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Blister cards for blisters directly sealed to a card ( face-seal-blister )

Blister cards for blisters directly sealed to a card ( face-seal-blister )

If you want to pack your products in a blister that is sealed directly to a single blister card, you need to order heat-seal-blister-cards from your supplier.

Heat seal cards are usually printed on both sides. The front of the blister card  is coated with a heat sensitive adhesive. When applying heat and pressure to the blister and card, the adhesive is activated and blister and card will bond together.

heat seal blistercards

By clicking on this link you will find extensive information about all the ins and outs of heat sealing cards. There are many suppliers of heat seal cards in todays market. Many printers offer heat seal cards as a part of their product range. It is however of great importance that you choose a supplier that has a full understanding of the potential problems that may occur using heat sealing cards. For good, reliable and consistent sealing results the quality of the coating on the blister cards, the type of plastic used for the blister but also the quality of the heat sealing equipment that is being used are all relevant and should match well together.

Ecobliss Blister products is a specialized designer and producer of heat seal blister cards and can also design and produce the plastic blisters matching your products.


On Ecobliss Packaging Machines, you will find information, video’s and online quotations for a large variety of blister packaging equipment suitable for heat sealing blisters.