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Vincot newest certification for bioplastics : OK biobased

Vinçotte announces proudly the first OK biobased certificates of a whole range of raw materials. The first licensee holders are each located in a different continent: Asia, America and Europe. List of certified products >>


As active drivers for sustainable development, multiple companies are proactively searching for alternatives to fossil-based raw materials. Several manufacturers are making synthetic materials using as their base starch, cellulose, lactic acid, “bacterial fat”, etc. By so doing, these companies contribute in an innovative manner to resolving the economic and environmental problem of fossil fuels and greenhouse gases.

 OK biobased – NEW AS OF SEPTEMBER 2009!







As a result of the increased environmental awareness among customers, there is a growing market for products on a basis of renewable raw materials. And that environmentally conscious motivation on the part of customers is exactly the reason why there is a need for an independent, high-quality guarantee of the renewability of raw materials. The “OK biobased” certification meets that need perfectly.

In contrast to LCA (Life Cycle Assessment), the investigation method behind the OK biobased certification is very simple and the exact value can be precisely and scientifically measured and calculated. This renders checks and re-checks very transparent and also allows “apples to be compared with apples” with the greatest ease.

On a basis of the determined percentage of renewable raw materials (% Bio-based), your product can be certified as one-star-bio-based, two-star-bio-based, three-star-bio-based or four-star-bio-based.





1 star stands for 20-40% biobased; 2 stars stand for 40-60% biobased; 3 stars stand for 60-80% biobased; 4 stars stand for more than 80% biobased

For Frequently Asked Questions about biobased certification, please visit the website of Vincot