Ecobliss presents the innovation which protects small children from accidental poisoning

Locked4Kids is a simple, inexpensive and mass-producible packaging solution consisting of a carton box and a tray, which can contain blisters or other pharmaceutical products (or any kind of products) and leaflet.

It is portable, easy to use and can be opened and closed endlessly, without losing its protective function. This reclosable carton enables drug manufacturers to package their products in a Child Resistant Carton. Discover Locked4Kids! Van Eerd (Tilburg NL) producer of pharmaceutical packaging and related industries is the first license holder for Locked4Kids. Van Eerd has produced the final test packs. Locked4Kids meets the strict European (EN 8317) and American (UN16 CRF 1700.20) standards for reclosable child resistant packaging. The system was extensively tested and certified by the Belgian Packaging Institute.

October 7th Ecobliss launched Locked4Kids. And they are proud to say; Ecobliss won The CPhI Pharma Award in the category ‘Innovation in Packaging’. Ecobliss has received this prestigious prize for its new packaging concept Locked4Kids.On September 30th 2014 Ecobliss, received ‘silver’ in ‘De Gouden Noot’ 2014 Packaging Innovation Contest. The producer of blister and high visibility packaging solutions has received these prestigious awards for its new packaging concept Locked4Kids.

This proves, Locked4Kids has the innovation power to produce certified child-resistant cartons.

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Source: Press release Van Eerd bv