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Tickner in Ecobliss Cold Seal

Blister packaging is the ultimate ‘self selling’ packaging. With the introduction of Tickner in Ecobliss cold seal blister packaging the strength of blister packaging is proven again.

A nice summer’s day in the woods or in the garden can bring not only a healthy and pleasant pass time. It can also confront humans and pets a potentially dangerous and possibly even lethal tick bite. Removing a tick correctly is not easy, yet it is of utmost importance to prevent serious diseases. Incorrect removal of ticks often leads to additional professional medical assistance from a general practitioner or a veterinarian. Tickner offers both the easiest as well as the safest way of tick removal. The tick is first killed instantly with a shot of gas (harmless to humans or pets) and can subsequently be removed with a very easy to operate extraction system.

Tickner is a rather ingenious device and doesn’t look like any other tick removal proposition. So how to get the message across? It starts by showing the actual product. By showing the actual product in a blister packaging in combination with the instruction for use printed on the blister card, Tickner’s functionality will be understood at the point of sale. An Ecobliss cold seal blister packaging solution was chosen as this was the perfect balance for esthetics, packing convenience, integral packing cost, maximum reduction of the plastic component and recyclability.

The packaging has tamper evidence, ensuring hygiene as well as a proof to have a full product that wasn’t ‘tested’ by other consumers. The chosen design has a self-standing function so it can be used for all shop situations, either hanging or standing. With a convenience opening on the backside the full instruction for use must be taken out before accessing the Tickner so any user is encouraged to ready the instructions.

A very useful product in a perfectly suitable packaging. Now it is time for summer!