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Stockblister, a great opportunity

Some examples how our customers are packaging their products using Ecobliss Stockblisters

In 2007, Ecobliss created a range of ‘Stock blisters’ to facilitate the requirements of companies and individuals for low and mid range quantities of blister packaging. Ecobliss can only admit it has proven to be a great success.

Available online and delivered from stock the Ecobliss stock blister range is the most convenient way to start blistering activities without a lot of ado. Meanwhile, Ecobliss offers more than 120 stock blister variants, the biggest range of stock blisters available in Europe. There is a very little chance that the Ecobliss stockblister range has no blister packaging that will suit your blister packaging needs. Also ‘personalising’ is an option that many customers have already used.

Dealing with the webshop orders is a daily and ever increasing routine as the number of orders keeps on growing each month. Just have a look at the Ecobliss webshop ( and you will find the complete range of stock blisters as well as the pictures of a selection of products packed in Ecobliss stock blisters. The webshop will provide all information you might need, yet at Ecobliss we will also help you with any question you might have so feel free to call or to send an email.