Thoughts and News on High Visibility Packaging

Smells good, Smells like Vanesica

Your nose may know a company that you have never heard of. Vanesica Plast is probably not a company you think to be familiar with, but it is very likely that you are familiar withVanesica its high quality fragrances it produces.

Recently Ecobliss produced the first batch of cold seal cards for Vanesica. These cards are not just packaging, they form an integral part of the product, as the card stays around the container that holds the fragrance.

The smell is as good as it was before, but now the product looks better. The cold sealing technique allows Vanesica to pack quicker with less running spoils, thus optimizing chain of production.

You can see for yourself in the pictures of the new products. If you want to smell it; don’t forget to buy some the next time you are doing groceries!