Cold seal Blisterpackaging for Briggs and Stratton Europe

February 2013 – Briggs and Stratton Europe has recently started using Ecobliss‘ cold seal blister packaging for packaging their spareparts program for lawn mower engines. With cold sealing blister packaging, only pressure is required to make a perfect card-to-card bond. This makes the packaging process simple, quick and very cost-effective. A range of packaging equipment, from the very simple to highly automated, is available to support this packaging process. Cold seal blister packaging is therefore scalable to any packaging job, small or large.

Ecobliss cold seal blister packaging consists of a pressure sensitive fold-over, or separate front and back blister card, and a transparent blister. The blister is trapped between two pieces of board that are bonded under pressure without using any heat. Together, blister and card form a beautiful, highly visible shelf presentation for your product. Another bonus of this technology is that the people doing the packaging will not be exposed to any hazardous or uncomfortable radiation, heat, smell or noise.

Increased flexibility, improved logistics, great appearance and sustainability where the main reasons for Briggs and Stratton to choose for cold seal blister packaging.