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Locked4Kids wins Worldstar Award

Locked4Kids received on 19 May 2015 the Worldstar Award from the World Packaging Organization in the category ‘Medical & Pharmaceutical’. In total the WorldStar Awards 2015, received 265 entries from 37 countries.

“The Locked4Kids concept is ideal as child resistant packaging for a broad array of pharmaceutical, chemical and toxic products in solid, powder or liquid form”, says Ron Linssen, founder and Managing Director of Ecobliss Group. “Locked4Kids has been designed to prevent young children from gaining access to the content. Adults however can easily open the packaging easily. Locked4Kids consists of a carton and a tray in which blisters with medicine or other products, dangerous for young kids, can be packaged.”
Locked4Kids is the World’s first Child Resistant Carton certified with the ISO/EN 8317 and US 16 CRF 1700.20 standard.

About World Packaging Organisation

The WorldStar Competition is one of the major events of the World Packaging Organisation (WPO) and is the pre-eminent international award in packaging, WorldStar illustrates the continual advancement of the state of packaging design and technology and creates a living standard of international packaging excellence from which others may learn.