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Reckitt Benckiser Healthcare (UK) Ltd, uses Ecobliss cold seal wallets for their clinical trials

Reckitt Benckiser Healthcare (UK) Ltd – Ecobliss Website Case Study

Reckitt Benckiser, the largest pharmaceutical and healthcare company in the Netherlands, has adopted the Ecobliss cold-seal packaging system for a clinical trial of one of their market leading medicinal brands.

reckitt-benckiser wallet

The healthcare facility, based in Hull, UK, has invested in a desktop Ecobliss Jiggle Roller (EJR) 350/500 machine to manually seal their blister packs into cold-seal wallet cards – which are also supplied by Ecobliss Pharma.

It is the first time Reckitt Benckiser have utilised Ecobliss cold-seal technology, which allows for improved efficiency, speed and flexibility in their product packing process.

reckitt-benckiser wallet 2

Furthermore, the simplicity and the compact design of the finished wallet pack (pictured) offers the patient ease-of-use and portability – two vital factors in ensuring the stated dosage is taken and completed correctly.

This clinical study is to be sent to the USA, which means as a legal requirement, the packaging will need to be in certified child resistant packaging. To aid compliance, Ecobliss Pharma – supported by GP Solutions (UK) Ltd – will provide the wallet card with a Dose GuardTM Peel & Push child resistant senior friendly (CRSF) secondary barrier pre-applied on the back. Dose GuardTM is approved to an F4 CR rating; however, developments are currently in place in order for it to achieve F1 status.

To complete delivery of all the packaging components required for this study, GP Solutions will also supply Reckitt Benckiser with tamper evident labels and outer cartons.