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Ecobliss supports local Duck Race Maastricht

On Sunday, May 10th, more than 10,000 rubber ducks raced down the Jeker river in Maastricht for the second Duckrace Maastricht. Ecobliss is keen to support local initiatives for charity and was therefore happy to be one of the sponsors. Together with other sponsors and supporters dozens of awards were made available for the winners. The event was organized by the Maastricht Society Round Table 174, with the proceeds from the race Bert Buis Children’s TV in the MUMC + and Wildlife Foundation Maastricht.

Ducks help charity

The Duck Race Maastricht is as the name suggests, a spectacular duck race between more than 10,000 rubber ducks through the picturesque City Park of Maastricht. The ducklings were left massively to water at the bridge over the Jeker on the ramparts. The finish line was 300 meters away, where the ducks had to take the whole course on their own. Besides the fastest duck there were also prizes reserved for the most original “dressed” duck.