Thoughts and News on High Visibility Packaging

Blister pack industry on the rise

The blister pack is one of the most used pharmaceutical packaging solutions globally, because of its many business and consumer advantages including: product integrity, product protection, tamper evidence, and patient compliance.

Thanks to of the versatility of blister packs, within the global pharmaceutical packaging industry studies report them representing around 17% of the market, that is more than 8 billion USD in revenue. The worldwide pharmaceutical packaging is expected to account for more than 73 billion USD by 2018.

Historically, blister packs have been much more widespread in Europe compared to the United States. Things are changing and blister packs are on the rise in the United States market. Another region to keep in mind is Asia. The pharmaceutical market in Asia is predicted to grow at a faster rate than any other, accounting for 28% of the total global market by 2018.