materials manufacturers. Knauf offers a wide range of high quality construction products includes plasterboard, plaster, insulation, sound absorption boards, and much, much more.

Knauf utilises Ecobliss packaging methods

Knauf utilises Ecobliss packaging methods

For its range of plaster pigments Knauf has adopted the Ecobliss cold sealing system to perfectly hold the container of pigment in place, securing the lid and at the same time offering all required product information for the consumer. An excellent choice!

For its range of fixation products, Knauf uses a variety of Ecobliss stock blisters. Some are used ‘straightforward’ using a printed insert card for product info. Another part uses a folded insert card offering an interesting 3D effect to the packaging. As can be expected from Knauf, the packaging range looks perfect.

For the construction of the new Ecobliss facility mostly Knauf products were used! A mutual thumbs up thus seems appropriate. Here is ours: Knauf, congratulations with your new packaging range!

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