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WORLDSTAR – The International Packaging Excellence awards

Ecobliss done it again!
Yes, Ecobliss won this coveted award for the third time in succession. In fact it kept its record of 100% success at the Worldstar awards which is a unique feet!

This time it has won this award for its entry Innovative Blister Carton, which is actually a blister pack but mimics a carton in its final shape. In a glittering ceremony at Interpack venue at Dusseldorf, Ecobliss team received the award from World Packaging Organisation President, Mr.Thomas Schneider.

Salient features of the pack:

  • The pack is a unique, Box shaped Blister packaging without any glued flaps.
  • At an outset it looks like a normal folding carton. Yet, when it is opened it provides all features of a blister pack.
  • Its possible to have customised blisters exclusively for pre filled syringes or in a combination pack we can have multiple blisters for all products like the syringe,needles,injection water,bottled injection suspension and so on.
  • Provision  of a pocket inside to keep product information insert and an alcohol swab.
  • Anti counterfeit features in side and easy open provision for the products.
  • Visual appeal thro’ quality printing, high gloss coating, micro embossing features.
  • Pack made of 100% recyclable materials.

Speaking on the occasion Marijn Van Utteren, Commercial Director of Ecobliss Blister products felt, there has been surge in the requirements of customised packaging for medical devices. And he was happy that Ecobliss always stands first in finding out suitable solutions.

Usually the set of products (bottles,syringe and needles) that are used by physicians come in normal cartons. Though some sort of cushioning was provided in the carton that never used to be adequate, further the product information given was either lost or it could not be given in a presentable form. Hence there was a need for UNIQUE pack that fulfils all the functions. And Ecobliss designed and produced this pack keeping the above needs in mind.

Mr.Ron Linssen, Managing Director of Ecobliss group of companies congratulated team Ecobliss India led by Chakravarthi AVPS for this achievement!