Thoughts and News on High Visibility Packaging

Go Greener uses Ecobliss Stock Blister and Ecobliss Stock Transparent Boxes

GO Greener is a Dutch company specialised in technologies and accessories to make any car or truck more economical, less polluting and to reduce maintenance cost. Greener, cleaner, cheaper, a great combination that appeals to all of us, especially because the Go Greener products do not negatively influence the comfort or the performance of the vehicle.


Apart from specific lubricants and a very special air intake system, Go Greener also offers an interesting range of accessories that can be used without professional installation.

Go Greener is using ecobliss' stockblisters
Go Greener is using ecobliss' stockblisters and transparent boxes.


Go Greener has just launched their accessory range partially in Ecobliss stock blisters, and partially in Ecobliss Transparent  boxes. (webshop) With this new presentation the sales of Go Greener accessories will certainly increase further. This is not only good for Go Greener and Ecobliss, but also for the environment! Have a look at the Go Greener products using this link (for the time being only available in Dutch)