Thoughts and News on High Visibility Packaging

Trends in Pharma Packaging

A recent report from a leading U.S. global market research and consultancy company “MarketsandMarkets” has predicted that the worldwide pharmaceutical packaging market will be worth…

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Introducing Mr. Stoppkotte

Recently Mr. Wim-Henk Stoppkotte has joined the new Ecobliss commercial team as Director Business Development. Prior to this role, Mr. Stoppkotte has been Director of

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Verpackung 2014

VERPACKUNG will be newly packaged – and packed with even more content! We are continually expanding the diversity and range of our exhibition: here, specifically

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Accessible packaging for the elderly

Blister packs have traditionally been associated with the pharmaceutical industry due to their convenience, affordability and ease-of-usage. However, over the years, little innovation has been

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