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Knauf uses Ecobliss Cold Seal and Ecobliss Stock blisters

Knauf hardly needs an introduction being are one of Europe’s leading building materials manufacturers. Knauf offers a wide range of high quality construction products includes plasterboard, plaster, insulation, sound absorption boards, and much, much more.

Knauf utilises Ecobliss packaging methods
Knauf utilises Ecobliss packaging methods

For its range of plaster pigments Knauf has adopted the Ecobliss cold sealing system to perfectly hold the container of pigment in place, securing the lid and at the same time offering all required product information for the consumer. An excellent choice!

For its range of fixation products, Knauf uses a variety of Ecobliss stock blisters. Some are used ‘straightforward’ using a printed insert card for product info. Another part uses a folded insert card offering an interesting 3D effect to the packaging. As can be expected from Knauf, the packaging range looks perfect.

For the construction of the new Ecobliss facility mostly Knauf products were used! A mutual thumbs up thus seems appropriate. Here is ours: Knauf, congratulations with your new packaging range!