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Ecobliss Joint Venture days 2012

On January 18-22 2012 Ecobliss Blisterpackaging Ecobliss has organized the Ecobliss Joint Venture days. (Ecobliss JV days 2012)
Many countries, such as Chile, Indonesia, France, Turkey, Canada, India etc. where represented during this event. Besides exchanging lots of information, The JV days where all about improving know-how together, improving business together and improving the Ecobliss network together. During the event a packaging contest was organized. Ecobliss France has won the ambitious Ecobliss 2012 packaging award, with a brilliant blisterpack for LED light. Ecobliss will soon update blisternews with some nice pictures of the JV days.
Please go to YouTube and look at the partner network video “Ecobliss Brothers
This video displays in 2 minutes the goals that the Ecobliss as a global group of companies has set itself, for the near future.
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