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SafeSkin Kids sports wrap brand repositioned

Kimberly-Clark refreshes its SafeSkin Kids sports wrap line, with new products and with packaging that uses kid-friendly graphics while communicating efficacy to moms.

To assist with its SafeSkin Kids sport wraps product, Kimberly-Clark approached Goodwin Design Group to consider next-stage products and the brand platform to ensure future success, primarily through product innovation opportunities. Goodwin shared consumer insights, demonstrated trends, determined strategies, and implemented solutions for SafeSkin to remain a category leader.

While Kimberly-Clark planned to focus on product solutions, Goodwin’s recommendation was to also work on the brand packaging. Together with consumers, Goodwin created a new strategy and brand platform for an entire line of products that moms, parents, and coaches truly want. Goodwin designed the products together, tested the range to select those that were most appealing, and refreshed the brand packaging to speak to kids of all ages, and those who care for them, in a visual language they understood and preferred.

Kimberly-Clark launched SafeSkin Kids Sports Wraps in 2011, creating the kids’ wrap category and capitalizing on a new retail market opportunity. Yet there was little brand equity in the original SafeSkin Kids packaging, and it visually projected that it was for “little kids.” By late 2012 the brand’s leadership was being challenged by a new competitor, which marketed a wrap featuring a popular licensed property with strong kid and mom appeal. The pack features a blister card backing board of SBS, believed to be 8 or 9-pt in thickness. It’s printed offset in four-color process.