Thoughts and News on High Visibility Packaging

Packaging made easy with Ecobliss cold seal technology

When board is coated with a layer of Ecobliss’ cold seal adhesive, only pressure is required to make a perfect card-to-card bond. The closing of blister cards or pharmaceutical wallets coated with this adhesive is extremely easy and makes the use of heat or even electricity in general, redundant. This results in a simple, quick and very cost-effective packaging process. A range of packaging equipment, from very simple to highly automated, is available to support this packaging process.
Cold seal blister packaging is scalable to any packaging job, small or large, especially when heat is not desired in the process. Another bonus of this technology is that the people doing the packaging will not be exposed to any hazardous or uncomfortable radiation, heat, smell or noise.

The advantages are obvious:
– recycled cardboard can be used
– no solvents are used
– minimum plastic component’s size
– possibility to use 100% recycled plastic
– 100% separation of board and plastic
– no heating in the packaging process
– minimal scrap during packaging process

The Ecobliss cold seal solution is certainly an option to keep in mind for packaging your product.