Thoughts and News on High Visibility Packaging

Clear packaging for Sainsbury’s chocolate

A bespoke solution for Sainsbury’s Free From dark chocolate egg & chocolate discs

Speciality chocolatier Celtic Chocolates, who supplies Sainsbury, tasked their contract packager to create a solution that shows the egg to its best, which is easy to store, assemble & fill and to stay within current packaging costs.

The solution consists of a clear plastic carton made form food grade Recycled PET (RPET), a litho printed folding box board plinth that contains the chocolate discs and outer carton.

The clear Plastic carton is designed with a crash-lock base that clips into the board outer carton offering full visibility of the Egg which the previous packaging did not offer.

All elements of the pack are supplied flat to the manufacturer to save on delivery and storage costs. But most importantly this solution reduced the amount of packaging involved and reduced the overall cost by over 50%.