Thoughts and News on High Visibility Packaging

Spout attachment trapped in a blister

A trapped blister is the packaging format selected by Park City, UT-based Choomee Inc. for its Sip’n Soft Top product.

Introduced late last year, this innovative product is a soft, chewy silicone that fits over the hard plastic spout found on many pouched products aimed at children who are transitioning from liquids to solid foods. It greatly improves mouth feel and also provides a convenient reclosure feature.

Choomee has the injection of the Sip’n product moulded in China and calls on contract packagers to assemble the product. The products are sealed by a heat sealing machine which traps a blister thermoformed of RPET between two pieces of 20-pt SBS. The die-cut facing card goes into the cavities of the machine first. When the blister is placed into this facing card, it already has two Sip’n Soft Top products in it. Operators then put the back card into the cavity, and after the cavity runs through a heat and compression station, out comes the two products trapped in their RPET blister between facing and backing paperboard cards.