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Ecobliss, Proud Winner of Three WorldStar Awards for Packaging Excellence in 2012!

June 7th, 2012 Split, Croatia.

Three WorldStar Awards for Ecobliss in 2012!!

The WorldStar Competition is one of the major events of the WPO and this year received 243 entries from 32 countries around the world.

Welcome to the WorldStar Awards Ceremony!

Ecobliss has sent three representatives from India and the Netherlands. Mr. AVPS Chakravarthi, MD of Ecobliss India PvT, Mr. R.J.M. Linssen CEO of the Ecobliss Group and Mr. Marijn van Utteren, Commercial Director of Ecobliss to Croatia to attend a prestigious Gala Award dinner, organized by the WPO in Le Meridien Lav hotel.

Ecobliss, the smart source for blister and high visibility packaging has won three WorlsStar Awards in 2012!!!

In 2011 Ecobliss entered the competition with three entries into the WorldStar completion in three different categories: ‘Electronics’, ‘Household’ and ’Other” .  All three entries (100% score!!) received an Award from the WPO jury consisting of 23 country representatives from the World Packaging Organisation (WPO) and one representative from the International Packaging Press Organisation.

from left to right, Ron Linssen, CEO Ecobliss Goup, Thomas Schneider and mr. Chakravarthi, MD of Ecobliss India PvT, proudly holding the Award in the category ‘Electronics”


from left to right: Marijn van Utteren, commercial director of Ecobliss Headquarters, Thomas Schneider, President of the WPO, Chakravarthi, MD of Ecobliss India PvT
Mr. Saha, director IIP (Indian Institute of Packaging), Thomas Schneider and mr. Chakravarthi

The editors of will shortly publish the individual stories behind the Ecobliss blister and high visibility packaging entries that have won the WorldStar Awards.

Ecobliss, The Smart source for blister and high visibility packaging!