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Locked4Kids packs Emballage


Locked4Kids attracts numerous interested parties at Emballage 2014

With the Emballage trade fair just behind us, Locked4Kids has seen it’s share of interested people. Although Locked4Kids was located in one of the equipment halls of the fair, the customer’s attention was quickly drawn to something else when they reached Romaco’s stand – Locked4Kids. The world’s first reclosable child resistant carton.

Sharing the stand with Romaco offered a fantastic opportunity for a demonstration of the packaging process of Locked4Kids on a conventional carton packaging machine. It is possible to process Locked4Kids on most conventional cartoning machine with only some minor adjustments and is applicable for many different hazardous products (e.a. pharmaceutical- or veterinair products).

The need for child-resistant packaging became evident on the fair and the press also showed a lot of interest in this innovation in child-resistant packaging, which can potentially save thousands of children’s lives.