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16 Unbelievable Packaging Facts from Easyfairs

Easyfairs asked its Packaging Innovations & Luxury Packaging London 2015 visitors and exhibitors what their most extraordinary packaging facts were.

1. Instantly Recognisable
94% of the world’s population recognises Coca Cola’s packaging

2. Thinning Hair
The thinnest part of a drinks can is thinner than a human hair – measuring just 0.07mm

3. Saturdays’ Off
All crisp packets have a Saturday sell-by date

4. Wine’s the Limit
Wine bottles are 750ml in size, because it’s the average capacity of a glass-blower’s lungs

5. Green with no Envy
The human eye can distinguish more shades of green than any other colour

6. Wake Up and Smell the Coffee
Coffee aroma is sprayed onto the lids of instant coffee jars so it smells of freshly ground coffee when opened

7. Wrapping at Christmas
Each Christmas 83 km2 of wrapping paper ends up our bins, which is enough to cover Guernsey

8. Apple is Hiding Something
Apple pays as much attention to its packaging as it does to its products, so it has a secret room dedicated to packaging at its headquarters in California

9. Being Misled
Misleading Labelling – A lot of the wasabi we consume is actually horseradish coloured green

10. Best Before the Bottle
The expiration date on a bottle of water is for the bottle not the water

11. Burst the Bubble
Bubble wrap was originally invented to be used as textured wallpaper

12. Cartons in Orbit
When laid end to end, the 1.25 billion beverage cartons used in the UK each year would wrap around the world six times

13. Staying Fresh
Pez, the infamous sweet dispenser, was originally targeted at smokers

14. The Rest is History
Jack Daniels was originally sold in rounded bottles until an Illinois salesman offered Mr. Jack the infamous square bottle, which is still used more than a century later

15. Power of Recycling
One recycled glass bottle is enough to power a computer for 25 minutes

16. Eggstremely Cross
The egg carton was designed to settle a dispute between a farmer and a hotel owner

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