Thoughts and News on High Visibility Packaging

Prima Elios for Electrical Industries S.A.E switches to cold seal blister packaging

Since march 2012 Prima Elios Egypt  is the first company in Egypt that has switched from heat seal and HF blister packaging to cold seal blister packaging. At this moment many different products are being packed in the Ecobliss cold seal card-to-card (with trapped blister) system. The new cold seal packaging has been very well received, internally as well as by Prima Elios customers and many more of their products will be packed using cold seal technology in the future.

Important reason for Elios Egypt to switch their packaging was the fact that with the cold seal technology the packaging process has become much more simple and controllable. On top of that the beautiful high quality appearance of the packaging enhances the products of Elios Egypt very much so they will be noticed better in the shelf of DIY markets and retailers. The other reason to switch over to cold seal blister packaging technology is for environmental reasons because of the severability of materials after opening of packaging (100 % recyclable). For this reason Elios Egypt can be considered as trendsetter in Egypt. For packing Elios Egypt uses the EJR Jiggle Rollers.

Prima Elios for Electrical Industries S.A.E.  has a well-balanced program that ranges from nice simple product designs to extremely high tech designs. Elios Egypt  is shareholding company with more than 500 employees and  is operating in Cairo under European license since 1975.

Elios Egypt is the largest Egyptian producer of electrical and lightning components for home and industrial applications such as electrical light switches, gang sockets, plugs, ballasts, lamp-holders and several different types of energy saver lamps, all these products have been always known for their endurance, quality consistency and conformity to international and Egyptian safety standards.