Thoughts and News on High Visibility Packaging

Trends in Blister Packaging Industry

The packaging market is evolving rapidly, largely due to the increased usage of blister packaging. Blister packs are highly versatile products that offer several advantages to various consumer goods.

The efficiency and popularity of blister packaging provides a number of market trends.

Demand for child safety
There is a growing demand for blister packs that are safer for children, such as child-resistant and tamper evident products. Child-resistant products are a direct result of numerous poison-related injuries befalling children; non-secure packaging can lead to accidental ingestion of medicines. Tamper evident products also have a positive effect on the packaging market, since they can an early warning sign for avoiding questionable products.

Enhanced protective features
To provide added protection for consumer goods, vendors are utilizing higher-quality plastics and raw materials. With the use of plastics, blister packs can safeguard any products from possible contamination. Thermoform plastics can instill blister packs with chemical and wear resistances as well as increased durability.

Certain packaging materials have a negative affect on the environment. To solve this issue, packaging and manufacturing companies are encouraged to develop more sustainable products and solutions.

Product and technological innovations
Manufacturers are constantly searching for high performing solutions with low production costs. Blister packs can be manufactured to provide products with longer shelf lives thanks to their anti-microbial qualities.
Nanotechnology is also playing a role in blister packaging. The use of nanotechnology affords blister packs enhanced barrier protection and reduced weight of the package. This technology is in high demand by pharmaceutical companies requiring improved protection against moisture, oxygen, and other gases for their products.