Thoughts and News on High Visibility Packaging

International packaging conclave 2013

Sustainable & Innovative Packaging Design

International Packaging Conclave 2013 will focus on the need for a holistic approach to packaging design.


Opening address:


Panel Discussion I:
Conception, Visualization, Mockup, Proofing, Print Ready Output
Packaging Design work flow will be discussed in the context of consumer feedback, business strategy, brand positioning & technology. Advanced design principles will be threaded into this work flow. Integration of multiple platforms and processes will be highlighted. Practices in India and the West will be compared.


Panel Discussion II:
Design Conversion
The raw material specifications, conversion technologies and process benchmarks, which allow the design to bloom and express brand values will be discussed.


Panel Discussion III:
Realization of Design as Retail Ready Packed Output
Distortions created in the Form-Fill-Seal process can mar the very ethos of the design. The panel will discuss way to prevent such distortion. Machine innovation to ensure ease of handling and enhanced retail visibility will be discussed.


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