Thoughts and News on High Visibility Packaging

Luxe Pack Monaco 2013

LUXE PACK MONACO is the show where every year, nearly three quarter of exhibitors unveil their new products; that is the reason why LUXE PACK MONACO 2013 will renew this dedicated space to promote these new products or applications: the LUXE PACK forum innovation, thus allowing all participants to get a complete and global view of the latest packaging developments.

First in a dedicated area located in Atrium presenting exhibitors’ new products and innovative solutions, dealing with a large spectrum of materials and techniques. Then, by invitations sent by exhibitors to come and attend their short oral presentations, not exceeding 15 to 20 minutes each, to unveil their latest developments. These sessions will take place throughout the 3-day event in a meeting room located in Atrium.

Today innovation is the key concept that may help your business stand out in a competitive economy. The LUXE PACK forum innovation is responding to the high expectations of luxury brands. It provides a concrete and operative solution for visitors and an exceptional showcase for exhibitors.

Product launches announced by LUXE PACK MONACO 2013 exhibitors will be of different types: function, process, material, use and so on; innovations integrating sustainable development constraints will result in a special showroom: LUXE PACK in green, and its price: the 2013 LUXE PACK in green Award.