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Logistica 2009, International Trade Fair on Material Handling Held from 10-14 November 2009

Logistica 2009 held from 10-14 November in the Jaarbeurs Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Visitors of Logistica originate from the following branches:

• Transport, storage, communication
• Wholesale/ intermediate trade 
• Food and stimulants industry 
• Metal products industry 
• Public enterprise
• Machinery industry
• Chemical industry 
• Other industry 
• Business services

Logistica would not be the same without the related and aptly named Scala Logistica – a full spectrum of logistics genius. Scala Logistica 2009 – a range of live show demonstrations – will be the ninth edition of a successful new solution concept. It will offer suppliers of logistics products and services the opportunity to spotlight the ‘State-of-the-Art in Logistics’ – in the most literal meaning of the word.