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Ecobliss expands its activities with GMP Contract Packaging

The Ecobliss Packaging Group has successfully obtained its GMP permit for pharmaceutical packaging activities. “Initially we will offer secondary packaging focused on patient adherence packaging, child-resistant packaging through our CR platform Locked4Kids, and kit assembly. Of course, FMD serialization, as well as DSCSA serialization, will be part of our services”, says Marijn van Utteren, Commercial Director and co-owner of Ecobliss.

“Now we can offer the full packaging development of our pharma portfolio, including the packaging activity, making Ecobliss a single point of entry for pharmaceutical companies. Especially clinical trial packaging and small to mid-sized commercial batches may take a lot of investment to be packed in-house. The purchasing of equipment, the space required for the installed base, as well as the IQ/OQ/PQ process sometimes take up too much capacity of pharmaceutical organizations. Working with Ecobliss as a contract packer, companies can avoid these time-consuming processes, and yet have full access to wallets, kit-packs and child-resistant packaging throughout the life cycle of the product.”

Ecobliss has created a separate entity for the activity, named Ecobliss Pharma BV. The activities will commence in November. For more information please contact


Ecobliss is a privately owned full-service packaging material supplier, based in the Netherlands. Specialized in high visibility packaging, cold seal wallets and child resistant/elderly friendly packaging Locked4Kids, Ecobliss supplies pharma companies, where amongst the biggest companies in the world with clinical trial packaging and commercial packaging on a daily bases. Visit or contact Ecobliss directly for more information.