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Child Resistant Packaging: Safety first!

The European and American statistics tell a grim tale: 3,000 children die of poisoning every year in Europe, while in the US 67,000 children are rushed to the emergency room due to medicine poisoning each year.
There is no such thing as child proof, but child resistant packaging can make a big difference to product safety.
Young children up to age 4 in particular run a daily risk of being poisoned or harmed as a result of swallowing hazardous products: not just medicines and drugs, but also things like detergents, cosmetics, alcohol, pesticides, batteries, small sharp objects like needles and staples and much, much more. Locked4Kids is one of the best EU and US certified CR packaging solutions that offers a strong first line of defense by making it extremely difficult for young children to open the package. Learn more on Locked4Kids