Thoughts and News on High Visibility Packaging

Solar energy from Ecobliss in Echt

The head office of Ecobliss will be completely energy and CO2 neutral by the end of 2018, was the commitment that Managing Director Ron Linssen committed to when he opened the new facility last year in Echt, in Limburg. Linssen refused to settle for anything less.

“We have built sustainability into all aspects of our daily work,” he says. “For example, sustainable employability of our employees is a priority in our policy.” Sustainability is reflected, among other means, in the layout of the green office spaces and the attractive canteen. “We have LED lighting everywhere in our building, there is optimal insulation and substantial investments in the conversion to gasless heating and green energy.” This energy comes from the 550 solar panels that were installed on the flat roof of the office building. “We take our electricity from that ourselves, but we can also provide another 40-50 households with renewable energy.”

Ecobliss is the market leader in the development of blister and high-visibility packaging.

The company was created from a distinctive vision of innovation in blister packaging. First, Ecobliss developed a process whereby unlike most blister packages, the Ecobliss blister plastic remained recyclable by using a type of glue that only adhered to cardboard.  Later, there have been developments introduced towards completely glueless closures. “There is great confusion in society about blister packs. On the one hand, the consumer only wants to buy closed packaging in order to be sure of the undamaged quality of the product. On the other hand, he often finds it difficult to open blister packs, and the discarded materials may not be separable into proper recycling streams.

It is precisely on the that ease and ability of material separation aspect of recycling that we have found the satisfactory answer with our innovations,” explains Linssen, who adds that he also strives for high energy efficiency and minimal waste throughout the entire production process.

Creating socially valuable and responsible packaging innovations in anticipation of demand, is the mission of Ecobliss.

Another appealing example: The revolutionary cardboard medicine box with blister strips for the pills, which cannot be opened by small children’s hands due to an ingenious locking system. “In this way, we offer the North American market an adequate solution to a problem that is trending.” It was a long-term project, because the prototypes had to pass test after test before it was certified. The same lengthy development process involves the recently introduced app that helps patients take their medication on schedule. “A breakthrough when it comes to people’s health and reducing unnecessary costs in healthcare”, says Linssen. “Our drive is to devise and realize socially relevant solutions and then to produce them in a responsible manner.”

Click to watch the video about the installation of the solar panels on the roof of the Ecobliss building