Thoughts and News on High Visibility Packaging

Istanbul October 22-25 th. What a packaging Exhibition!

The 2009 (15th) İstanbul Packaging Industry Fair counted around 1200 companies that participated and company representatives from more than 40 countries at 60.000 square meters indoor area in 9 halls. More than 35.000 visitors where welcomed at Istanbul Packaging 2009.

Ecobliss team

For the first time since the first Introduction of Ecobliss in Turkey, Ecobliss Embalaj introduced their blisterpackaging program in a big way. Many customers where attracted to the booth of Ecobliss by invitations, handed out in the aisles of the exhibition floor, to collect at the booth of Ecobliss a small gift, a Nazar Boncuğu.

Nazar Boncuğu:  Many Turkish people believe that with the evil eye amulet you will be protected and all the bad energy will be directed to the amulet and it will brake. No bad energy will reach you since you are protected with the amulet of nazar boncuk. Have you just had a new child? Bought a new car? Built a new office building? Worried that your “friends” and others are filled with envy about your good fortune? The protection of the Nazar is used for anything new or likely to attract praise. The belief is that even well-intentioned compliments include a conscious or unconscious dose of envy and resentment. The bead reflects the evil intent back to the onlooker. It somewhat resembles an eye and it is said the typical blue color is a factor in protecting the user.

A great team of people, showed with endless enthousiasm to many, many people could convince themselves of how simple it actually is to pack products like the Nazar Boncuğu amulet in a cold sealing blisterpackage. The Ecobliss jiggle roller was used to show the cold sealing packaging technology. The blistercard and blisters to pack the amulet where especially designed for the 2009 packaging exhibition. Approximately 15.000 Nazar Boncuğu amulets where packed and handed out at the exhibition…That’s a lot of protection against evil eyes!!!



Besides cold seal blisterpackaging, Ecobliss also introduced the programm of Starview heatsealing equipment, combined with perfectly sealing heat-seal blistercards. three different Starview machines where displayed at the show, and a lot of interest was shown by the Turkish audience, and a number of machines where sold at the show.