Thoughts and News on High Visibility Packaging

Product packaging can help you reach more customers

Retail packaging for consumer goods is an important part of an overall marketing campaign. Studies show that consumers’ buying decisions are heavily influenced by product packaging. Research has even dissected which aspects of the packaging has the greatest influence on buyers, including colors, images, innovation, and brand values.

In order to make the most of your product packaging, it’s important to consider your overall marketing strategy and incorporate your messaging into your product package. Use your logo, brand colors, tagline, and consistent fonts as well as any images or messages that correspond to all of these. For instance, if your brand is more fun and playful, consider using fun facts, trivia, or ‘did you know’ type of elements in your packaging. If your brand is more elegant and upscale, think about simplifying the package with sleek colors and patterns that match your branding.

Consistency in colors and branding
Excellent packaging using labels, sleeves, or cartons will make an impact on the buyer who may have dozens of options competing with your product on the shelves. Modern, professional packaging conveys a level of trustworthiness in your brand. Consistency in colors and branding across substrates and across other advertising platforms where consumers may have seen your product such as print ads, Facebook ads, twitter posts, and your website communicates professionalism that buyers can trust.

Colors, Fonts and Graphics
In general, brighter colors are more playful while white or light colors are more clean and simple and black or dark colors are serious and powerful. Green is often associated with products that are environmentally friendly and brands that are natural and earth conscious.

Social media
In a world largely driven by online social sharing, your packaging efforts can provide ripple effects for your overall marketing. If the package is special enough and is an excellent showcase of your brand, it can inspire consumers to share photos of it on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. These social shares are powerful testimonials for your brand and can harness the power of your loyal customers to build trust and word-of-mouth recommendations.