Thoughts and News on High Visibility Packaging

Ecobliss and Starview extend their succesfull cooperation to Asia

After having established a succesful cooperation in Europe, Ecobliss Blistermachines and Starview have decided to also join forces in Asia. Ecobliss already was the exclusive distributor of Starview products for the European market and that is now being extended into the Asian region. With Ecobliss branches in countries like Turkey, India and Indonesia and their broad experience in the field of blisterpackaging, this seems to be a logical step forward!

The strength of Ecobliss lies in developing and manufacturing high quality packaging materials and providing turn-key packaging solutions along with that. Starview manufactures (among other types) equipment for assembling and sealing heat seal and clam shell types of blister packaging.

The equipment manufactured by Starview is of the highest standard and can be offered at very competitive prices which you will find on the website

From 2010 onwards Ecobliss will also be your supplier of Starview machinery in Asia!