Thoughts and News on High Visibility Packaging

Complete wallet solutions for pharmaceutical industry

There are numerous innovations and solutions when it comes to the functionality of pharmaceutical wallet packaging and because there are a lot of them, you might not see the forest for the trees. So how do you know which options to choose? Well at Ecobliss they have made it easy for you! On their website you will find a complete view on different possibilities for medical wallet design together with some video animations which illustrate the different possibilities.

Ecobliss provides blister wallets in many different types and sizes, with one, two, three or more panels always designed to match your requirements. These extra panels can be used to accommodate extra strips with tablets or to print additional information about the content of the wallet. It is even possible to apply a booklet with multiple pages of information onto one of the panels of a blister wallet so crucial information will never get lost and stays with the medication.

Blister wallets offer many possibilities to accommodate your requirements and the possibilities are endless. Electronics for instance, can be integrated into a wallet for measuring patient compliance, or a wallet can be made child resistant by design or by applying a child resistant label. And even if you need an entirely new function, you can count on Ecobliss to be the ‘Smart Source’ for your packaging.