Thoughts and News on High Visibility Packaging

Introducing Mr. Stoppkotte

Recently Mr. Wim-Henk Stoppkotte has joined the new Ecobliss commercial team as Director Business Development. Prior to this role, Mr. Stoppkotte has been Director of Sales and Marketing for over 17 years and gained international sales and management experience with industrial packaging.
During this time Mr. Stoppkotte has accomplished a continuous growth of sales and development of new products for chemical, food and pharmaceutical applications. These were distributed across Europe.


When contacted by Mr. Ron Linssen, MD of the Ecobliss company in the Netherlands, about his interest in joining Ecobliss’ new sales team, it soon became clear to him that Ecobliss possessed all the ingredients to become increasingly successful.

“I have always been intrigued by growing companies who aim to serve internationally. It is only with these companies where you are most likely to find new and exciting challenges and opportunities. And at Ecobliss it is the innovativeness and enthusiasm of the people which drives Ecobliss. Another aspect which attracts me to the team is the “Smart Source” philosophy and the added value of their products”.

The aim of the new sales team will be to promote Ecobliss internationally at new customers while at the same maintaining existing customer relations.