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Pharmaceutical packaging that interacts with patients

It only takes seconds for a consumer to notice a product on the store shelf. That moment presents an incredible marketing and selling opportunity. Nearly 70% of all purchase decisions are made at the shelf. Nearly half of all packaged goods are sold without any additional marketing support. Packaging is therefore essential in capturing that ‘first moment of truth’. A new generation patented cold seal packaging system which was invented by Mr. Ron Linssen (the founder and Managing Director of Ecobliss, Netherlands) has been in use across the globe by now. Pharmaceutical and healthcare segment is the one which makes use of this concept more than any other segment.

Mr. Chakravarthi, Managing Director Ecobliss India Pvt.Ltd
Mr. Chakravarthi, Managing Director Ecobliss India Pvt.Ltd

In the pharmaceutical & healthcare industry, blister cards and blister wallets are commonly used for clinical trials, drugs promotions and commercial packaging as well. The advantage of using blister wallets as secondary packaging for drugs is that the product information always stays with the drug itself, unlike the case of folding boxes where the information about the drug is often lost after separating the blister strip from the box. Pharmaceuticals need reliable and speedy packaging solutions that deliver a combination of product protection, quality, tamper evidence, patient comfort and security needs. These changes have made a big impact on the packaging industry and there is an increasing need to provide tailored, individual packaging solutions, which guarantee the effectiveness of medicines. Due to degradation from environment3l factors, such as light and humidity, there is often a direct link between packaging and a remedy’s effectiveness. During the design phase, Ecobliss keeps in view all these packaging needs of its customers, and also the changing child resistant requirements and legislation for commercial and clinical blister packaging throughout the world as well.

Ecobliss provides for the pharmaceutical segment a custom made intelligent packaging system that educates and interacts with patients and consumers thereby playing

a crucial role in healthcare product development and marketing. Its packaging development team makes it possible to have large variety of design options. The product range varies from Carded blister packs, wallet packs with various design options, dosage packs, clinical wallets, promotional packs, combination packs, standby packs etc. Apart from providing the design, development services and packaging material, Ecobliss also provides its

customers a whole range of packaging machinery that suits the requirements of packing different volumes. This equipment ranges from table top manual sealing jiggle

roller machines to fully automatic high-speed packaging systems. Ecobliss operations are headed in India by AVPS Chakravarthi (Managing Director of Ecobliss Pvt Ltd) who has around 25 years of experience in paper, printing and packaging businesses. He has extensively toured across the globe during the past couple of decades, participated in exhibitions and seminars, and interacted with different vendors and users communities. He has learned various changing needs of customers and spearheads his team to live up to the customer’s expectations. Always working closely with our customers and supporting them with our knowledge and experience is the key of success at Ecobliss, he proudly describes. Alliances with many international companies who have multi faceted experience always help Ecobliss to upgrade their technologies to meet the increasing needs of the customers.

Apart from the key cold sealing Ecobliss Pharma systems, the company is looking forward to cater to other segments by providing high visibility blister packaging solutions to meet the market demands. Ecobliss by now has extended its services to almost all the major pharmaceutical companies in India by providing customised packaging solutions to them.