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Child resistant packaging – by Chakravarthi AVPS

Child resistant packs that offer ease of acces to the patients while keeping the little children out will be successful in the market place.

Imagine this: a little three-year-old is all on her own at home at the minute. Do you have any idea how many products could actually poison her? Too many to list unfortunately! Medicines are the main culprits. It doesn’t take more than a few ‘harmless’ paracetamol tablets to make a child pretty sick. Of course one wouldn’t leave his or her little girls at home all by herself. And it goes without saying that (surely?) one would store all medication away safely out of her reach. But like any parent, one too would experience many a heart-stopping moment where the child manages to escape the parent’s  watchful eye. It is in moments like those that one suddenly realize what a lifesaver child-resistant packaging can be. And not just for medicines. Also for all those other everyday household products that are dangerous to children. Child-resistant packaging has been invented to protect your child. Food for thought, wouldn’t you agree?

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