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The future of the past is called compassion

busy trafficThe future of the past is called compassion

The time that entrepreneurs only had one vision – profit making – is passed tense, due the current economical crisis we are facing. In most European countries economical growth scenario’s of three to 5 percent are unrealistic for at least the next 3-5 years. In the current knowledge-economy there is no space for private-ownership and obtaining more wealth for the existing economical elite. ITC, bio- and nano technologies make the world into one big en totally transparent place in which politicians, companies and organizations are accountable more and more for their social responsibilities. Our world is changing so rapidly that in the future profit-making is only a in-between target. The main objective will be to attribute to the society and mother earth itself.

The system of continuously digging, burning, en converting resources and dumping waste in our environment is no longer tolerated. Quality of life, and sustainability are the leading motives for the future. If you think well about it, we have no other choice… The problems we’re facing globally are huge and far stretching: financial crisis, multi-cultural society, terrorism, less social security, ecological misuse of water, forests, flora and fauna, exhausting energy resources, shortage of food. All of that with a ever growing population towards nine billion earthlings.

worlds-most-crowded placesWe do not realize that we are in the middle of a revolution. We can and should never go back to the past. On a global scale we should find a different way of living, enterprising and producing. Politicians have to realize that they should not be fighting each other with battle-field truths, and companies should not compete each other for the highest turnover and profit margins. To make the world a livable place, together we have to invest in Technology, Talent and Tolerance.  Maybe that last one is the most challenging “T” , the morale awareness that a economical environment is not sustainable without humanity…


“vision of global thinkers, mr. Marc Eysens, former prime minister of Belgium and mr. Herman Wijffels, former CEO of Rabobank”