Thoughts and News on High Visibility Packaging

Worldstar Award for Locked4Kids

Locked4Kids earns Worldstar Award from the World Packaging Organization in the category ‘Medical & Pharmaceutical’. The WorldStar Competition is one of the major events of

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Trends in Pharma Packaging

A recent report from a leading U.S. global market research and consultancy company “MarketsandMarkets” has predicted that the worldwide pharmaceutical packaging market will be worth…

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Locked4Kids packs Emballage

  Locked4Kids attracts numerous interested parties at Emballage 2014 With the Emballage trade fair just behind us, Locked4Kids has seen it’s share of interested people.

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Blister Packaging

Blister packaging has proven to be the ideal, self selling packaging for producers and retailers and are still gaining over box packaging. Customers are attracted

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