Thoughts and News on High Visibility Packaging

Introducing Starview’s FASP series fully automatic stretch pack machines.

“What is old, is new again…..”

We are pleased to bring stretched-pack packaging into the 21st century.

These new machines produce the traditional packages in an all-new and efficient manner.

Stretch packaging is a retail carded package that can contain items such as vitamins or nutraceuticals, baby items, children’s toys, pet toys, tools, flashlights and many other retail items. It is an attractive package with visibility from both sides of the package.

An automatic card feeder accurately places the cards directly into the fixtures on the table.

The contact heat forming station produces a pocket in the windowed card to allow placement of the products. Once the product has been placed in the card, the system advances to an automatic fold-over station to prepare the cards for sealing. Starview is the first in the industry to utilise a solid-state RF sealing system with arc suppression.

These packages are transferred from the rotary machine to a heated air knife system to finish the package. Pictures have been gang-run, they can be slit using the optional slitting system or simply be discharged from the machine.

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