Thoughts and News on High Visibility Packaging

Ecobliss launches complete new webshop

Since many years the Ecobliss webshop has been a resource for stock clamshell blisters and transparent boxes. It has proven to be a valuable tool for many customers.
But after all this time, it was somewhat outdated, and we decided to completely revamp our webshop to give it a contemporary look-and-feel. Furthermore we have added some extra “intelligence” to simplify the search for a suitable packaging. Just enter the dimensions of your product and you’ll get the best suitable packaging from within our range of products.
In the previous version it was not possible to entirely complete an order, and contact with our sales team was still necessary after the order had been placed through the webshop. In our new shop the whole process can be completed without intervention. A customer will immediately see prices, quantity discounts, stock, shipping costs and everything else related to the order. And of course payments can be done online.
A big change, and – we hope – a big improvement!
The only thing that did not change… Our huge range of standard packaging solutions.
Interested ? Have a look at our new shop: